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How to Repair a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Like many other home appliances on the market, a Cuisinart coffee maker requires regular maintenance and some small repairs. Even though they are made with the highest quality from a very trustworthy company, small errors can sometimes occur that can make a coffee maker useless. Instead of wasting the money to buy a new coffee maker or send it back to the manufacturer, it can be very beneficial to learn how to repair a Cuisinart coffee maker.


The first step in learning how to repair a Cuisinart coffee maker is learning how to determine if there is actually a problem that needs to be fixed. Believe it or not, many people actually think their home appliances are broken, when in reality, they are either doing something wrong or forgetting a step. If your coffee maker is not working correctly, you will first want to check and make sure everything is in order.

Make sure the appliance is plugged in and the outlet is working, and turn on any light switch that is needed to power the outlet. You will also want to check that all parts of the coffee maker are in place, since many models will not turn on if the coffee basket or pot is not in place. It is beneficial to inspect the entire coffee maker to make sure nothing is out of place, since many problems can actually be easily solved with a very simple solution.

Power Failures

One of the most common problems that can occur with a Cuisinart coffee maker is it having lack of power, meaning the entire appliance will not work. Like mentioned above, the first step is to make sure that the outlet being used is working, and that a switch does not need to be turned on to provide electricity to the outlet.

If the outlet is not a problem, the next step is to check out the machine. There is a chance the cord could have tangled and caused some of the wires to break, or the power supply on the inside of the appliance may not be connected. Although not all electrical problems can be fixed, the best bet is to try and straighten out the cord and make sure everything is connected correctly.

Prevention is the best solution for power problems on a Cuisinart coffee maker, which can be done by taking care of the appliance even when it is not being used. Bundling up or twisting cords can cause them to break, so it is best to roll them loosely to keep them in tact.

Brewing Problems

Another common problem that can occur with the Cuisinart coffee maker is it will stop brewing, even when there is water ready to be transformed into coffee. The machine still turns on and works like it should, but does not continue brewing an entire pot of coffee, and acts like it has finished brewing even when there is still water sitting in the bin. This type of problem is pretty common among various coffee makers, and usually occurs when there is a problem inside the machine.

One of the best ways to fix this problem is by flushing the coffee maker out with a vinegar solution, which can be made with equal parts of vinegar and water. It should be poured in the same place as the water that is ready to be brewed, and will help to clear out the machine and make it ready to start brewing again. This problem is usually caused by calcium building up within the machine, and the vinegar helps to clear out any blockage to help it start running smoothly again.

Weird Tasting Coffee

After using your coffee maker for an extended period of time, the coffee can sometimes begin to taste bitter or like metal. It can be prevented by keeping the coffee maker and the pot clean on a regular basis, but is sometimes inevitable when the coffee maker is used on a daily basis.

Although vinegar does work great at cleaning out the machine, it can also be beneficial to use a de-calcium product such as CLR. Place about ¼ cup of the solution in the machine and fill the rest up with water, and the metal taste should be gone soon after. Make sure to run water through the machine several times after using the solution, to make sure and clean out any solution that may be left behind.

It isn’t hard learning how to fix a Cuisinart coffee maker, since many of the problems can be easily solved. By providing the machine with regular maintenance and keeping it clean as much as possible, many of the common problems can be easily solved.

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  1. Todfd Drew says:

    I need additional assistance with a Cuisinart coffee machine. I need to clear the tube and have to pull off the base plate. What size allen wrench fits this thing. Standard and metric do not fit. Any thoughts

    • I have the same problem with a clogged tube. The screws for the base plate are ‘security’ screws, which are basically star-shaped with a metal post in the middle. You will have to get a security bit set (they have hollow centers) or else get really creative with a high-quality small flat-blade screwdriver. If you’re careful, you can actually remove the screws with this method, but don’t expect it to be easy. Have you found a site for the replacement parts? It looks like the one-way valve in mine is clogged, and the tube is glued onto the heating element, so I’m reluctant to take it off until I know I have a fix.

      • there are 4 screws in the four outer corners, they take a T10 torx screw driver, can be purchased in most hardware stores. the 2 red water hoses get baked onto the heating element and become brittle and can crumble. take the 2 phillips screws out that hold the heating element, then turn or twist the hose, after the hose moves then it will pull off, not the ends that go onto the heating element. now more care can be used if the ends need taken off the element. i need to replace 1 hose and I’m trying to find a place to buy parts. maybe I’ll wind up putting a short length of copper in the middle of the hose since there is no excess in the length of hose. I’m repairing model # DCC-1200.

        • Cole, I am interested to hear if you were successful with your repairs and any insight you may have. We have owned our DCC-1200 for years (it has endured 3 international moves) and it has recently started steaming a lot and producing only a half a pot of coffee. I think we have a clogged tube as well (we accidentally used grounds meant for boiling). We have tried flushing it with vinegar several times, but it has not improved our problem. We really love this machine and would prefer to repair it than throw it away. Any advice you have (in terms of repairs, finding replacement parts, etc) will be welcomed and appreciated.


          • JB , look through the post’s I explained the process …… the one ( 1 ) way valve is in the cold line from the tank water’s put in…….. unscrew the heat element …….. don’t try removing hose end from heat element ……. fused to metal from heat…….turn hose with fingers ….. then pull hose….will come off plastic sort of easy….. after the 2 hose’s e off you can blow threw hose from cold tank……appears to be small hole with maybe a round ball….hoses slip back on easy……a person might able to use air from upper tank, and air pressure could clear 1 way valve with out taking apart the bottom end, and hoses etc. ……… a really good concept….think it through…….fixing the weak link is fun……have a good coffee day….let me hear how you do…

          • I had to take the base plate off as described with the t10 torx screwdriver. I was able to get to the tubes and noticed that the tube that comes from the filtered area was clogged. There is a one way valve in here, you can push it thru the hose with a long thin screwdriver. be careful there is a ball in teh valve you dont want to lose it. I had coffee grounds stuck in the one way valve so the water barely made it thru. after i cleared the tube and valve i reassembled an then…I ran the coffee maker. water came out perfectly. however, another problem it started spilling all over the floor. I thought I installed the one way incorrectly, so i turned the tube the other way thinking it was not a one way, rather a pressure control. wrong, its a one way. i changed it back and watched the water spill again. turns out that the cap on teh carafe was also filled with grounds not allowing the water to get into the carafe (thermal carafe). i used a pot scrubber with long bristles, scrubbed each hole and then voila, it worked. coffee makers seems as good as new. thanks for all the posts, saved me big bucks.

          • Crazy grinder (the whirly gig type….not a real grinder) type Cuisinart. It soon started steaming up the grind cup and chute so glad i didn’t use it but twice. Messy.
            Problem now is all parts in, no beeping, no nothing. No lights. Oh….the clock is sort of working. No so sure about this one given to me, as I have a regular Cuis thermal and it’s fine other than having to preheat with cup of water. Otherwise tepid coffee. And have a seperate REAL grinder that is also Cuisinart.

            But think the electronic steamed to oblivion and not sure I will waste time with it. Anyone else had that happen?

        • My Cuisinart DGB900 (12 cup burr grinder coffee brewer) has something other tan a T10 screw in teh bottom. Anyone have any ideas?

      • jennifer says:

        We’ve had this problem several times and usually just take the unit into the shower, fill it up and shake it around! (seriously). This method has successfully unclogged the tubes at least 3 times.

        • fortune hiller says:

          Thanks, Jennifer. Simple, quick and worked like a charm for me.

        • Thank you for the shower tip! It worked great. The problem started when we tried to make coffee without the carafe underneath and grounds filled the water reservoir. We thought everything had been cleaned from the initial incident but the coffee maker would only steam and not drip into the carafe. when I shook the coffee maker in the shower (filled reservoir, shook, emptied and repeated several times) hidden grounds would still appear and I assume had been clogging the hose. Great advice from everyone on this site!!

        • Took coffeemaker into the shower, filled reservoir, shook, emptied and repeated three times. The coffee maker works perfectly. Thanks for the tip!!

          • Ok here’s what i did since a had a TINY bit of water coming through – – otherwise i was going to fill it and shake it in the back yard.

            I ran a full pot of 50/50 vinegar / water solution through, which took a really long time. Then I dumped a tablespoon of baking soda in the reservoir where the filter piece goes. (And that is what had caused the clog in the first place. Never replaced the filter when it was gross years ago.)

            Then I slowly dumped the hot vinegar solution back into the reservoir, which caused the baking soda to foam and clean nicely. That pot brewed very fast and i think got the clog. Then i ran the hot vinegar/water/baking soda solution through again. Dumped that down the sink and ran a fresh 50/50 vinegar /water solution through, which was fast and clear. Now going to do plain water. Then coffee. 🙂

        • Purchased my first brand of this coffee maker that stopped working at about 3 years of age so I purchased a second one, again it stopped working at about 3 years. Was shopping for a new pot when I read all of your posts. I filled the pot with water, took it out to the drive way. shook it ane poured out the water, the last thing to spill out was some brown water and grounds. Changed the filter as the same time. Am now brewing coffee, just save lots of $$$$. It was that easy.

        • Thank you so much for the shower remedy. I actually did the shaking over the sink and now the floor is clean too! Small nuggets of coffee grounds were freed from the tube that sends water up to the top. I plugged the sink just to be sure all the shaking was worth it. Each shaking produced a few large nuggets of grounds.
          Thank you again!

        • Jennifer, it’s a miracle cure!! 2 reservoirs, 2 shower shakes and I’m bake in coffee. Thanks so much!

        • Worked like a charm-thanks for the shower/shake cleaning method!

        • i followed this advice, although i didn’t take it into the shower, i did fill it up and shake it a couple of times by the sink, and as i’m typing, the coffee pot is brewing a new pot of coffee…thank you so much , worked like a charm.

        • Vickie says:

          You are one clever cookie! This simple shake the sh.. out of it maneuver worked beautifully! As someone else said, probably a couple of times of either forgetting to put the pot under and having coffee grounds go everywhere or trying coffee that was already ground too fine and then backing up was what led to clumps of coffee plugging everything up. I had tried cleaning it with Durgol (the cleaner they recommend for Espresso machines), changing the filter, etc., nothing. But this simple solution worked!
          Thanks so much. I hope others read this blog long enough to come to this simple solution. Next time my TV doesn’t work I think I’ll just kick it:)

        • I tried the shake method. I got a few grounds out and it seemed to work. But then it quit again. I took the bottom off, disconnected the hoses, and they are all clear. Put it back together, and turned it on with no water. The heating element wasn’t heating the plate. I tried the shake method again, this time without any water. Plugged it in, and it started working. Then it quit again. I don’t know what the problem is, but at least for me it is not a plugged tube. The lights come on, the heater element apparently works. One time I just spun the function knob around a few times when it didn’t come on, then hit the on/off again and it started working.

        • the shake in the shower method seems to have done the trick – THANK YOU

        • The shower tip – the tip that keeps on giving. Worked like a charm, thank you so much.

