West Bend Coffee Maker Review

West Bend is a legendary coffee machine manufacturer who specializes in equipment that makes large batches of coffee for commercial use and large gatherings. They also make a variety of coffee makers for home use. The following is a review of a home use coffee maker by West Bend.

The Positives

I love coffee first thing in the morning and I count on that cup of Joe to get my day started. I’m also picky about keeping my appliances spotless. I bought a West Bend coffee maker because my previous machine broke and while shopping for a replacement I was attracted to the West Bend design and thought it added to the décor of my kitchen. I enjoyed the fact that the coffee maker used regular basket-type filters rather than cone type filters which will save me money. I also like the large capacity and the ability to make ten to twelve cups of coffee at a time. It’s ease of use, fast speed and consistent top notch brew quality make this a great coffee maker.

Many West Bend coffee maker owners report the same feedback as well plus even note its durability and simple maintenance procedures.

Things to Watch Out For

I haven’t had any complaints about my West Bend coffee maker, but others have occasional negative experiences including fluctuations in the coffee yield based on the amount of water put in. One user broke the handle and had a crack under the pot that holds the brew. So they were very displeased to find a big spill underneath the machine and were very frustrated that they could no longer use their coffee maker.

Another owner said that his pot sat slanted on the stand which caused spills when brewing. He was also confused that the water level mark on the pot did not coordinate with the water level mark on the container and therefore was not sure about how much coffee he would be actually making. Another user reports troubles setting the machine to automatically brew at night for the next morning because there were no LEDS to aid their vision.

Whether good or bad, West Bend coffee makers owners all report that West Bend has a great reputation and excellent customer service.

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