How to Clean a Slow Coffee Maker

If you are getting frustrated about how long it takes before your coffee is brewed in the morning, you should consider cleaning your slow coffee maker. Most coffee makers designed not to wear out overtime. If the machine is not yet totally a mess and is still functional, you could just clean it out instead of getting a new one.

What Causes a Slow Coffeemaker?

Coffee granules, as you know, have oils that are extracted by the time water gets through them. Water itself has lime and calcium. Those substances, on the other hand, accumulate and form deposits, blocking the coffee making machine’s lines. Thus, it would be harder to heat the water when you are brewing your coffee. Cleaning slow coffee maker involves cleaning those deposits, primarily.

Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Dissolve an ounce of white vinegar or citric acid in about four cups hot water. Put another four cups, this time of cold water that can come from the faucet. Take the coffee filter out.
  2. Put four cups of the solution to the coffee pot and let the solution run through your pot after turning the machine on.
  3. Turn off the coffee pot and let the solution settle for 20 minutes. Pour out and do the same steps with the remaining four cups of water. The second run should be able to remove all remaining residue in the coffee maker.
  4. Damp out any residue and remaining drops of the solution from the coffee maker carafe. When cleaning slow coffee maker, remember that the process could never be finished without making sure any residue has been taken out already.

After you’ve finished these steps, test how effective and fast the coffee maker by running a pot of water through with NO coffee. If the speed is still slow, repeat the procedure until it gets faster. Cleaning slow coffee maker is at times all about patience and perseverance.

It’s recommended that cleaning a slow coffee maker should be done around once a month or at most once every two months, if you make coffee daily.

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4 thoughts on “How to Clean a Slow Coffee Maker”

  1. Hi. Thank you for the article. I will certainly give it a try. I have a cappucino/espresso maker with coffee maker. It is slower than anything I’ve ever witnessed. I hope this helps. Is vinegar really that effective in dissolving calcium and lime? I’ve always heard that but never seen. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for the post. Since last week, I had problems with my coffee maker. It works fast and good, but it turns out to be useless and slower than before. I am planning to purchase a new one, but I will try cleaning it first. I hope citric acid is truly effective and works.

  3. krups coffee maker parts

    After cleaning your coffee maker the coffee usually comes richer and faster. I think most people ignore cleaning their appliances and maintaining them and wonder why things break.

  4. Instead of filling up the water reservoir fully with water, fill it with half vinegar and brew as normal. Do not add any water.
    Let the vinegar run a cycle through your machine.
    Next, fill up the reservoir with water and run the coffee machine until the vinegar is removed.
    Do this whenever your coffee maker needs cleaning!

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