        • This was brilliant advice! Thanks for the creative solution. I was about to buy the special screwdriver and take the whole thing apart, so you saved me that pain. Now enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

        • Jennifer, thanks for the tip. We were ready to spend 100 dollars on a new pot. Tried your tip and it worked like a charm. Many thanks.

        • Arlene Bishop says:

          Genius. It worked for me too. After a period of storage, the machine wouldn’t turn on. Put water in it and shook it like crazy several times and it works fine now. Thank you so much!

        • We took the coffee maker into the shower and shook it and shook it like crazy – well one thing led to another and while we did not have coffee thanks for a great tip!

        • Worked for me, too. Had to do it twice. The first time I didn’t shake vigorously enough and it didn’t work. I tried it again, shaking vigorously and getting water everywhere. Then when I tried to make a pot of coffee it shut off too quickly, but when I turned it on again to finish the cycle it made the whole pot. I haven’t been able to make a full pot for a month. Thanks for your idea!

        • Well I just did a series of fills and shakes and got lots of sponge like chunks of coffee grinds in the sink – and have now just finished running it through with water twice, put 11 cups in and got 11 cups of hot water out and did a second time just to make sure.
          Thanks so much for the advice – I wish I had checked in here 3 years ago when our first one suddenly stopped putting water through : )

          • Thanks very much for this suggestion. My husband cleaned out the hoses as suggested (note for our model he had to gently squeeze the ball valve out of the red hose to get out the clogged grounds). Worked like a charm!!!!

        • The shower shake worked for us. I had the bottom plate off, ready to go to work when I read Jennifer’s suggestion. It worked! Simple and effective. My wife and I thank you, Jennifer.

        • Jennifer, your shower tip just saved me! I went outside and shook the sh*t out of my coffee maker and it’s brewing like a champ. When I read about taking off the plate using tools I needed to buy at the hardware store, I figured this coffee maker was toast. No way am I replacing parts. But heck, I can pour some water in and shake the whole thing up before I toss it and head out for a new machine. Worked! This tip needs its own website!

        • Jennifer you are my coffee savior thank you for the tip because along w/ the tip from Venzyle Jorreal (vigorous pumping of the filter) I am finally getting my coffee fix….. HALLELUJAH!!!

      • My coffeemaker pumps water back into the tank and not the kcup area. I would guess something must me clogged. The machine is only like 4 months old.

        • I think you will find that the problem is with the one way water check valve being stuck, try running some CLR or diluted vinegar through it. Pull the plug when it has run for three minutes then start it running again, this should free the check ball and allow it to operate correctly?

      • I have a Cuisinart cbc-5200pc and it was not working or shutting off with 3 cups left in the machine. I tested the one way valve blew into it still machine did not work. I then read about the maker overheating. So I dismantled the whole machine. Got to the heater coil disconnected the two hoses and the circuit board. Then filled coil with 100% clr and used a brush from harbor freight to ream the inside out. I even used a metal anything to help remove built up crud. Did it for a while. Left clr inside for a while. Rinsed the coil out used a syringe Daiso, then reassembled… Now machine screams all the way to the bottom, It seems the crud inside the coil was causing overheating.. Not an easy job there are springs on the bottom to hold stainleess trim???? why.. But to ream out the coil and actually see inside was priceless.. Next I will get brass brushess round that is… I figured it wasnt working I had cleaned it with clr diluted to no avail so no risk, I went for the full coil cleaning..

    • Regarding a fix for the Brewmaster, this worked for me:

      It is difficult to fix this because Cuisinart uses some special type of screw to hold the bottom on. I used a drill in reverse to back them out. Once the bottom is off, you’ll want to take off the right hand hose, it’s the one that goes to the bottom of the reservoir. Rinse out the hose and use a screwdriver to push the check valve out of the the hose. Be careful, there is a small plastic ball that is part of the valve. Most likely there will be large pieces of grounds stuck in the valve. Rinse it out and put it all back together. Replace the special Cuisinart screw with a phillips screw in case you have to do this again.

      • What type of bit did you use on the drill.
        I have the t10 bit bit it wont accept it.

        • The t10 worked on 3 of the 4 screws. It appears that the threads on the 4th one are stripped. Had to have been done when manufactured.

        • If you have small screw set like for eyeglasses really cheap one of those fits the edges of inside screw. Use vise grips to help turn screw while pushing down hard to help grip. Then just change out screws to standard philips, easy piezy… Like 3 bucks for mini screw driver set.

    • Venzyle Jorael says:

      Ok everyone! I tried the vinegar, I tried the shaking in the shower, and finally I grabbed the handle of the filter holder and pumped up and down vigorously while water was still in the reservoir, and LO AND BEHOLD – coffee ground came out! Yay!! Thanks to all!

      • OMG!!!! IT WORKED!!! Thank you to the shaking in the shower and the vigorous pumping of the filter handle (thanks Venzyle Jorreal)… not sure if it was the shaking or filter pumping but I think it was the combination of both but I FINALLY am having a cup of coffee …. was about to throw the damn coffee machine against the wall due to the lack of coffee I haven’t had since yesterday. Thank you to all … but first coffee …. ahhhhhh.

    • Mone is dripping but towards the end the ground basket over flows. I took the bottom off and the hose seemed perfectly fine but I didn’t run a screwdriver through it. Is this still my problem?

      • Mine is dripping but towards the end the ground basket over flows. I took the bottom off and the hose seemed perfectly fine but I didn’t run a screwdriver through it. Is this still my problem? This is somehow tied to the grinder. I can run water through with no problem and I can put grounds in the filter and that works too. If I use the grinder and brew 12 cups the basket over flows but only at the end of t he brewing cycle. I haven’t tried brewing a smaller pot yet. That will be my next test. I would prefer to not have to settle and make smaller pots of coffee, I bought a 12 cup for a reason.

  2. My Coffermaker power comes on but the is do not get hot or brew

    • I have this same problem.. Can’t very well flush it with a vinegar solution if it won’t brew at all.

      • TERRY ODOM says:

        My coffee brewed in the morning and shut off after that and hasn’t worked since. Not that old of a maker. Very frustrating.

      • Same problem here.

        • I’ve been working on my Cuisinart DCC 1200 for 4 days, and I’ve figured out the little weasel. Design engineer’s are told to have a “WEAK LINK”, and believe me I know it’s true. Manufacturing company’s profit by selling, the longer a product lasts, they sell less….. A disgusting fact for us consumer’s, although a fact that we can profit from
          by locating the weak link and fixing it…..OK with that said………First the 4 T 10 torx screws to remove the bottom, and all the screws after that are phillips. The torx screws were used to deter the majority of consumer’s from repairing their product……EVERY ONE, whose unit stopped brewing coffee….99% chance it’s the MICROTEMP fuse…….a very small metal fuse ( to withstand the hot temperature of the water heating element ) ……..the 2 fuse’s in the DCC 1200 are soldered to the u shaped water heating element………very small and very easy to over look and not see, I did for 2 days…….I cut the fuse’s out, and soldered the 2 copper wires to the heating element,,,,,I’m not using the 2 fuses…..I use electrical power bars that protect appliances from power surges……a number of post’s mentioned coming home after a storm and their coffee maker didn’t work…….BLOWN FUSE…….storms cause electric power surges…..The water hose that supply’s the cold water has a one way valve inside the hose, cold goes into heat element and out to the coffee, the hot water can travel only one way……..the little hole and small bb that makes the one way valve is where a blockage can occur in the water flow,…..the vinegar cleaning helps more for taste in my biased-opinion. The cuisinart is a beautiful coffee maker…with a weak link…..seems to me it could last a life-time. I’ll be looking for thrown away Cuisinart’s,….hehehehe…..I hope I’ve helped…… problem’s E-mail me have a good coffee day

          • Cole, my DCC 1200 leaks from the bottom all over the counter…I am brewing right away and it does cut down on leakage. I put in 10 cups of water and get 8 cups of coffee. How can I fix this? Any ideas?

          • This is awesome info, thanks 🙂 I took mine apart to see if I could fix it, what you describe is exactly what it is doing. Going to have my hubby do the soldering for me tonight (never done it before 😉 ) and hope it will work!

          • You are right on the money. The symptoms are the same as if unplugging the unit for 4-5 minutes…The two re-setable thermal fuses conected to the heating element are opening and unit loses power. They reset after about 4 minutes. The reason they are blowing is the bottom of hotplate is going over temp, more than likey due to mineral build up in the hot plate tubes…or the re-setable fuses are getting old and are more sensitive…(definitly happens…I am very familiair with heating control circuits)
            bypassing the thermal fuse is danderous…I flushed with CLR and opened the circulation vents on the bottom metal plate….mine works fine now…

          • Derek Gaudlitz says:

            One of your water hoses has gotten brittle due to the high temps from the heating element and has a small crack in it causing some of the water to leak out from the bottom.
            I’ve had the same problem & am still trying to find where I can get a replacement hose for the cold water line.

          • THANK YOU THANK YOU… We have a BGD-700BC…. I took you advice and by passed the two fuses… Coffee Drinkers unite!!!!

          • Thank you all who posted about the DC-1200! I bought 2 thermal fuses at Radio Shack ($1.99 ea), used a “security/tamper proof” T10 torx to take the bottom of the coffee pot off, & tried to solder the fuses on myself. My soldering gun was not the best & I resorted to using a different type of connector but in the end……I have a functioning coffee pot & a very happy husband!!

          • Do not bypass the thermal fuses, they are safety devices to protect from overheating and fire hazards. If they are bad, they can be replaced inexpensively as Molly says. They are probably still available from the few remaining Radio shack stores, or online from MCM Electronics (or other places that serve electronics hobbyists and repair people.) They are available in a variety of temperature ratings. Be sure to buy the same rating.

            I don’t know specifically how the these are connected in the Cuisinart, whether they are soldered or crimped. They are sometimes crimped instead of soldered because they are normally used in locations that become very hot (not a good place for solder), and it is possible to overheat (and “blow”) the thermal fuse when soldering it into place. If you solder it, be very careful and use a heat sink between the soldering iron and the body of the thermal fuse. Although the solder should not come into contact with the coffee or hot water, it is still probably better to use a lead-free solder since this is a kitchen/food preparation appliance.

      • How can I flush it if it won’t brew at all? ! Lights on. Plug works but will not brew at all

        • Same here! Can’t flush what won’t come out!

        • It won’t brew/pump water if the thermal fuses are blown. My Cuisinart Model DGB-900BC has (2) two thermal fuses. Kind of a pain to get the bottom plate off. It takes a T-10 Torx Screwdriver (bought mine at Freight Harbor). After the bottom plate is off, you’ll see the thermal fuses that are soldered/connected by white wires to the hotplate itself. I found replacement fuses on eBay (China) by plugging in the small #’s off the old fuses. I think I paid about $2 bucks including shipping for a package of (5) five thermal fuses. After a bit of messing around, I was able to solder the new fuses onto the hotplate side, and then I crimped the other end into the metal butt connector on the other side. After I put the bottom back on – BINGO! My hot plate was heating, and the water was pumping.. Like brand new!

