Best Way to Store Coffee

Many coffee lovers wonder if they are storing coffee properly, and if it helps to store it in a certain way, and how this can impact the flavor of the coffee. Should you keep coffee in the fridge or freezer? Does it need to be kept out of the sunlight? What is truly the best way to store coffee?

There are many different ways to store coffee, but there are also a lot of myths about the very best way to store coffee.

When it comes to buying coffee, or receiving coffee as a gift, many people typically will simply throw their coffee in the freezer, or some will simply leave it in the container or package, leaving it tightly sealed. There are all kinds of different methods, and many of these are fine, depending on varying conditions.

Coffee storage is obviously quite important because it has a limited life, and an expiry date, and the way you store the coffee can keep it much more fresh, or alternately can make it stale. It also helps to bring the coffee flavours to life much more when you store the coffee properly. Coffee has all kinds of oils and different chemicals that give it a particular flavor, and once it’s grinded, the flavors will escape a little bit.

If you want the most from your coffee, only store it for a maximum of two weeks before you roast it, and right after you grind it.

When you store coffee, you need to make sure you’re doing absolutely everything possible to avoid air and moisture in your coffee. When you have coffee, don’t store ground coffee. Buy your coffee when they’re beans, and grind it right before you brew, only after you’ve ran after coffee. Only buy ground coffee for convenience, and then store it in a container that is completely airtight once you’ve opened it. It’s best to store it in a container made of ceramic, with a vacuum seal. Keep it in an opaque container, which has no sunlight or heat that can get to it.

If you have a lot of coffee, or someone gives you coffee, you can store it in the freezer, but seal it in an airtight container, ensuring that air and moisture will stay away from your coffee beans. Alternately, you can put the coffee beans simply into a zippered plastic bag. Vacuum the air out, and wrap the bag in plastic wrap or aluminum foil in order to ensure it will be free from moisture and air. Once you take your coffee out of the freezer, make sure to not put it back in!

When you freeze your coffee, and then put it back in the freezer, you will dehydrate the coffee, which will actually ruin the flavor and will also decay the flavor. Make sure to buy coffee in vacuum sealed bags – this is the key to ensuring that you have flavor in your coffee, and that it won’t decay or go away at all.

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