Presto Coffee Makers with Glass Carafe

Presto coffee machines feature a glass carafe that gives off a very clean appeal. They use a glass lined thermal carafe. Most of their coffee machines sell for rather cheap prices at department stores, so while the list prices may be high you can find a bargain if you just search a bit.

Presto coffee machine glass carafes are pretty thick. If you own a glass tea kettle then that would be thin compared to their coffee carafe. So you couldn’t really see why such a sturdy wouldn’t last. These glass lined thermal carafes reduce the need of a warmer and because of their thick design they can be quite heavy.

Freshly brewed coffee can usually be tolerated after about thirty minutes and the carafe will keep the contents warm for up to two hours and possibly longer. It has a smooth reactive thumb activated lid raising lever for those times when you just can’t wait and need to pour some coffee immediately.

In fact, if you remove the carafe from most Presto coffee machine models while its brewing it will automatically stop so that you can pour a cup without having to wait until all the brewing is complete.

Many users report that they are pleased with Presto’s carafe as it gives one of the easiest pours of any coffee maker they’ve ever used. While some of their carafes are narrow at the top they require a brush to be fully cleansed. Most users don’t mind that though as they’ll trade off a little extra cleaning to be able to pour off their coffee at top speeds.

Caring For Coffee:

Coffee carafe’s especially thermal carafes ensure the lasting quality of fresh coffee. That’s why it’s important to have a good one and give it good care, because it in turn cares for your coffee.

A carafe’s primary purpose is to maintain the contents liquid at the optimum temperatures whether that is hot or cold. They don’t have to always be used for coffee; they can accommodate iced tea or any beverage. Carafes may be light weight or more heavy duty but either way they enable you to serve a beverage for many guests from one source. Therefore that’s why they are seen around the house, restaurants and even outdoors. They are like a personal thermal cup except for a group of people because of the larger batch they can accommodate.

While you can purchase these thermal carafes separately, Presto is one of the few coffee appliance manufacturers that include one with their models. If you are a coffee lover investing into a quality carafe would not be such a bad idea. Especially if you travel often or have company over that you frequently serve coffee for.

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  1. Confusing. First it says they use a glass carafe. Then it says it’s a glass-lined carafe. The photo shows a glass carafe. Which is it?

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