      • Valerie Greenough says:

        I received my coffee maker for christmas. I have tried flushing it several times. I am a single woman on a limited income. I can’t afford to replace it and and Lowes will not honor my repair agreement. Very frustraiting!!!!!

        • Call cuisinart, they do honor their warranty if it’s under 1-2 years. They honored mine years ago, when it broke and leaked everywhere, and quite quickly they sent a replacement and covered return shipping, and let me keep the extra carafe! I love my cuisinart!

      • Diane Vandiver says:

        I plug the coffee maker in and it pops the circuit, cleaned out the hose but still does it

        • Yikes, ye’ ole electrical problem.
          Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to. Use the 3 year warranty. Call and see if you can get a free replacement. It’ll cost you $10.00 or so to ship the machine to them, but they’ll ship it back to you for free.
          If you are like me, then you might want to check the thermal fuses. Sounds like they welded together and are causing an electrical bridge which is popping your circuit. In fact, I would say don’t plug this machine back into any outlet until you get it serviced – either by yourself or by a paid professional.
          To take the screws off the bottom you can go to any local hardware store and purchase the appropriate security screwdriver. Normally they sell by the set. Since I repair things allot I have a more sophisticated set from Newelectronx – the 102 pieces one (has the oval head in it).
          The fuses will be on a circuit board, and you’ll miss them if you are not looking closely. Once the connectivity is restored you should be brewing again in no time. Good luck.

      • Mine did the same thing if the coil is really built up with deposits then the machine can overheat, inside on the coil is a temp pick up.. Plus above articles mentioned a overheat reset of 4 minutes, which answered my 3 cups left in the reservoir problem. The crud insulates the coil causing an over heat 4 minute shut down. Thats why when I blew into the valve it made no difference it was in shut down overheat mode. To clean and test valve just connect 2 straws lightly fold one end insert into the other straw then use tape to seal the joint. Then place over the hole in the reservoir and blow. You can see water come out of the top if the system is clear.(where the water goes to the grounds) You have basically gone thru the entire coil and hoses. 2-3 blows and you see water…. Mine did nothing, I knew water was in the coil it came out the top but NO hot water????? It overheated…. then shut off …. 4 minutes or so…..

    • Amusingly/Interestingly, my DGB-700BC has started to do this now and again, after someone tried to use it without asking, “So, how does this fancy machine work?” beforehand.

      Oddly, it works like a charm if I go with whole beans in the grinder, but if I load up the basket with already ground coffee, it usually takes a few tries off on/off/on/off to get it to start brewing. If I don’t mind the noise, I can get around this by loading up the basket with coffee, then letting it try to grind with an empty bean hopper; I’m still not entirely sure why the source of the coffee would affect the water-heating part.

  3. I have the same problem as Todfd Drew. I cleaned it with vinigar but it still isn’t spitting out the coffee on top? Could it be that a one way valve is broken?

  4. Joe Paredes says:

    Power, lights come on, brews, but only gets warm,colder every time then doesn’t stay on to keep pot hot. Heater element problem ?

    • I have a similar problem the warmer goes off earlier and earlier. Now it goes off before the pot completely brews. What’s up with that?

    • Same Problem here. I have had the machine for around 4 years but haven’t used it that often until this last month. Coffee would be blazing hot and not it isn’t even luke warm. I do not know how to change the element. Anyone have any tips on that?

  5. Dave Spino says:

    I’d say it’s definitely the element, but check for a fuse under the bottom panel.

  6. AMMON MOYER says:

    My DCC-2000 has no clock no lights etc, I tried removing the screws on the bottom but there is something holding it on. It looks like 2 nuts where the rear feet are. How do you get it off? Hopefully it will be the fuse if I can get to it. Thanks, Ammon

    • Mine is dripping but towards the end the ground basket over flows. I took the bottom off and the hose seemed perfectly fine but I didn’t run a screwdriver through it. Is this still my problem? This is somehow tied to the grinder. I can run water through with no problem and I can put grounds in the filter and that works too. If I use the grinder and brew 12 cups the basket over flows but only at the end of t he brewing cycle. I haven’t tried brewing a smaller pot yet. That will be my next test. I would prefer to not have to settle and make smaller pots of coffee, I bought a 12 cup for a reason.

      You need T10 Torx screw driver.

  7. clean button is blinking

    • Jessica says:

      You have to fill the machine with 1/3 vinegar 2/3 water in the same place as you would fill it with water to brew it. Then press the cleaning button and turn it on when the cleaning button is lit up. The vinegar flushes the coffee maker and cleans it out.

  8. Same as Jackie – clean button is blinking and randomly coffee leaks onto the counter. It is definitely coffee and not water so it’s going through the filter basket, etc. Openings in top of carafe seems to be clear. Set for 5:30 A.M. so I’m not going to get up and watch it……The blinking stops if I unplug the coffee maker and plug it back in.

  9. My machine is 5 years old and works great except the clock is losing time which makes the timer useless. Is there a battery in the machine that I can change?

  10. Coffee is going all over the counter top . Only a half of the coffee go into the pot. I have cleaned it several times with the vinegar solution .

    • Check the lid on the coffee pot. There’s a valve in there apparently; I have gotten into the habit of shaking it back and forth to make sure it’s free each time I fill it with water.

    • I have the same problem….ran the vinegar and water through but coffee keeps spilling all over the counter…..not the first time this has happened. Also….anyone have an issue with the pulling the pot to pour before the brewing cycle is complete to get a cup? My old pot worked just fine, this one never does….coffee just keeps brewing and spilling all over….

      • I have the same problem!! It’s as if the coffee is coming out of the filter faster than the cover on the carafe is designed to manage! I’ve found that if I use whole bean coffee and the grinder, it works perfectly, but it’s not easy to find affordable decaf whole bean coffee… :-/ I’ve tried switching from the permanent basket to paper filters, but that hasn’t worked either… HELP!

    • I too have this leaking coffee problem, quite different from the leaking water problem. This is a very random problem with fully brewed hot coffee ending up on the counter under the machine. I was given a replacement lid and the problem went away for about 6 months then returned. I conclude the one-way valve in the lid gets frozen with coffee residue and I use the shaking the lid under hot water fix. This helps but is not a permanent fix and only seems to fix the problem for 3-4 brewings. I stream the hot water into the 3 slots on the top of the lid while shaking the lid and causing the one-way check valve to rattle. Still looking for how to disassemble the lid for better cleaning. Any ideas?

      • I have a DGB-900BCC. The lid to the carafe comes apart fairly easily. Take the lid off the crafe and hold it firmly upside down with one hand. Use your other hand and firmly grab ahold of the part that extends into the carafe. Gently rock the two pieces apart like you would the lid off some tough tupperware. Giving the top part of the lid a bit of a squeeze to bend it so it goes convex on the bottom slightly seems to help too. All the pieces for the lid disassemble for cleaning from there. Hope that works for your model.

        • Wonderful tip, I had soaked the lid in Betterware Tea and coffee stain remover which turned like weak coffee and pushed cotton buds in the slots round the top of the lid to clean the ‘button’ underneath. Then decided to bite the bullet and try to take the lid apart. Got the two pieces apart and lumps of brown coffee jelly gunge came out. Things can only get better and ai look forward to coffee without occasional floods over the top of the lid.
          Thanks Scott.

      • Mine does that. I actually shove q tips into the holes and clean the rubber gasket. It gets full of coffee goo.

      • Michael says:

        I have a DGB-600, really can’t remember when I got it. Problem that I have is that it brews coffee fine, but I have a puddle of water underneath when it is complete. It is way more that just condensation from it sitting on a granite counter. Ready to chuck it – any suggestions.

    • Be sure the coffee grounds basket is fully seated into the machine, The valve at the pot can push up stopping coffee from going to the pot and going on the counter top. Basically the coffee basket is overfilling, grounds too fine clogging the filter, or the valve to the coffee pot is stuck or not pressed down.. Just saw this in action yesterday while cleaning machine, caught it in time happens really fast, clean filter screen.. Mine was a not fully seated filter holder. Its spring loaded on the bottom.. As stated earlier a clogged top of coffee pot.. Some thing is not allowing water to go into the pot… Very simple system.. just look at it.. Me i super clean the gold filter it can get clogged up.. Then if it overflows the basket, grounds get into the reservoir and cause the one way valve to clog..

  11. Cathy – I think there must be something blocking the flow to the pot. I once had a piece of plastic break off inside and it did the same thing.

    Try checking th pipe that delivers the water up to the filter basket.

  12. I have a two year old grind and brew. If you do not have all the internal parts in correctly it beeps until you have all the parts in and they are all fit together properly. Now it wont stop beeping even though I have placed and replaced the parts several times.I re set the power, stll beeps. Can this be fixed??

  13. Grind ‘n Brews are notorious for problems like what you’re describing. The only think I would check are for leaks near the parts you’re replacing. Any water getting in ther would cause a short and cause the beeping.

  14. I can’t remove the complete grinder, any suggestions?

    • I’m having the same problem, bottom of the grinder seems to be locked in place, can’t get it out to clean it, does anybody know any secrets to getting out safely and without breaking it?

      • Deb, I have the same exact problem! We’ve even tried prying it out, it’s like the spindle has grabbed ahold of the grinder bottom (the part that is attached to the blade spindle), and won’t let go, no matter what! One thing that works once in a while is if I close it back up and run it for a second. If I’m lucky, I can pull really hard and get it off. My current theory is that I do use a little cinnamon in with the coffee beans, and maybe that’s gunking it up somehow. But, it shouldn’t be this difficult. I wish someone would address this issue!

        • I am sure this is NOT an approved repair solution but it has worked perfectly for me… I pulled out the Grinder basket, flipped it over and used a 5/16th drill bit to slightly widen the first 2/3’rds of the female end of the grinder shaft. Use a piece of masking tape so you stop at about 2/3’rds down. I left 1/3 just incase it needed it for stability. Works like a charm now and pulls out easily every time!

      • I am sure this is NOT an approved repair solution but it has worked perfectly for me… I pulled out the Grinder basket, flipped it over and used a 5/16th drill bit to slightly widen the first 2/3’rds of the female end of the grinder shaft. Use a piece of masking tape so you stop at about 2/3’rds down. I left 1/3 just incase it needed it for stability. Works like a charm now and pulls out easily every time!

