Buying Tips for Single Serve Pod Coffee Makers

Single Serve or Single Cup Coffee Makers are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity, mainly because they are clean, efficient, and very easy to use. Unlike traditional drip coffee makers, they use little self-contained units of grounds, called pods, K-Cups, or T-discs. Manufacturers like Senseo, Keurig and Tassimo make great single cup coffee machines.

But before you jump on the single serve bandwagon and buy a single serve (1 or 2 cup) coffee maker that uses pods, consider the following tips:

  1. Check if the 1 to 2 cup coffee maker that uses pods has the special and functional pod compatibility to accept a variety or several other brands of pods other than what are produced and provided by the coffee maker manufacturer. Compatible ones would be more advantageous because you could use just any pod from the brands you really love.
  2. If you love tea as well, you might prefer to buy tea-brewing compatible single serve coffee maker.
  3. Choose units with spacious and practical water reservoirs, or simply check the capacity. There might be such coffee makers that promise to brew more than 3 cups. That is not economical and useful since usages of pods in such appliances are usually limited to just one or two at a time.
  4. Does the 1- to 2-cup coffee maker that uses pods also include a hot water dispenser? If it does, then, the unit would be highly useful. You can even use the appliance for hot chocolate preparation or whatever other beverages.
  5. Check is the spout would fit for your favorite mug. Some units of 1 to 2 cup pod coffee maker come with their own designated mugs or cups. If you love your own mug of cup, go for those with no prescribed or specially allocated mug accessories.
  6. A good 1 to 2 cup coffee maker that uses pods is easily cleanable. With that, the machine’s components should be conveniently removable so that cleaning will be a lot better and easier. Such units would also be dishwasher safe.


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