One Cup Camping Coffee Maker

Today campers can brew a cup of coffee easily while in the great outdoors. They can either use their camp stove, an electrical outlet or car charger type plug to power the coffee maker. Many small sized single cup coffee machines can be taken to use on camping trips.

The Simple One Cup Method

One innovation is a simple basket like this one from REI within a funnel shaped mug that sits on top of a cup. All you need is hot water, a cup and some coffee. Simply fill the basket with some of your favorite regular size ground beans. Then replace the filter in the funnel mug and place it on top of your cup. Finally pour boiling water in the funnel and coffee drips into your cup.

Within a few minutes you’ll yield a fresh single cup brew of coffee. Since there are no paper filters with this simple design the clean up is quite easy and it’s also environment friendly, seeing as you’ll be out in nature. In fact freshly brewed grounds makes for great fertilizer.

Coffee for the Crew

Operation of a coffee maker like the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker designed for use with any two to three burner camp stoves is simple.

First place the base directly on top of a stove burner. Then add water to the compartment in the back of the coffee maker. Next add a paper filter in the filter basket and add ground coffee. Finally light the stove to start the brewing process starts as the coffee drips into the carafe. After brewing, the stove should be turned off or set to the lowest setting in order to avoid overheating.

This process works because as the stove heats up, the coffee maker heats the water which in turn begins to vaporize. This vapor then heads upwards towards a diffuser which spreads the hot water over the grounds in the filter.

These stove top coffee makers are designed the keep the temperature within the correct ranges of 190-200 degrees so that the coffee comes out fully flavored and not destroyed and bitter. Common things that affect the taste of percolated coffee include boiling some of the coffee during brewing; having the already brewed coffee pass back through the grounds and having grounds fall into the coffee.

So it’s important to look for a coffee maker that has temperature regulation and uses a filter that fixes these problems. Camp coffee makers can even serve as a way to heat up soups and make drinks such as tea or hot chocolate.

Other ways of making coffee for camping is the “cowboy” method, where one boils a pot of water, adds coffee, lets it settle then pours coffee out while keeping the grounds settled. Obviously this is messy and not the preferred way.

So stick with the tried and true, and not to mention, convenient way to make coffee while out camping with the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

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