        • Finally resolved my leaks the right way….My heating coil on the bottom of our Grind & Brew sprung a leak again. Usually I just find the pin hole and put a screw in it, you read that correctly, for 5 years, I have just been screwing in a small #8 or #10 screw into the pinholes as they developed. THIS time it was leaking really fast. I bought a two pack of aluminum brazing rods from Home Depot ($4.25) and fixed the holes using just a wire brush and a small butane burner in about 10 minutes. Be careful though I did manage to break the spot weld to the wires with the fuses on them and it was tough getting them back on again. Once I got them back on, the coffee maker would not heat up. Power tested it and best I can figure, I burned out the fuses with my torch. Honestly, I had to stop typing because the coffee maker made a weird sound after the brew cycle and just came back with quite the story to tell….
          SOOOOO according to a poster above, he was able to cut those little fuses out and run his coffee maker DON’T DO THIS!!!! I just did that to see if the fuses were really the problem, plugged in the coffee maker, made a pot, and that noise I heard was my beloved 15 yr old Grind & Brew going out in a Blaze of Glory! To make matters even worse, because I have fixed mine so many times, I left the bottom bolts off the coffee maker so I could get at it easier. When the fire broke out, I picked up the coffee maker to put it in the sink and hose it down when the bottom fell off spewing molten aluminum from the melted heating coil on to the kitchen counter, floor, moldings and even 10 feet away onto hardwoods and an oriental rug in the breakfast nook. The aluminum burned through everything until I could douse it with the kitchen sprayer. Of course I stepped on a pool of it and now have a third degree burn with my sock literally burned into the flesh of the arch of my foot and have to go to urgent care when i’m done typing this. I think I am in shock, I know I am in shock, sooooo bummed. Gotta be at least $3K in damage, sooooooooooooooooooooo bummed. Please do not run your coffee makers without those fuses, even of only for testing purposes.

      • Before each use, I turn the grinding part upside down, put a drop or two of corn oil, or canola oil on the hollow part
        that the shaft fits into when you put it in the machine. Comes off really easily, can make a few batches with one food grade oil mini lube job. Its the expansion/contraction of dissimiliar materials ( metal shaft,into hollow plastic) that sticks it together. Wipe out minute amount of harmless ( you cook with it ) oil left over occasionally.

  15. just doesn’t brew. water pours through filter into carafe, makes gurgling sound like it’s brewing clean light is on but no water going up through whatever you call the mechanism.

  16. I can’t get the clean button to go off. It was blinking so I ran vinegar water through twice. It wasn’t blinking but the light is still on. I also unplugged it. Any thoughts??

  17. The machine is in an auto clean mode. You have to allow it to complete this before it will stop blinking. I recommend cleaning it with vinegar as suggested in the article afterward. Check the manual for details re blinking light.

  18. no power when pluged in

    • Diane Bostancic says:

      I have a DCC1200BW. I put it away for a while because our son gave us a Keurig for Christmas. I wanted to use a real coffee pot again, so I got out our vintage-looking DCC1200BW that has the cool toggle switch and black grainy surface. I love this coffee pot. I plugged it in and it has no power, period. I’ve tried the shaking thing but it didn’t work. Help!

  19. How do you remove the bottom panel to check the fuse or the heating element?

  20. Can’t get mine to brew. Power works, clock works. Tried suggestion of unplugging for an hour, then plugging back in and resetting clock and auto off.
    Have vinegar and water wash in the maker now.
    nothing is happening.

    What really bothers me is that I have had cheap coffeemakers over the years that didn’t give me any trouble for years.
    This one is a wedding present from 6 months ago.

    • Jesse, call Cuisinart and explain the problem. There is a 3 year warranty on it. They will send you a new one and the address to send the old one back to. They did it for me. They were very helpful and stand behind their product. they paid to ship it to me.I had to pay to ship it back. It cost me $10

  21. @jesse – There’s probaby a short in the coil, so if you’re brave you can try to take the booting off and make sure all the wires are connected.

    Otherwise I think you may have to replace it.

  22. Arlene Powe says:

    Mybeloved DCC-1200 refuses to turn on. I believe it is the switch that is faulty. How do I determine what is wrong? and secondly, is it repairable? Who repairs this cuisinart coffee maker in the Seattle area?

  23. I fill my coffee pot with water and grounds, turn it on, the light comes on, it stays on for about 30 seconds then the machine beeps 5 times like the coffee is done brewing and it shuts off….any suggestions??

  24. janet braun says:

    My pot worked 4 times and quit. Water heats up and stays in bin. What kind of wrench do I need to open the bottom and take a look? Tried vinegar and water 4 times with no results. Want to open up and see if there is a tube blockage. Company will not repair since it was purchased at Abes of Maine on ebay. Would like to know what wrench to use and hear your ideas.

  25. janet braun says:

    Does anyone know specifically what wrench to use to open up the bottom of the coffee pot?…DCC -1200 series. Thanks!

  26. torque #10 I belive… just bring the coffee maker to your closest true vallue, lowes, or home depot.

  27. Mine just shots off with out warning. It can be brew or just be off and it loses electric. Plug is fine, cord looks good.
    The machine will turn itself back on later at difference or just hit the top a couple of times and it comes on. Darn things out of warranty too. Can anyone help.

  28. Sorry, trying to type on a ph.
    Shuts of at random and comes back on at different times or just smack it on top and it comes on.

  29. eli baker says:

    My Cuisenart grind and brew worked fine for the past 4 years, but now the coffee grinder blades are dulling and I’m getting chunks as well as powder. Is there any way of fixing that. I don’t believe a coffee pot should have a longevity of less than 10 years!


  30. Floyd Davidson says:

    will not pump the water

  31. Floyd Davidson says:

    will not pump water

  32. Cuisinart fully automatic burr grind and brew makes gear noise and clicks when turning when trieing to line up gear have to hold up on coffee filter housing to get to brew

  33. laura arnfield says:

    we have a cuisinart dcc-790. It begins to grind but backs up into the chute that goes from the burr grinder down to the filter. The filter basket is in the proper position for the coffee to enter the filter but the coffee just wedges into the chute. Any ideas? We do use a very oily beans. thanks, L

  34. Debbie Gutierrez says:

    no power when pluged in i check the wires and they are fine but still no power to my Cusisnart automatic Grind & Brew. is there anything else i can do. please help.

  35. Elissa Rodriguez says:

    everything is working except the bean grinder. It makes noice like its working but the beans do not go down. Theln the water comes down and of course it is still water. We have cleaned it out several times, the motor goes on but no coffee coming through. The unit is a DCC-790 not even a year old. We love using the whole beans. Any ideas?

  36. Steve Ashkinos says:

    I’ve had the automatic brew and grind thermal pot for 6 years. Can’t find the paperwork. The unit leaks plain water from the bottom ( and it’s increasing) but still brews the coffee.

    • BC Clifton says:

      I have had the same problem of leaking plain water, with two of the same units after 5-6 years. Seems like the resevoir is leaking?

    • JK Maloney says:

      Same issue w/leaking water – any solutions?

      • I’m no expert by any means but they are pretty simple. Water could be leaking from the fill tank (a bad seal or broken plastic) or the aluminum pipes where the water is heated has developed a hole. Aluminum can “rust” or deteriorate from the inside. This could maybe be repaired with some aluminum radiator repair epoxy from your auto parts store. Also one of the rubber hoses could have developed a leak/crack/ be a loose connection. You will have to take the bottom off and deal with the torx “safety” screws to find the exact problem. You can buy a set at Lowes or most hardware stores – maybe even Walmart. Can’t remember where I bought mine but they don’t cost much for an assortment of bits that fit in a drill or special screwdriver that accepts bits.

        • I have an older grind and brew DGB-600 with a hole in the aluminum pipe. Does anyone know if it is it safe to drink after using the automotive radiator repair epoxy?
          Sounds like only a temp fix because the corrosion will continue at another spot. Too bad we can’t buy a replacement heater coil anywhere!

          • I fixed my leaking coil with JB Weld epoxy. Repair has lasted 6 months so far.

            From JB Weld’w website FAQ’s:
            Is J-B Weld toxic?

            No. When fully cured, J-B Weld is non-toxic. However, we do not recommend consuming the product.

        • Mine had a pin hole in the aluminum pipe in the bottom. I fixed it with some metal epoxy as described here:

    • Michael says:

      I have a DGB-600, really can’t remember when I got it. Problem that I have is that it brews coffee fine, but I have a puddle of water underneath when it is complete. It is way more that just condensation from it sitting on a granite counter. Ready to chuck it – any suggestions.

  37. A Brown says:

    I have the Gavalia coffee pot which looks exactly like the cuisinart coffee pot! Worked fine except for the condensation from the day before going all over the counter, until, a few days ago it would stop working after 6 cups had brewed, then it quit completely. Sometimes it would come on, then go off, now it won’t turn on at all.. Seems to be hot/warm around the clock/program area. Can the switch be replaced, or will it cost too much? Really liked the way it looked, but hasn’t lasted but about a year

  38. Marian Marti says:

    Torq #8. Ijust purchased one yesterday after taking coffee pot to Ace to get one that fit the screws on the bottom.

  39. yvonne costas says:

    I have a regular cuisinart coffee maker for 12 cups (no grinder).
    I put water in the side where the water goes to boil. All of the sudden, the coffee maker went into clean mode. When it finished I tried to make coffee and the water did not go into the coffee grind section. It started acting like it was in the clean mode but no lightt was on. I even disconnected the plug and that didn’t help. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  40. yvonne – What model # Cuisinart is it?

  41. yvonne costas says:

    the model number for my cuisinart is-
    Brew Central Coffeemaker DCC-1200 series

    Thank you, Yvonne

  42. Crystal J says:

    I have the Cuisinart automatic grind and brew, model DCC 490SA. Has worked wonderfully until recently. Now when I turn the knob to start, it will not grind and brew or just brew (if I select “grind off”). There is power because time is correct and the lights come on. It just won’t start. Any suggestions??

  43. My grinder and coffee maker work fine except that coffee grounds are getting into the chamber area around the grinder unit. The grinder seems to fit snuggly on the basket unit but there is as problem somewhere. Any suggestions?

  44. Steve – how is the water flow into the pot? Sometimes if the water is backing up it will cause the coffee grounds to get into the chamber area.

  45. Crystal – How old is your unit? You probably have a short in the power switch. Call Cuisinart CS to see if the will send you a replacement.

  46. yvonne – sounds like an electrical problem. Have you checked the fuse below the bottom plate?

  47. CDC 400 14 cup….power light on; pad does not hear; water does not heat,

    any suggestions?

  48. what a useless article titled “HOW TO REPAIR A CUISINART COFFEE MAKER.”. where is the part on how to repair? all i see is “how to identify if your coffee maker needs repair”…

    very disappointing

  49. David – coffeemakers can break down in a variety of ways, we attempt to cover the most common here by mentioning easy repairs. If you’d like to offer a constructive comment to help the problems mentioned in the comments, it would most certainly be welcome.

  50. Gary, it’s most likely a blown fuse on the inside of the bottom plate. Take off the bottom plate and replace the fuse.

    • john Linstrom says:

      It is NOT a fuse, per se, it is a thermal fuse that opens on heat.
      they are cheap ($2) but you need to know the temp trigger rating – or else they trip
      too low or not before the pot melts everything.

  51. cuisinart coffeemaker seems to ‘over percolate’ in that an excessive amount of steam is coming from it to the extent that if I put in 8 cups of water, I get 6 cups of coffee. Coffee brews — and is hot— but is releasing excessive steam. I clean regularly with vinegar. Any ideas of what it could be?

