How to Use a Turkish Coffee Grinder

Coffee tastes best when the beans are freshly ground, since it can lose many of the essential oils when sitting in bags for long periods of time. Freshly ground beans provide the best flavor, and can make a bold, aromatic, amazing cup of coffee. There are all types of coffee grinders on the market, with everything from handheld electric models to manual models that use a handle to grind the beans. One of the most popular manual coffee grinders is a Turkish coffee grinder, and it is very simple to learn how to use a Turkish coffee grinder on your own.

Main Components

Java Jenius - Turkish Coffee GrinderA Turkish coffee grinder is like a small mill, and can be used for grinding fresh spices or even coffee beans. It is used to grind coffee beans into very fine grounds, which is ideal for making Turkish coffee as well as many other varieties.

A Turkish coffee grinder is constructed of three main components, all of which contribute to transforming regular coffee beans into finely ground coffee. The metal rod is connected to the main shaft, which helps to turn in while grinding the coffee. The upper component includes the grinding burrs, and the lower compartment is for holding and storing the already ground up coffee.

How to Adjust the Fineness of the Coffee

Turkish coffee grinders are meant to grind coffee beans into a very fine powder, but it is actually possible to adjust the fineness of the coffee. The metal rod can actually be removed, and then works as a tool to adjust a small screw that is located on the bottom of the top compartment. The top compartment can unscrew from the bottom, and then the rod is used to either tighten or loosen up the screw.

The tighter the screw, the more fine the coffee grounds will be. It should be loosened if the coffee is too fine, especially if planning to use the coffee grounds in a regular drip brew coffee maker. It can also be adjusted when using the Turkish coffee grinder for spices and the fineness will depend on the type of spice being used.

How To Load Coffee Beans

Like mentioned above, most of the parts of the Turkish coffee grind can unscrew from one another. The top should be removed to insert the coffee beans, and then screwed back on before the manual metal rod is used. It is very simple to learn how to use a Turkish coffee grinder, as long as you know the various parts and how to take them apart and put them back together.

Because most Turkish coffee grinders are fairly small, they can only hold a small amount of coffee beans at a time. It is, however, beneficial to be able to freshly grind coffee beans on the spot, since you are guaranteed an amazing cup of coffee every time.

How To Retrieve The Coffee

The coffee grinds are moved into the lower compartment once they are ground up, and are kept separated from any beans that are not fine enough to be considered coffee grounds. Although it is best to completely grind up everything within the grinder, you can retrieve the coffee grinds by unscrewing the top compartment from the bottom. All of the fine coffee grounds will be located in the lower compartment, and will be ready to transform into an amazing pot of coffee.


Learning how to use a Turkish coffee grinder is very simple, and can actually be easier than using an electric version. Loading the coffee beans is simple, and the turn of the handle will easily grind up almost any type of coffee bean. The grinds can then be easily transferred into a coffee maker, and can be transformed into an invigorating and bold pot of coffee in no time.

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