How to Make Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is most famous for the way that it is created, and the process for making the actual coffee. You prepare Turkish coffee in an ibrik, which is a tiny coffee pot that you need to heat up. An ibrik is traditionally made of copper, which is know to be a very good conductor of heat.

Unlike traditional coffee, you add sugar when the coffee is initially brewing, and not afterwards, after you have poured the coffee. This way, you no longer need a serving spoon or sugar spoon. This process also helps to blend in the coffee, and helps it melt better, so that it really saturates the coffee, and makes the entire coffee sweet. As well, cream and milk isn’t added, and sugar is usually only optional, and not totally necessary. Turkish coffee is traditionally served in demitasse cups. In some regions of Turkey, the way the coffee grinds are left in the cup can actually be used to tell your fortune, the way some people read tea leaves.

– 1 cup of water
– 1 tablespoon of finely ground coffee – so finely ground that is powder-y in consistency
– sugar

To begin, bring the water and the sugar together to boil in an ibrik. If you don’t have an ibrik, simply using a smaller saucepan will use.

From here, take the saucepan or ibrik off of the heated surface, and then add both coffee and cardamom. Put the saucepan back on the oven or on the heated surface, and allow the ibrik or saucepan back up to a boil. When the coffee starts to foam up a little, take the saucepan or ibrik off the heat. From here, you pour the Turkish coffee into the cup, and let it set for a little bit, which helps the coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the cup. You can then add in a cardamom pod into the cup for even mom flavor, that truly enriches the coffee.

If you’re going to serve Turkish coffee, you need to make sure that there’s foam on the top of the coffee. If you can’t find Arabic or Turkish coffee that is finely ground, you can buy a bag of coffee at a coffeehouse and then simply ask them to grind it for Turkish coffee – they’ll understand that the coffee needs to be ground for Turkish coffee, and thus needs to be like a very fine powder. Make sure that you don’t stir the coffee after pouring the Turkish coffee into their cups, as this will cause the foam to collapse into the coffee, or break up. As well, ensure that you always use cold water for the coffee before you start making it. Since there is no coffee filtering involved, you really need to make sure that all of the coffee grounds have settled in at the bottom of the cup, so you don’t end up drinking grounds along with your Turkish coffee, as this could ruin the experience entirely.




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