  52. It sounds like your charcoal filter needs to be replaced.

  53. when we put the water in, it turns on and does absolutely nothing? tried resetting the filter basket, decanter??? nothing. Any ideas

  54. Michele Finley says:

    My cuisinart just stopped brewing. Have power, water, trying to run vinegar through but won’t is on brew, checked power…red light…what to do?

  55. Ours stopped working last week. We’ve poured gallons
    of vinegar through it but still no luck.
    I thought a company like Cuisinart would respond quickly,
    offering fulfill their warranty. But each time I call I”m given a new “trick” that might make it work. Tho it’s only 6 months
    old and cost quite a bit of money (rich lawyer-son gave it
    to us for Xmas), my wife is ready to discard it on trash day.

  56. lois gaudet says:

    Mine did the exact same thing. One day it worked the next it didn’t. The red brew light comes on but nothing happens. Did you receive any response on ideas how to fix it?

    • Lois, my Cuisinart just stopped working this morning, with the same issue. Red light comes on but nothing else happens. Did you ever get yours fixed? If so how?



  57. Aspasia says:

    DGB-625 the program button stopped working properly. Will light up when I push it SOMETIMES, but the clock will not blink in order for me to program start time. When it lights up I can’t turn it off with just a touch. I have to push the start button to turn off the program light. Other times, the Program button will not turn on at all. Clock and all else works great. Only 4 months old! I have regularly decalcified it. I even let it dry out completely. Anything else I can do?

  58. My cuisnart coffee pot just all of a sudden stopped working, bought it on amazon just two days ago, yesterday brewed a perfect pot of coffee and today turned on this morning, then this evening i came home after a power outage, and to find that my coffee pot will NOT turn on! all outlets are good, cord is good, no power to the pot what so ever! What can I do?

  59. i have a bad switch in my cofeemaker how can my husband take it apart to replace it? Thanks so much

  60. Fred E. Koenig says:

    I bought a Cuisinart Coffee Pot model 1150 a while ago and it started leaking water. I took the bottom plate off and saw that the rubber tube was deteriorating and I have tried to find a replacement, but that seems to be next to impossible.. I have removed to old tube and it just about fell apart in my hand. Where can I get a new tube, or are they not available? The pot brewed a good cup of coffee but as of now it is useless. Do I just throw it away or can I get a repair part?

    • I hope you found the hoses. I’ve just started looking. Cuisinart is totally unhelpful.

      • I know this is an old post but a possible idea for hose replacements is, you can go to lowes in the plumbing section. They sell hosing by the foot on a roller, like the small diameter you use under a bathroom sink from faucet to valve. I think I have seen some clear with the same I/D (inner diameter).

  61. Ed Holden says:

    Hi Miriam, please consider the amount of water absorbed by the coffe gounds and the actual measurement of cup size. I use 10 cups and normally get 7/8 cups per full pot.

  62. Ray Horn says:

    I have the same problem as Judy 7/23/11 4:05P
    I set the switch to on and it turns off by itself without the coffee being done! What do I do?

  63. Bette Harting says:

    OMG I can’t believe so many people have had the same problem that the coffee pot just suddenly stopped working. The red light comes on and that’s it. I also thought Cuisinart was a reputable company and I paid a substantial amount for this pot, more than I had for any other. I tried everything that was suggested. I think Cuisinart should replace all our pots or repair them without a charge. It seems it must be some kind of defect. You know it’s going to be a bad day when you can’t get your coffee. LOL

  64. Karen Balsz says:

    This is the second Cuisinart I’ve had. The first one had a problem but the company sent me a replacement. They wouldn’t give me a warranty on this one because it was a replacement… the on switch won’t work. Was working fine, then yesterday, poof! Dead…The clock will work…the button for fewer cups works, and the cleaning button work. How can I fix this? Love the coffee pot, makes good coffee….sure hope I can fix it! Can you help me?

  65. Gene O'Neill says:

    I have almost the same problem as Maylene does. Since an electrical storm yesterday, we have no power indication at the coffee brewer lights even though the outlet does work with other appliances.

  66. delia foley says:

    I have exactly the same problem. Coffee is in, water is in, light comes on. Nothing happens.

    Is this machine dead?

  67. This is truly unbelievable! Bette and Karen, you guys said it perfectly! Our maker was a wedding gift 4 years ago. Yes, I understand wear and tear, etc. But, there is obviously a bigger issue here. Brand reputation is critical to any company’s success. You would think a company with such a powerful and respected reputation as Cuisinart, would take a more proactive position on these issues. If only APPLE made an iCoffee. 🙂 Yeah, I know….I’m not another APPLE groupie. 🙂
    But, you have to appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction and the level of quality in their products.
    Come on Cuisinart….GET IT TOGETHER!

  68. Same here, gang. Water in, coffee in, cleaned out the machine, light comes on….Nothing

  69. Robin Wuchina says:

    Yup, same problem as I see many others have, red light comes on, water in, no brewing. However, the day before it started spewing steam and I thought, uh oh.. I will put some vinegar and water in, but it’s not brewing, so it won’t go through everything. Can’t find’s only a year old and the school year starts soon!

  70. Here’s another who has a cuisinart stainless steel nice coffee pot that just wouldn’t come on one day. It doesn’t have a light on or anything. I like to work on electric machines, but this one has some weird screws that aren’t phillips, flat-head, star-shaped or anything I’ve ever seen. They look like a flat-head, but have a solid piece in the middle that blocks a flat-head. I am a teacher and school starts soon and I need my coffee. It is a stainless steel pot that keeps it warm forever and turns off after brewing. Coolest coffee pot I’ve ever had, but this sucks!

    • I know this is too late for you trey, but maybe it will help someone else. If it is indeed a flat head screw with a lump sticking up in the middle, all you have to do is grind an indention in the center of an old flathead screwdriver. If it’s not hardened maybe a hack-saw would work. A thin cut-off wheel on a dremel tool would be great.

    • john Linstrom says:

      It is a TORX 10 SECURITY screw. You can find a driver on line (I bought a set thru Amazon for $10). Replace with a normal selftap screw when finished. Buy a long driver, the screws are recessed.

  71. I may have a fix. My Cuisinart CM leaks, too. It has a short rubber tube on the bottom; the tube has split at one end. I believe this is the cause of my leak. I couldn’t find a tube, but one person said he used High-temperature RTV sealant/gasket maker.

    I am going to try this myself. Here is a link. I have no financial, etc. interest in the product.

  72. Same issue as above. Worked yesterday but won’t brew today. I had a Krups that I got tired of before anything went wrong with it. Thought I would try out a Cuisinart and haven’t even had it a year and it stopped working. Looks like I will go back to the Krups. At least I have my coffee press as a back up for today.

  73. I do feel better knowing others have had their coffee post simply work one day and not the next; That is my problem. My pot is only a year old. I have loved it but based on the number of problems here I may have to go back to my Krups as well.

  74. very nice article, giving some explanation what i search before

  75. This is the 2nd cuisinart coffee maker i have had in 2 years…..just stop brewing….I am breaking our my old Krups that is over 15 years old and works beautifully!

  76. I have a Cuisinart coffee an hot water maker CHW-12 I make the coffee and the light goes out after coffee is made so I get this first cup hot and the machine shuts off. How do I fix this problem? I love the coffee maker but not the cold part. Please help me or I will have to go to a different type of coffee maker.

  77. Eerie how we all have the same problem around the same time and no solutions. Worked yesterday and today it won’t brew. Lights,clock, everything’s works but nothing happens. Disappointing being only 4 years old, should have kept my ugly old coffeemaker from the 80’s.

  78. I don’t know how to fix as yet, but I did find out how to get the bottom off. The unusual screws are called Torx, security. or Torx tamper proof. They are a Torx 10 size but with a pin in the center so a standard Torx size 10 does not work. It must have a corresponding hole in the center of the screw driver head. The Torx is a star shaped head. I hope this helps.

  79. same thing!!! And it’s only a year old. Of course I don’t have the receipt. What do I do buy a new one?

  80. Same thing…yesterday the coffee wasn’t as hot as it has been. But today..nothing. The light comes on, but is not brewing. We got it right before Christmas last year so not quite a year old! I have so enjoyed this coffeemaker until now…

    • My guess… These machines don’t have a pump. The water is forced up to the coffee because it is heated to boiling. If it’s not “pumping’ water, it’s either clogged or not heating up. Read some of the earlier posts about the fuses in the heater element system if you find it is not heating.

      Mine still makes coffee but now takes over 10 minutes to brew 6 cups of water when it used to take 4 minutes. This seems minor but it makes very bitter coffee. I poured about 2 cups of straight white vinegar in, turned it on just long enough for a few drops to fall into the pot. I did that about three times. Now I’m going to let it sit all night. Tomorrow I’ll turn it on and let it all go through. If that doesn’t help I’ll try the same with CLR. If that doesn’t work I may try air conditioner coil cleaner for a much shorter time – probably follow the directions on the bottle. It’s acid and WILL clean whatever is blocking the aluminum parts and shouldn’t hurt rubber or plastic since acid has to be stored in plastic. I like acid. Not to drink though. I will rinse many times. It is a last resort and I’M NOT SAYING ANYONE SHOULD TRY IT! I just feel it’s a last ditch effort before throwing the coffee maker away.

  81. My Cuisanart coffee maker began not turning on and off when I flicked the switch. Now I can not get it to come on and brew coffee at all. Some others have posted about bad switches…………please tell me how I can replace this switch? thanks.

  82. Same thing with ours.. machine is ON, light turns on.. no brewing.. anyone have any explanation as to WHY this is happening or how they got theirs fixed? thanks

  83. This is our third and last Cuisnart Grind and Brew coffee-maker. After a year of use, the grinder basket will not come out for cleaning. It gets jammed in because they used plastic parts instead of metal. We returned the first one and they replaced it, with shipping charges. The second one, we were on our own. Foolishly, we bought a third one and within a year the same thing happened with the grinding basket. It made delicious coffee; we don’t know what brand to get now.

    • That sounds like the same coffee maker as mine. Pretty hard to fit the parts together when new. Sorry, don’t know the number offhand. My guess is you wash you grinder basket on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher. Anything plastic has to be washed on the top shelf to prevent warping. If it’s warped it would do as you describe – All just a guess…

    • Before each use, I turn the grinding part upside down, put a drop or two of corn oil, or canola oil on the hollow part
      that the shaft fits into when you put it in the machine. Comes off really easily, can make a few batches with one food grade oil mini lube job. Its the expansion/contraction of dissimiliar materials ( metal shaft,into hollow plastic) that sticks it together. Wipe out minute amount of harmless ( you cook with it ) oil left over occasionally.

  84. Karen Gillespie says:

    I have used vinegar solution to clean my coffee maker, but to no avail. This is a very expensive machine.

  85. That’s the same thing that happened to ours! One day it was perfectly fine, next day….nothing! Red light is on, but nothing happens….

  86. Got my 3 years ago as a present and now it leaks water out of the hole where the electrical cord comes out. I have to tilt it to get all of the water out or it covers my counter. What do you think is wrong and how can I look at the rubber hose that some people have been talking about in this thread? (Before this, I had a cheap Mr. Coffee machine that lasted with no problems for over 10 years.)

