How To Fix a Cuisinart Espresso Machine

Cuisinart is generally a good quality brand which produces great machines which will make coffee for you reliably, month after month. However as with any machine there is the chance that things may go wrong from time to time and it’s wise to know how to troubleshoot some of the most commonly found faults so that you can have a go at fixing the machine yourself before having to call out an engineer or take the espresso machine to a repair store.

The warranty

Firstly, all Cuisinart espresso machines come with a three year warranty. If your machine is less than three years old, don’t even try to fix it yourself as this could invalidate your warranty. Take it back to the retailer where you bought the machine, or call the helpline number in the manual. Cuisinart have a great reputation for excellent customer service and they will do everything possible to get your machine fixed, or a new one out to you as soon as possible. If your machine is more than three years old, it is worth trying to fix the fault yourself before taking it to a repair shop or retailer.

Common Faults

One of the most common faults with the Cuisinart espresso machines is problems with the grinder portion of the machine. The grinder portion will eventually wear out and will begin to fuse to the basket when it is spun, causing it to stick. As this problem is one of the most common with these models, an email to Cuisinart customer services may result if a new grinder part to use in your machine. Another method is to use a small amount of food grade oil to lubricate the workings of the grinder to try to nip any issues with the grinder sticking in the bud before it gets to be a problem. website seo analysis . Ensuring the machine is regularly cleaned and maintained will also help stop problems before they start.

The other common problem with the Cuisinart espresso machine is the chute becoming clogged or blocked. This can be remedied by switching the machine off and carefully removing all of the parts and cleaning them thoroughly. Run the machine through with water only to ensure it is working properly before brewing more coffee. If this becomes a recurring problem it may be wise to try a different type of bean or grind them a little more finely to lessen the likelihood of the internal workings of the machine becoming clogged up.


67 thoughts on “How To Fix a Cuisinart Espresso Machine”

    1. Cuisinart EM-200 espresso machine……………..bad quality. Bought a factory refurbished one and it lasted only six months. Costs too much to fix, I can buy another one cheaper.

      Very disappointed in this brand. Well, you get what you pay for.

      1. My EM-200 is between 4 and 5 years old. It just died this morning. I think it’s the water hose, but may just buy another one since the price is about half of what I paid originally. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

    1. If it’s just the tip of the wand, the scoop that came with your machine has a hole near the bottom that perfectly matches the end of the steam wand. You just tighten it using the scoop. If it’s the entire wand itself? Someone else will have to answer.

  1. My Cuisinart espresso machine is on the fritz! It keeps turning off before it’s finished brewing even one shot of espresso. The top gets very hot, too, even after I turn it off. I use those pods with pre-measured espresso coffee, could that be the problem? Argh.

    1. Mine is turning off too… And I am grinding beans… It is somewhat random on when it happens… Can be everyday… Can go a week and be fine. Did you find a fix?

    2. I had this problem; there is a similar issue where some water, but mostly steam, exits through the espresso drip. These are similar issues and both are fixed by running vinegar through the reservoir. The manual suggests 1/3 vinegar 2/3 water, however I had to use pure vinegar as the clog was not being cleansed after one full reservoir of the solution; thr higher concentration didn’t appear to damage my machine. You have to run 1-2 full reservoirs to fix the issue. It requires patience. After it is clear, if you have programming issues, turn off the machine and unplug it for one full minute. You can then turn it on and reprogram it.

      1. I’m having the same issues. Thanks for the suggestion. We did a vinegar cleanse but didn’t use pure vinegar. I’m going to give this a try in the morning. I’m worried if this doesn’t work that the machine is a goner b/c it seems like it might be a problem not having enough pressure to push the espresso out. 🙁

        1. I recently descaled my EM-100 because there was a clog & when I’d try to make coffee water would squirt out the wrong places. I know the owner manual says to only use vinegar, but I found vinegar isn’t strong enough & didn’t want my coffee tasting nasty after rinsing it out. I found some good info on this site about how to clean & descale & they suggested using Durgol Swiss Espresso descaler for the EM-100. Anyway while cleaning & descaling I realized that it wasn’t the machine that was clogged, but the filter. So I ordered some Cafiza & in the meantime tried some home remedies to clear out the filter. The only thing that worked was to put a little water in the filter & place it directly on the fire of the stove. It’s boiled the water & pushed the clogs out. I carefully repeated this a few times & it’s been working great ever since!! The Cafiza came in today & I’m just about to rinse the filter & portafilter out! The water turned brown immediately when I put them in the solution. I think one of the main reasons these espresso machines stop working properly is small coffee grounds getting stuck in the filter. So make sure to get the proper chemicals to clean & maintenance your machines.

