How to Clean an Espressione Espresso Machine

An Espressione Espresso Machine is a very sophisticated home appliance, and must be well taken care of in order to preserve its life. Like any type of coffee maker or machine, it much be regularly cleaned in order to keep all parts in the best working condition. The only dilemma is that cleaning an Espressione Espresso machine is much different than cleaning a regular drip brew coffee maker, so it is important to know how to clean an Espressione Espresso machine correctly to help it last as long as possible.

Cleaning the Exterior
The first step in cleaning an Espressione Espresso machine is to clean all of the exterior parts. This means any buttons, the outside of the machine, and any removable parts should also be wiped down on a regular basis. It is important to make sure and clean all exterior parts of the espresso machine, since dust and dirt can get trapped inside the machine and cause it to break.

The best way to clean the exterior parts is with a damp cloth, and gently wiping down the entire exterior of the appliance. You won’t need to use any soap or cleaners, as long as it is done on a regular basis to prevent dirt or dust from building up in the buttons or seams of the machine. A small cotton swab can also be used to get around the buttons and in small areas of the appliance, but make sure it only has a small amount of water to prevent any water from getting inside the machine.

Back Flushing your Espresso Machine
Since an Espresso machine cannot simply be cleaned out by running a pot of hot water through it, you must back flush it to keep the inside of it clean. It can only be done on Espressione Espresso machines that have a three way valve, but it is very beneficial for cleaning out the inside of the machine to prevent the coffee from tasting bitter from old coffee oils left in the machine.

Back flushing works to clean out the shower screen, the brew group, and the three way valve, since these components cannot be removed yet still need to be regularly cleaned. The filter basket is removed and replaced with a back flush disk, since it has no holes in it and will make it possible to back flush the machine. A small amount of special back flush cleaner should be added to the basket, and the rest of the machine filled up with water. The espresso machine is then turned on, and the pump will go silent after about twenty seconds.

Once the pump goes quiet, this means that pressure has built up within the Espresso machine. The pump should then be turned off, and the cleaning solution will get blown up into the brew group through the three way valve. The solution will then get emptied into the drip tray, and should be repeated until the solution is clear and no longer foam. This process should be done about once a month, in order to keep the internal parts of the machine clean to make the best Espresso possible.

Regular Cleaning After Each Cycle
The final step in knowing how to clean an Espressione Espresso machine is to gently clean it after every use, to prevent any build up from occurring. You can remove the portafilter and rinse it off after each use, to prevent any leftover coffee from being baked on. It is also important to clean off the drip tray each time, since any coffee left behind can actually be burned on and almost impossible to remove.

Final Tips
It is important to correctly clean your Espressione Espresso machine, since it is an expensive appliance that can be difficult to repair. By wiping down the machine on a regular basis, cleaning out removable parts after every use, and back flushing the machine about once per month, you can keep your appliance in perfect working order for years to come.

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