  87. cheryl cobb says:

    my clock stopped working on mine

  88. My DCC-2000, 4+ years old, just stopped working. Other appliances work in the outlet. Have tried other outlets. I want to check the cord from the inside and have unscrewed all the bottom screws and the bottom will not come off. How to take off the bottom? Am I going in the right direction?

  89. Our Cuisinart Grind n Brew, Model DGB-700BC (purchased June, 2009) turns itself OFF immediately after brewing (no hot plate, no light….totally OFF). What part do I need and where do I buy it (or take it to be fixed); a $100.00 coffeemaker should last longer than two years!

    • Read the directions if you still have them. Mine can be set for how long the hot plate stays on. I set mine for 20 minutes so it doesn’t sit and boil the coffee into syrup. I’m sure it’s changed now after many power outages and I don’t remember how to re-set it even if the words had not just wiped off the buttons from cleaning with plain water. I usually pour it into a thermos or something insulated just after brewing.

  90. i have the same problem…coffee water leaks out the bottom…i saw that no one responded to your post yet. did you find a resolution? I like my pot, just not the mess i find when i go to get my first cup of coffee for the day.

  91. I got no response to my water leakage problem. I want to check the rubber hose that other people were talking about, but I’m afraid to take it apart because I’m not a handyman type without directions to follow. The fact that our leak comes out of the same hole as the plug wire kind of freaks me out, but my husband seems willing to take the chance of electrocution every morning.

  92. T. Stephan says:

    We have a Cusinart that takes its own sweet time to brew a pot (45-55minutes) . I contacted the company and they wanted the model and serial#. they replied back that we should clean with vinager; which we did. It still didn’t speed up the brew process. The coffee maker was a new gift but they responded that it was a very old unit and has reached it’s usefull life. Needless to say, we went back to the tried and true Mr Coffee. We now have fresh coffee in about 5minutes. No more Cusinart products for us.

  93. Wow.. Like many above, today my few months old Cuisinart just stopped brewing. All lights come on, everything seems fine, but no coffee. This was my first Cuisinart. Guess I’ll not be replacing with a Cuisinart.

  94. Same thing! Four month old pot stopped working suddenly. Power, lights, but no brew. Lemon!

  95. A. Ramirez says:

    Seems like many people have a problem with their coffee maker just dying for no reason. This is my second Cuisinart and it won’t brew. Time to buy a different brand! I am fed up with Cuisinart and their ability to make good coffee makers! ugh.

  96. Eric Nelson says:

    Mine will not heat water to make coffee, so how is it supposeto heat vinegar to clean? First one lasted 5 years, this one less than six months.
    The answer; try another make.

  97. We bought the grind and brew years ago, but now I can not get the grinder basket out for cleaning… any ideas?

  98. I love my Cuisinart except for the problem of the ginderr not coming out unless I take 2 pair of pliers out and put it on the floor and pull it straight out. I don’t get iti. I clean it after every 2-3 and often after every brew to ensure no buildup occurs. Soo frustrating I don’t know what to do.

  99. sanctuary1999 says:

    I am so devasted…I loved my pot too! Got it at Amazon almost a year ago and wont brew! Is that it? What can a coffee addict do?

  100. frappacinochip says:

    My DCC-1200 was1 year old. Worked great even this past weekend. I gave it light use and didnt use it every day either and I took meticulous care of it. I used it about 2-3 times per week max.
    Yesterday same as everyone else light came on and no brewing. Tapped it, wiggled switch on and off, and nothing!
    Returned it with receipt to store (name witheld) to get a Bunn but they dont stock in store. They had little to choose from so I took another DCC-1200 home.
    Krups appear to have equally bad problems when I read reviews. I dont especially like Bunn keeping water heating in it all day. Sounds like it would get “stale”. I like the Cuisinart but doesnt anyone know how to fix this issue? Bad switch? bad wiring? any ideas?

  101. guys and gals it is one of the two thermal fuses that are put against the heating element. they had a bunch of defective ones . You can get new ones from radio shack. you have to take it apart.

  102. JavaJenius is NOT much of a genius! This is simple maintenance, not repair as the title would suggest. Not much help!

  103. So how do you open it up? I tried every size of Allen wrench I had in the holes in the base.

    • I took the brutal approach. With an electric drill I used a 3/8 bit and plunged it into the wretched screwhole openings, Then inserted a large screwdriver and pryed off the base ,
      After cleaning up I replaced the base and duct taped it back. works fine Elmer2

  104. Is it glued together? How do you get to the fuses?

  105. Our lid will not latch anymore, do we need a whole new lid or is there a way to fix it?

  106. Use a Torx

  107. This first response you have likely tried. Make sure the filter basket is seated fully. Second, look and watch inside the lid as you shut it to be sure the inner workings are not hung up. The lid likely snaps apart to access the inside, but a pencil eraser is all that might be needed to nudge the inside back into place. Hope this helps

  108. Did you get your coffee pot to work? Mine is doing the same thing. I took most of it apart and with a volt meter, ohm meter, and amp reader, I traced it to the on dial. I cannot seem to get to that switch though to see what I can do.

  109. Did you get your pot to work? Mine just started the same thing.

  110. Tonight I traced the problem with mine to the on dial.

  111. Mine just quit too. Red light on and nothing. I traced it with a volt meter to the switch.

  112. I tried cleaning my coffee pot out with the vinegar solution and it over heated and now is flashing Not Ready what do I do??

  113. Don Baldwin says:

    Where do you buy parts for the Cuisinart Coffee Makers?

  114. Cheryl dausch says:

    Very disappointed in my Cuisinart coffee maker.

  115. same here. i suspect the switch.
    light on, no brew, cold carafe base.

    i just can’t figure how to get to the switch.
    I’d replace it with a toggle if i could get in there.

  116. I am speechless. Last week I bought a new Cuisinart coffee maker model 1200. I followed manual suggestion and ran one cycle without coffee before using it to brew. Put in 12 cups of water and only 8 had come out into the carafe at the end of the cycle. The other 4 cups were standing in the cone shaped coffee basket. Tried it 3 times with same result. Called Cuisinart and they had no answers. So I returned it and bought a Cuisinart 2650 coffee maker in its place. Just ran the water only brew cycle and it did EXACTLY the same thing. Amazing! The directions are quite simple..I called Cuisinart again and got the same reply. Return it. I will, but I’m done with Cuisinart.

  117. Scott,
    Where did you find the special allen wrench to take the bottom off the Cuisinart coffee pot? Thanks…JS

  118. Mark Arnquist says:

    I believe it takes a Torx wrench …not hex / allen

  119. Mark Arnquist says:

    my problem two ….this is the second switch in three years.

  120. Take my advice and buy a new one. It takes a #-10 torx but the parts will justify buying a new one.

  121. Bunn coffee maker is the best.

  122. My carafe heating element stopped working. Any suggestion?

  123. My one month old Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker made 14 cups this morning even though we only added 10 cups of water! Yesterday we added 10 cups of water and got 10 cups of coffee. Where in the world did the extra water come from?

  124. Mine just gave up the ghost. Tried different outlets and nothing.

  125. patty mc fadden says:

    our coffee pot, DGB-650 Series, will often not go into the pot when it is brewing & goes all over the floor.We try always to put the pot where it belongs, but it sometimes still leaks out.
    Also, sometimes the coffee is very weak. Whats the problem? This was a very expensive coffeepot & is only a year or so old.

  126. patty mc fadden says:

    our coffee pot, DGB-650 Series, will often not go into the pot when it is brewing & goes all over the floor.We try always to put the pot where it belongs, but it sometimes still leaks out.
    Also, sometimes the coffee is very weak. Whats the problem? This was a very expensive coffeepot & is only a year or so old.

  127. You need to use a number 10 torx

  128. If the toggle switch is not working on your DCC1200 the ‘spring’ of the copper tabs inside the switch is probably weakened. To get to the switch you only need to remove the top of the coffee maker. I took the whole thing apart starting from the bottom (with a long T10 security torx – socket wont work) but didn’t need to do that. I also took the water disfuser above the filter off but probably didn’t need to. Tools:
    small Phillips screw driver
    utility knife
    Here’s what you do:
    Remove filter assembly
    Remove carbon filter
    Dump water from reservoir if present
    With the lid open and the toggle facing you, there are two round plastic inserts between the filter assembly opening and the front of the machine. Using a sharp knife like a utility knife, gently pry these plugs out to expose the two Phillips head screws.
    Remove these screws.
    The entire top should be able to be pried off now (again, you may have to remove the water diffuser and the flat water line going to it – this can be done by lowering it as far as possible and sliding it right).
    With the top off you will see four more Phillips screws. note that they are different length and two of them have sealant.
    Use the knife to cut the bead of sealant near the front of the machine.
    Slide the control portion of the machine forward
    Unplug circuit board
    Remove three Phillips screws to remove PCB from front panel. This will expose the switch.
    Note the 4 copper tabs on the switch and gently bend them out a little.
    Assemble in reverse order – remember to seal there the sealant use to be.
    Use some of the sealant on the plastic plugs if you damaged them – perhaps seal those Phillips screws under the plugs.
    Make coffee!

    • bravo Matt! you must be from eastern bloc… so far so good!

    • That really worked! I almost gave up after the last step but realized that the switch wasn’t quite set to “brew” when I tested the on /off switch. I lined that up and now it turns on and off properly! Thank you so much!!

    • My 1200 would intermittently Brew 2-4-5 cups then shut off or make a whole pot then shut off till it just wouldn’t turn on anymore. Being an old electronics repair man I dove in. Removed the pc board (as per Matt. ). Took apart top end only ( 6 screws). After taking a close look at the board I noticed cold solder connections on back side of board. ALL jumpers (labeled J1 thru J12 had to be re-soldered . Reassembled and worked great. Poor connections will cause these kind of problems. caused by age and heat . Same goes for a TV you need to Beat on to make work. 🙂

    • Thanks, it worked just fine after the pin bending. However I must add that the removal of the top lid requires a lot of prying to avoid breakage.

      Again thanks.

  129. tigerdriver says:

    For the record, it’s a Torx-10.

    I see two diode-sized devices clamped to the heating element. I assume these are the thermal fuses you were referring to?

    Both thermal fuses show continuity.

    With the maker plugged, all functions–brew light, clock/timer, etc. Appear to be functioning normally.

    With power off, I measure 13 ohms across the heating coil in the bottom. With power ON, there is zero VAC.

    All the connecting wires disappear into the upper panel, and it look like a giant PITA to get to them.

    Doesn’t Cuisinart have a service department?


  130. Did you get your maker to work. Ours just died this morning. Red light on, you hear a click but nothing happens? Any suggestions?

  131. Coffee brewer is jammed. will not turn. checked all parts and there is nothing in machine to keep it from grinding. Is there a reset switch? It just buzzes when I turn it on.

  132. Windmillcreek says:

    Brand new DCC1200 coffeemaker. Everything seems okay except the clock light does not light up. How can this be corrected or replaced with a new bulb?

