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Best Flavored Coffee Syrups

While some coffee snobs may shrug off and guffaw at the idea of adding in coffee syrup or flavored syrup into their coffee, flavored coffee syrups can truly make a delicious difference in your daily mug of Joe. Some of the best coffee syrup flavors include everything from caramel, mint or peppermint, mocha, cinnamon, cinnamon […]

Best Flavors – In the Beans or the Extras?

Flavored coffee is incredibly popular these days. There are so many new flavors of coffee, it is almost impossible to keep up with the latest taste trends. While some flavors may sound a little off the wall (blueberry cheesecake coffee anyone?) the more traditional flavors like vanilla and hazelnut are still going strong. Bean or […]

Hills Bros. Cappuccino Flavor Coffee

Hills Bros. seems to have created a flavored cappuccino mix that hits the spot. It comes in many flavors that are affordable.