Top Rated Coffee Grinders for Every Coffee Lover

A good coffee grinder can make the difference between an average cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee. Using your own freshly ground beans rather than ready ground coffee from a packet makes for a much fresher and more tasty coffee, whatever time of the day you are drinking it. When buying a grinder there are a few decisions which have to be made before you can start seeking out the best in the category.

Take a look at the Grinder Features

Firstly, grinders vary in the power they produce. A more powerful motor will mean the machine is less likely to burn out or jam when being used. Capacity is another issue which should be considered. If you are using the grinder occasionally to make enough coffee for one or two cups, you will require a machine with a smaller capacity than someone who is regularly making large amounts of coffee.

Some grinders have a canister where the ground coffee is deposited, others do not. This is mainly an issue of personal taste and is a relatively minor feature to be considered when thinking about buying a grinder. Budget should also be considered as the cost of grinders can vary considerably.

Best Buys

For the average coffee drinker who is looking for a mid-market model of grinder which is suitable for everyday use but does not have the highest end specification, the best buy is the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder. It costs around $85, although it is often available more cheaply through discount websites. It has 16 different grind settings and performs well in consumer tests.

For those on a budget, or who want to buy a small grinder to take on vacation or to have at home as a spare, the best budget buy on the market is the Krups Fast Touch coffee grinder which comes in at just $25. It is a basic model, but is from a company which makes good quality products and this is no different. It is a small and compact product and as well as grinding coffee, it can also grind spices and nuts.

For serious coffee lovers, or for those for whom expense is no object, the best buy is the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Burr Grinder at $385. This machine is much larger, can grind the beans to whatever level is required, and has a large capacity hopper where the beans can be stored. It is however more bulky and will take up more room in the kitchen that the other, more compact, models.

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  1. I think Rancilio Rocky Doserless burr grinder is the high end coffee grinder out there… you can have a cup of joe easily with it.

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