  133. Thank you so much for the Vinegar solution in “Brewing Problems.” I would get around the partial brewing of water by pressing the “1 to 4 cup” button. When this didn’t work anymore I would turn the machine OFF and then ON and also press the “1 to 4…” button. Finally this approach didn’t work either.

    So I used a mixture of approximatly 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 water. The amount that I used was only to the 8 cup level. The amount of calcium in the resevoir was quite visible but it was also the first time that the machine used up all the water/vinegar that was poured in. I was so happy! I then brewed fresh water upto the 12 cup level 3 times to get rid of remaining calcium & vinegar.

    Note: I always use filtered water when brewing coffee. Maybe this removed some of the calcium. I bought the machine a year ago and used it at least 4 times a week. I would say the machine could use the Vinegar treatment once a year. Thanks for your solution.

  134. Roseann Litzinger says:

    My DCC2400STR coffeemaker quit working. At first the on/off switch started blinking, but brewed. Not it won’t brew at all. I tried decalcifying it with vinegar. The clean function worked. I tried to decalcify it a second time and now everyhing shut off (even the clock). It is now totally dead? Help

  135. my dcc-790 fully automatic burr grind & brew the on/off switch on but not it won’t brew at all

  136. This coffee maker has a quirk with the basket where the filter goes. When you fill the reservoir with water and place a new filter in, be sure to push the basket down firmly and it should click into place. If this basket isn’t seated, the spring loaded stopper at the bottom of it will not be pushed up far enough by the top of the carraffe for the coffee to drain out the bottom during the brewing process. As a result, the water will fill the basket and overflow onto your counter and the coffee will be very weak. Hope this helps.

    • YoCoffee says:

      Hi, This seems to be the problem I’m having, thank you for your articulation. I’m still having trouble trying to get the basket to seat correctly and don’t hear a click when seated. Is the click audible and can you recommend a fix?


  137. Farmer Chin says:

    My coffee maker turns off by itself. Sometimes the coffee is made and sometimes only half made. Today I unplugged it because after it was made it sounded like the heat element was still sizzling. Didn’t want a fire! So, I unplugged it. Luckily I had a cheapie back up.
    Looks like from all these comments that I don’t want another Cuisinart. Only had it 4 years. Too bad.
    Had a Bunn that went out after a year. (The previous Bunn was 24 years..when things were made to last.)

  138. Gloria Buffaloe says:

    I have a cusiinart DCC2000 IB5528 and only used it a few times and loved it until it just stopped working and would not come anymore. why in the world would a company make such a bad product. Do they think after someone bought their expensive coffee pot they would go out and buy another lemon!!! You are right, you call then and they do nothing and will not replace the one that does not work or want to fix it.

  139. The on/off switch worked for me for about 2 days. The machine won’t brew again. I suspect something in the logic board. Lasted 8 years though…

  140. Ours quit just as the 3yr warranty expired. Seems suspicious! A call to Cuisinart rep who basically said “tough luck.” I considered another one, but since it seemed to mysteriously shut off right after brewing for the past year, I decided to get a Bunn Phase Brew. It works great and coffee is delicious! Goodbye Cuisinart!

  141. It takes a T-10 screwdriver. I know someone said a regular Torx won’t work but mine did. A bit driver won’t work because it will have too large of a diameter.
    Anyone know if a heating tube is available as a replacement. I haven’t been able to find one online so it would appear that Cuisinart is trading on their name but is selling a throwaway appliance.

  142. In my case, it was the heater tube that was leaking. It took two tries to get the leak completely stopped but what I did was unscrew the heater retaining bracket. I then lightly cleaned up the surface of the tube and then used JB Weld(Locktite makes a comparable product) to coat the surface of the tube in the area where the bracket makes contact with the tube. After putting it back together before the JB Weld set up, no more leaks.
    I think the basic design flaw is that the tube is aluminum and the bracket is steel. The dissimilar metals are a guarantee that it will corrode and leak.

  143. shashi dalal says:

    Matt: I came all the way to the sealants and two screws…Now how remove the inner basket? How to remove the water diffuser and the little stem through which water pours out..DCC–1100 does not have the four screws that you mentioned. I am trying to get to the switch and the circuit board you described …..please respond….thanks

    shashi dalal

  144. My cuisinart just stopped working yesterday! turns on and clicks but won,t brew and doesn’t get hot! It’s about a year old….any suggestions?

  145. The screws on the bottom are T10 SECURITY TORX head. It’s a variation of the standard torx screwdriver. The screw has a pin in the center that fits into the hole in the Torx driver. Look it up on Wiki.

  146. I have same problem …. my cuisinart coffee pot just quit. The brew light comes on but nothing happens. Electrical supply is not the problem …….. and suggestions?

  147. LegalPeeper says:

    My unit was not making coffee although all electronics were functional. It would sit and gurgle and make steam but no coffee. After removing the bottom plate (remove 4 screws using T10 driver) I unplugged two red rubber tunes from the frame, used an air gun to blow out coffee grinds which were obstructing the tube (lots of coffee grinds were blown out). Put back together and it worked like a charm.

  148. wiserealtor says:

    too much steam coming out of the maker that I will probably have cabinet or under cabinet lighting damage soon,

  149. I keep getting a descale indicator even after the vinegar descaling. Any suggestions?

  150. Weeding gift 1 year ago Cuisinart DCC-1000FR Programmable Filter Brew 12-cup White Coffee Maker.

    Stop, i tried the Vinegar solution, and still the Brewing Problems.

    is any warranty or solution???

  151. Cuisinart SS700 – Coffee maker
    Water amount is not accurate. About half what it should be. We use only filted water. Approx 1.5 years old. Can it be fixed?

  152. Jerry Maas says:

    The little door that has the filter for the coffee keeps popping open and thus the water and grounds go all over. How do I keep it closed? It seems the little latch will not hold it? Duck tape?

    Jerry L. Maas

    • Seahawk418 says:

      Mine is doing that too! What a mess it makes.

    • It is DUCT tape, not DUCK.

      • Actually, the tape was originally called “Duck” tape. Constructed of a rubber based adhesive atop a layer of Duck canvas, the original name of the tape derived from the cloth backing. It wasn’t until later it became known as Duct Tape.

        The more you know… 🙂

        • Actually it was originally “duct tape” made for sealing the joints in the ducts of forced air heating systems.
          Obviously quite useful for other purposes.

          The more you know…….

          • J. Bryan Villarreal says:

            Not quite. There is duck tape AND duct tape, two different things. Duct tape is metallic, used for sealing joints in ducting, as mentoined by “bob”. Duck tape is adhesive-backed cloth tape (not necessarily duck canvas. but can be) as ‘julia” noted. FYI, the latter is a transliteration & has nothing to do with a Duck or water rolling off the tape as from the back of said animal. It’s from Dutch doek, closely pronounced “duck”, meaning “linen”. I.e., cloth tape. The original use of duck tape was sealing ammunition boxes for the military, where the nickname duck tape is not used much, giving way to 100 mile-an-hour or 1000 mile-an-hour tape. It’ll continue to morph.

          • Actually… You’re all wrong. “Duck” is a brand of “Duct” tape. A quick google search will show you or go to this link:

          • Well , maybe not ALL wrong after re-reading the posts. Sorry about that. It’s a common thing though. I don’t know about everywhere but everyone I know calls adjustable pliers “channel locks”. Channel Lock may have been the first to make them. Locking pliers are Vice Grips even if they are made in China and have no name on them. Adjustable wrenches are called “Cresent” wrenches but are made by everyone. Needle nose pliers are, well, needle nose pliers.

    • 2015 and still having this problem! I’ve had duct (Duck whatever) tape holding it shut, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. I was thinking one of those latches they use on airplanes to keep the galley doors shut would be great, but where do you find one that will stick on and not have to be drilled in? Checking into child safety latches now and will re-post if I find one that works.

  153. Manuela Carter says:

    My Cuisinart coffee maker stopped brewing and I do not know why. Usually if decalcification is required the ‘clean’ light comes on but this time it didn’t happened. Since it does not brew, I have poured a solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water to see if help. Do you think this will help and if so for how long should this misture be on the tank before I dump it out?

  154. My Cuisinart stopped brewing before it should have. I used vinegar to clean it out, and it worked properly today. I dumped the vinegar right after it finished brewing. You will want to run a couple cycles of fresh water to get rid of the vinegar taste before you make an actual pot of coffee.

  155. Seahawk418 says:

    My grind & brew coffee pot leaks coffee all over the counter and none gets into the pot. I’ve made certain that the pot is fully in place, everything is lined up and in place. I once threw the pot and the ring around the top of the pot is cracked. How do I troubleshoot and repair my coffee pot.?

    • Similar problem here. The culprit seems to be a sticky valve in the top that doesn’t allow the cofee to flow into the pot. I would love to hear of a good solution since our new machine’s pot keeps the coffee much hotter, but now doesn’t put it in the pot . . . .

      • I have the same problem. How do you get to a Cuisinart technical person to discuss this. One lousy little valve and whole machine is worthless. Unless I can find technical call line I am not using Cuisinart and switching to Keurig. They at least have a technical contact line.

        • Try taking the carafe lid apart (two pieces) and running them through the dish washer. When washing by hand, always actuate the spring valve in the lid several times, and after running water through the holes in the top of lid, shake it several times until you hear a rattling sound which indicates that the ball valve is moving freely. Following these steps has cured my two machines of the overflow problem during brewing.

          • How do you take the lid apart? i cant quite see how to do it and dont want to break it!


        • Richard says:

          I talked to a tech person at Cuisinart and he recommended the “simple” fix which was filling the reservoir with half white vinegar and half water. No good. I explained that the power light and the brew light came on but the heating element never turned on. Solution? Buy a new coffee maker which I did. But, stubborn me kept the old coffee maker and I decided to check out all the possible solutions I could find online (often helpful). Someone mentioned a thermistor which acts like a fuse. I got the website showing the thermistor and part number. So, here’s where I’m at now. I have no idea where the thermistor is located after removing the bottom plate. I took out the heating element and both water tubes. I checked the tubes for calcium build-up and found no blockage but cleaned them out anyway. So, where is the thermistor and or fuse? There is no wiring diagram or schematic for this unit, DCC 1200. Why can’t I simply replace the heating element? I can but I have to order a minimum of 50!! Yes, they come from China. So, SOME people are getting these units and are able to refurbish this coffee maker for a small investment and then turn around and sell them online for about a 300% markup but still about $20 cheaper than buying a new one. Grrr!
          Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m mad. Linger on, Pale Blue Eyes.

          • If you find out where the thernistor goes please let me know , ours did the same thing ( Forget what happened to the first one ) Thanks Joe

      • We had a similar problem-i thoroughly cleaned the inside of the lid that the water has to flow through with a q-tip and that seemed to do the trick.