      2. I just bought my machine the on/ off button keeps flashing and the machine stops working. I have to turn the switch off, then back on then it works for a bit and stops again. Also water accumulated in the drip chamber. Not sure what’s going on with it. Can someone help?

    3. I figured out the problem. At least for my machine. The grind on the coffee was too fine. I did a courser grind on the coffee and it began working perfectly again. I don’t think this machine was built for a fine coffee grind.

      1. You are exactly right. I went through filter after filter before I finally figured that out. Use a slightly courser grind and you will be fine. But, if your filter does get clogged, you’re better off just replacing it. It’s a pain in the ___! So in the meantime, stock up.

  2. I buy EM100 and when i turn on, te water in the reservoir never leave and pass , makes an strange sound . Dosen’t brew . Whatsapp can i do

    1. Possibly you have to change the pump. It’s very easy to do yourself. You can find on online. Search for 15 bar espresso vibration pump.

  3. I have a Cuisinart EM-100 and it’s worked fine for almost 3 years until now. It is leaking water all over the place. After taking it apart I found a plastic fitting that the steam wand is connected to has cracked. Cuisinart doesn’t sell internal replacement parts. This would probably only cost $1. I am around the 3 year mark for the warranty but don’t have my proof of purchase so Cuisinart goes by the manufacture date which puts me past 3 years. Guess I’ll just by something other than Cuisinart??!? Frustrating…

    1. I wonder if that’s what happened to mine. I bought a replacement machine used for $30. My original em100 lasted about 10 years, I have no complaints

  4. I bought an em200 the seals broke and it will not hold pressure. I am now told no repair is possible. I now have an expensive piece of junk in my kitchen. Unimpressed. Now I see cuisinart do not sell this anymore . I wonder why

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  6. I just brought a M-100 espresso machine and every time I make coffee it leaks water into from the water tank into the bottom plastic base. Could someone please advise if they have had this problem. Thanks

    1. My 2 year old em-100 does that since day one. Annoying but not affecting any function.

      Recently, the steam wand stopped working. Gave out high pitch noise but did not turn milk into foam any more. Very disappointing. A YouTube video showed how to disassemble the tip of the wand and clean it. The metal tube was blocked by “cake” of milk inside. I also unscrewed and claimed the tip/nipple. Now it works perfectly again. Recommend that you clean it annually. I’ll certainly do that.

      1. After steaming milk, pull the sleeve off into a small metel pitcher, wipe with a scrub sponge then change to hot water and run a few seconds into the pitcher to clear the milk.

    2. This is by design, after you froth milk or make an espresso the machine needs to release the built-up steam. All espresso machines that don’t have a manual pressure release valve work like this. There’s nothing wrong with your machine.

  7. I have a Cuisinart EM-200 that doesn’t turn on and the power light is off, we opened it and could not find any thermal fuse to check and replace, any idea? thanks in advance

    1. I have the same issue with my EM-200… i left it unplugged for like 8 months and now I plugged back but it didnt work… no power lights, any advice?

  8. Chessa Dawn Purser

    I have the 200 and I turn it on and you hear it trying to brew the coffee but no water is being sucked in. I made sure the reservoir is properly placed. Any suggestions?

  9. I have the same EXACT problem with Donna who said “My Cuisinart espresso machine is on the fritz! It keeps turning off before it’s finished brewing even one shot of espresso. The top gets very hot, too, even after I turn it off.” Except I do not use those pods with pre-measured espresso coffee, as she had stated. Any solution?

    1. I had that problem. Grind was too “fine” then happened again, I was ramping the espresso too tight. Take paper towels with very hot water and SCRUB up iside where you put the espresso holder. RepeT until clean


    I have a Cuisinart EM-100 and it has worked well for 3 years so far. Water is pouring all over the place while you strain it

  11. my cuisinart makes a few drops of coffee and then stops and starts blinking and beeping. Milk steamer still works fine, it’s just the coffee maker.

