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How to make great French Press Coffee

French press coffee makers are among the most popular types of coffee makers in the world as they are cheap to buy and easy to use. As they are not mechanical, there are no moving parts to go wrong and you don’t have to plug them in to make them work. French press coffee pots […]

How to make iced coffee using a food processor

Most people have a food processor in their kitchen and they are a very useful piece of kit to make preparation quicker, more efficient and less time consuming. Although they are most often used when making food or preparing ingredients for baking, food processors can be indispensable in making the perfect glass of iced coffee […]

How to Make Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is most famous for the way that it is created, and the process for making the actual coffee. You prepare Turkish coffee in an ibrik, which is a tiny coffee pot that you need to heat up. An ibrik is traditionally made of copper, which is know to be a very good conductor […]

How to Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate covered coffee beans have become increasingly more popular in recent years, and they are popular with both coffee lovers and chocoholics alike. They are the perfect treat to nibble on or to give as a gift when eating at a friend’s house. Although it’s simple to go out to the stores and buy some […]

How to Make Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has become a recent trend in coffee brewing, Iced coffee is truly a fantastic afternoon treat, but is also great to enjoy in the morning when it’s hot out.  Iced coffee can also be combined with syrups for more flavor, and is the perfect solution when you can’t bear to drink your regular […]

Best Iced Coffee Recipe

Now that summer is well and truly on the horizon and the weather is getting warmer, many people are making the switch from drinking hot coffee to having a refreshing iced coffee instead. Techniques for making an iced coffee are different from making hot coffee, so how do you find the recipe for the best […]