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Top Rated Coffee Grinders for Every Coffee Lover

A good coffee grinder can make the difference between an average cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee. Using your own freshly ground beans rather than ready ground coffee from a packet makes for a much fresher and more tasty coffee, whatever time of the day you are drinking it. When buying a […]

How To Fix a Cuisinart Espresso Machine

Cuisinart is generally a good quality brand which produces great machines which will make coffee for you reliably, month after month. However as with any machine there is the chance that things may go wrong from time to time and it’s wise to know how to troubleshoot some of the most commonly found faults so […]

How to make great French Press Coffee

French press coffee makers are among the most popular types of coffee makers in the world as they are cheap to buy and easy to use. As they are not mechanical, there are no moving parts to go wrong and you don’t have to plug them in to make them work. French press coffee pots […]

What is the Best Burr Coffee Grinder?

There are a number of benefits to a burr coffee grinder as opposed to the blade grinders. Burr grinder machines can be more expensive, but can also offer a series of great features which make them the default choice for all those who are serious about their coffee. During the process of burr grinding more […]

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Automatic Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-cup 24 Hour Programmable Coffee Maker Cuisinart have been active in the food preparation industry since the 1970s, when they launched their first food processor. Over the years they have diversified and expanded their product range and as well as food processors, they are now manufacturing a wide range of other […]

Best Values in Espresso Machines

Buying an espresso machine can be a bit of a minefield as there is simply so much choice on the market that it can be mind-boggling. What is best for one person might not be best for the other, but there are several things that should be considered when trying to evaluate the best value […]

How to Use a Turkish Coffee Grinder

There are all types of coffee grinders on the market, ranging from fancy electrical versions to old fashioned hand grinders. Turkish coffee grinders work great at grinding up coffee beans, and also make a great decorative piece for almost any kitchen.

French Press Coffee Makers A Favorite

A French press coffee maker, also known as a “press pot”,  is often noted as a favorite among true coffee connoisseurs. The reasoning behind this is because the full flavor of the coffee bean oils are preserved, making for a consistently delicious cup of coffee. The French press coffee maker is typically a tall glass […]

Best Flavors – In the Beans or the Extras?

Flavored coffee is incredibly popular these days. There are so many new flavors of coffee, it is almost impossible to keep up with the latest taste trends. While some flavors may sound a little off the wall (blueberry cheesecake coffee anyone?) the more traditional flavors like vanilla and hazelnut are still going strong. Bean or […]

Stop Burning Your Brew: Newco OCS-8 Review

The Newco OSC-8 is rated as one of the best values for consumers who is looking for a thermal carafe coffeemaker. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours without the subsequent burnt taste from sitting on the warmer. The thermal carafe is similar to the coffee carafes that hotels and other professional services […]