  12. I have had this machine since December and now when I try to make espresso the same way as every day the pressure builds up in the coffee holder but no coffee comes out in the cup. The pressure just keeps building and then it is hard to twist the arm to release the basket. I have to wait until it cools down so the steam pressure goes down a bit. I tried cleaning the screen where the water comes out, and also tried making sure the holes coming out to the cup were open. Not sure what else to try.
    Any suggestions?

      1. Same problem I am finding. I am using a #4 grind even though #3 is technically espresso grind. What grind did you find works? Does it still make strong espresso?

  13. Hi there, I have the EM 100, I haven’t used it for a while and when I turned it on today, it just makes noise (a steady noise & then an intermittent noise every 2-3 seconds like it always has) but nothing is coming out of the espresso dispenser or the steamer wand… and it’s vibrating like mad!! Suggestions please?

  14. I’m having the same issue….with the double shot cup, but can still use the single. Go figure! I soaked the basket in vinegar, cleaned the machine, ran water through, and it still will only work with the one shot basket. If anyone has any suggestions, please help!

  15. Does anyone’s know how to get a steam wand (metal with plastic end that looks like it should screw into receptacle inside of machine. I pulled it out in error and award to get back together.


  16. My steam wand is very loose on my EM100 (Cuisinart) and before it came loose it was leaking water from the top where it connects to the machine, all the stainless steel on the machine was also extremely hot. So instead of coming out of the nozzle it comes out at the top where it connects to the machine.

    I have already ordered a replacement as this unit is 8-9 years old but I would like a coffee or 2 now so I am trying to fix it. It looks like the wand has a couple spikes under the white seal? Are they supposed to hook into something to secure it, kinda hard when you can’t see only feel.

    The espresso comes out fine, just problem with steamer. Can anyone help? pretty please

    1. Hello, Patti Rose
      I have just experienced the same issue. Cause and repair are easily managed.
      Cause: the tip of your steam wand is plugged with dried milk. Solution: soak it to soften the dried milk. Always clear your steam wand with a shot of hot water immediately after each use.
      Solution: if I understand correctly, your wand has fallen out because the threaded plastic fitting has over heated and damaged the threads. You will use J-B Weld epoxy to repair. I don’t recognize your white seal with spikes although the fitting itself is white. But, here’s my repair and process:
      1. Remove the red, rubber washer from the wand assembly. Discard the washer.
      2. Clean the damaged threads on the white, plastic fitting that mates with the steam
      generator (I used a 3/8″ threaded coax fitting). This is not a critical step, just my choice.
      3. Remove the back cover from your machine – 6 screws and a slight pry to bow the cover for
      removal. You need to do this so you have a visual during the re-insertion of the wand.
      You will see the steam unit and location where the steam socket lives. Practice inserting
      the steam wand assembly.
      4. Mix a small batch of J-B Weld (epoxy).
      5. Coat the threads you cleaned in step 2 with the epoxy you mixed. Take care not to get any
      epoxy in the bore of the steam wand.
      6. Invert your latte machine.
      7. Whilst viewing the epoxied wand threads from the back, carefully maneuver the wand
      into the socket on the steam unit – you do not want any epoxy in the bore. You DO WANT
      a smooth, even bead of epoxy at the joint when you are done.
      8. Allow at least 24hr to ensure the epoxy is cured.
      9. Turn your latte machine upright again (the back cover is still removed), temporarily install
      the water reservoir, power up the machine and generate steam. Test that you don’t have
      any leakage at the epoxied joint and test the wand to ensure it still moves freely.
      10. If all is well, re-install the back cover and its 6 screws.
      My unit has made somewhere in the order of 18,000 cups in nearly 10 years.

  17. Mary Anne McCharles

    Have a Cuisinart espresso maker 200C. It was pact away when we moved and not used for a very long time. When I tried to use it and run water through like is says to do after non use no water comes out. It sounds like it’s pumping then it starts to beep and the lights flash again.

  18. I have a brand new EM 100 and coffee grounds come through portafilter and make a cup,of coffee sludge. I use italian espresso ground coffee. My last EM 200 did the same. Anyone know why this is happening? I tried a coarser grind coffee and same cup of sludge. The machine produced great espresso for first week and now it is awful. I cleaned out basket , took it apart and all holes are clean. I put in a paper filter disc inside portafilter and got it work. So I can’t figure why I am getting ground carrying over into cup.

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