    • I have the same issue, coffee everywhere this morning and it has been doing this off and on for the past few weeks. I have the lid soaking in a solution of vinegar. I cannot get the lid apart to thoroughly clean it. I actually hate this coffee maker for our office. Will never buy another one

  156. Jim Lewis says:

    My cuisinart 1200 coffee maker will not switch on. There is power to the clock, but the little toggle switch will not switch the coffee maker on. I am suspecting that the switch has failed. I can’t get to the inside of the machine due to the excellent quality of construction and I have been unable to find a repair manual on line. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • gtenbarg says:

      When the machine is plugged in the “Grind off” light comes on, but no other buttons work. Nothing happens when I press the “On” button, “Program” button, or any of the others. I was cleaning the pot and may have gotten water in the electronics. Is it headed to coffee pot heaven?

  157. Mine is a cuisinart coffee maker /hot water heater. I have had it less than 3 mo. At first it worked fine. Now
    It will not heat water if the coffee maker is on. I have checked plugs, cords , outlets. Not at all happy.
    Help, He drinks coffee I drink tea.

  158. the cuisinart automatic burr grind and brew cofee that i am using no longer grinds the coffee. only the water comes out but no cofee. please tell me how to fix it. thanks.

  159. Joe Gilloway says:

    Cuisinart 10-cup auto grind seems fine in every aspect, except that after the beans are grinded the water does not transfer into the carafe. All notification lights work fine, and no problem but this one exists. Thanks!

  160. I have a uisinart Mod 4000PC Yhat just quit working ..The only thin that works is the clock

  161. William Caisse says:

    Grind and Brew appears to loose power. No clock, no buttons light up. Repositioning the pot, cords, doors, etc doesn’t work. It’s as if it needs to cool down then tge clock comes on and a press on the brew button attempts to finish its cycle. Sometimes taking 5 times to brew one pot. I have cleaned with vinegar and water as recommended. Taking it apart without knowing what to look for seems futile. Help???

  162. We have an old Cuisinart DGB-300. It’s about eight years old and it’s a wedding gift so I don’t want to get rid of it. It just started to leak water all over the counter. It’s coming from the bottom and leaks at a pretty quick rate. I have, over the years, done the self-clean. Is it just time or any possible fix?

    • It sounds like a similar problem I had with my DCC1100C coffee maker. In my model, there is a section of rubber tubing near the base of the unit that connects the water reservoir to the heating element before the heated water goes up to empty into the pot. The rubber tubing developed a crack, causing the leak. Cuisinart wasn’t any help in getting a replacement. You might have luck getting a part from another unit someone else disposed of (try craigslist) or a small appliance repair center.

  163. My Cuisinat Coffee Maker the shower head is not opening to allow the water to come through help it stay shut

  164. My Cuisinart just stopped working this morning. Not good :p The clock works, all the lights on the front work except the “Self Clean”. I turn it to “Brew” and nothing happens. It’s not that old of a coffee maker either. Maybe 2 – 3 years old.

    Toss it??

  165. Tara Pridy says:

    My grinder never worked. I returned it three times. So I have used it without. Now the clock won’t stop flying through the minute numbers on its own. So I cannot press Grind Off and then Power.

  166. The delayed brew on mine does not come on as programmed. Before you ask ;yes the clock is set correctly and the little green light comes on as if its “good to go”.
    Any thoughts?


  167. We have the leaky problem also – water all over the counter. Too bad such an expensive machine has no replacement parts or customer service.

    • Kate,did you ever have any luck finding replacement parts? My cusinart DGB 700 BC is also leaking water on the counter. I removed the bottom plate and noticed the hose is torn. Any luck finding original hoses?

  168. My heat pad won’t stopped working and the water will not pump through. The lights come on and the clock. Where is the thermostat (fuse) located!!!

  169. Got a coffee maker that we love. Now it will not make coffee in the morning. The auto on cycles and you can see the light that says it is working, but nothing. When I twist the program button to brew, then it brews. Waste of 10-15 minutes at least. Any ideas? I really hate to take the darn thing apart. It’s a DCC-3000. The light that comes on when it dispenses is out too, but doesn’t stop it from working in manual mode.

    • I have the same problem with my machine. The auto on no longer works. Yes, the clock is correct and I have tried reprogramming the machine. It still brews coffee but, I no longer wake to the smell of coffee. I have been in contact with Cuisinart and spoken to a call centre technician who told me that I should ship the machine back and the company would fix it. I’m not going to bother because it is a large heavy machine & I didn’t keep the packing materials. Shipping it back would be a major problem so, I am either going to live with the problem and never buy another Cuisinart product (this machine is less than 6 months old) or, I’ll find a local fix it shop and give them my business.

  170. How long do I keep the vinegar solution in the coffee machine??

  171. I put the vinegar solution is just the working!!

  172. Wonder how this company stays in business. All these comments with no reply from the company seem like bad business practice. I had my Bunn for fourteen years with daily uses. I’ve only my Cuisinart for a year. Thought I was purchasing a quality product. Boy was I wrong.

  173. Out of the blue, the machine started beeping, as if to announce fresh coffee. (Hours after the last pot had been made.) None of the buttons would do anything, so we unplugged it. A while later, we plugged it back in and still, no buttons work at all. Just a constant flashing light on the on/off switch and the clock flashing 2:00. Every once in a while, it will suddenly grind and sputter. HELP!

  174. Joel Clark says:

    I tried the vinegar trick, but it also just sits in the container and wont drain out. How do i get the vinegar to cycle through the machine?

  175. I have a one year old Cuisinart SS700. It has started passing grounds into the coffee cup. We use the brew basket. It appears the lid isn’t closing tightly. Can this be fixed?

  176. My auto shut off on my CHW-12 doesn’t seem to work any more. The timer works and it brews a full pot, but I set it to stay warm for 4 hours and it doesn’t. Any suggestions?

  177. My DCC-2000 was dead, no lights, no brewing, nothing. I did the “unplug for one hour reset attempt”, but still no luck. Then I removed all the baskets and the coffee reservoir and rotated the unit upside down in every angle imaginable, and I noticed that there were little drips of water showing up around the perimeter of the “heater pad” at the bottom. So I used a hair dryer to thoroughly dry out the bottom interior around the heater pad, constantly turning the unit to get more drips of water to spill out and dry. After I reassembled everything, it worked! It’s possible that I was a little sloppy when I initially filled the unit, and water spilled into the adjacent compartment. Regardless, something was wet, and drying it out solved the problem.

  178. Orange Daddy says:

    How do you get to the tube to clean it out.. Mine might make 1 cup of coffee I put in 10 cups.
    I need a You Tube on how to get to the tube and how to clean it out
    email me if you know Tennessee

  179. what is being called a fuse is a microtemp r, that’s what I read looking at it with a magnifier. I suppose it stops heat from going back up the line and causing wire damage. There are 2 of them, they look like torpedo’s and are on the end of the wires that connect to the heating element, very easy to over look and miss. the red light lit when I turned the switch on but no heat or brew on my DCC-1200. I clipped off the two torpedo looking fuses and soldered the wires to the heating element, and my DCC-1200 works. I’m now going to find new tiny little torpedo looking heat fuse’s before using coffee maker. I read on here they can be found at Radio Shack, called a therm 0 fuse. I’ve used my DCC-1200 5 years, and happy I took it apart. Happy coffee to you….

  180. Several people have described a distinctive malfunction of their Cuisinart grind & brew coffee makers on various discussion forums and on You Tube. The malfunction rears its head in one of a couple ways. 1) Part way through the brewing cycle, the machine beeps and tries to reset the basket cover by rotating it into position or 2) the machine never properly starts the brewing process because it never senses the basket cover to be in the correct position. I finally figured out that the switch that senses the position of the basket cover is worn and needs adjustment to properly sense the cam feature in the basket cover.

    Rather than try to take the machine apart to try adjusting things, I determined that a 1/32″ shim taped to the basket cage support shelf* was sufficient for my machine to properly (and reliably) sense the position of the basket cover. When it rotates to the proper position (usually right after you hear the ground bean chute slam shut), the cam activates the switch and must keep the switch depressed during the brew cycle. (* The basket cage support shelf is easy to find. Open the basket assembly and remove the basket. Use a small flashlight and look at the back wall about 8 inches above the warming plate. You’ll see a ramped protrusion that is intended to support the back of the grounds basket.)

    I just found another solution posted on You Tube by Paul C Harris: Fixing a Cuisinart PG22740 with the penny trick. It may work for you too and it sure is simple.

    Just be careful you don’t bog down the motor by using a shim that’s too thick and you should be good to go!

  181. How do I stop the beeping when the coffee is ready? Any way to turn it off??

  182. My Cuisinart DCC-1200 stopped brewing. The lights come on but nothing happens. When it was working I could hear a distinctive click after turning the machine on. Now there is no click. The problem turned out to be the control relay on the control PCB. The part is made by Tyco Electronics P/N PCD-124D2M. The part is no longer being made. I’m hoping to find a replacement. The part is soldered on to the control PCB so this repair should only be made by an experienced technician.

  183. Our DCC-1200 started leaking all over the counter this week. No change in use or amount either. We brew one full pot daily. About 1/3 or 1/2 of the pot brewed now ends up on teh counter before we realize what has happened. The carafe is not broken. What is happening? It almost seems like it’s coming from the bottom of the machine and not the brew chamber but I can’t figure it out. I’ve not have coffee this morning (arghh) due to all my attempts to run only water through the machine to determine the problem. Help! (did I mention I have 3 children underfoot in this no-coffee daze too??)

    • Kate,

      Sorry it took me so long to spot your post. Yours is the exact symptom that will be fixed by the method I described in my September 2013 post. To save time, search the blog for “shim.” A few layers of tape is all it takes to fix this problem.

      I’ve noticed that this useful blog has succumbed to evil spammers (or spoofers, or posers?) –basically any poster with a hyperlink in their name is here to promote an unrelated enterprise. Moderators anyone???

  184. How does Cuisinart stay in business with all the problems of the coffee makers just quitting? Both myself and my son had the same model DCC-1200 and both just up and quit. Worked one day and then just quit on the next attempt to make coffee.

  185. I have a Cuisinart DC-2400 model that has worked great for years. Recently I had to clean it with a descaler for the first time after a warning light appeared. Fine.
    The problem is the coffee maker ‘seems’ to make a full pot, but now takes longer to brew, creates a ton of excess steam out of the top rear vent hole and out through the crack of the cover. It makes a real mess and runs the risk of steam damage to the cupboards, walls, and skin burns to unsuspecting people (reaching for dishes above the coffee maker in the cupboard). If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated, thank you.

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    Hi, I have a Cuisinart coffeemaker ( Brew Central Thermal DCC-2400STR) and it has worked well, with a few bumps, for years. I clean it regularly with descaler but during a rather fervent cleaning session I noticed that the lid keeps a rather disgusting amount of brown gunk. I have soaked the lid in descaler, vinegar and other options but ultimately when I rinse it and shake out any remaining water the gunk is still there. So I thought I would try and take the lid apart but it doesn’t look very cooperative. I was wondering if anyone had done this and if there’s a trick? Or at least things not to do.
    I know I can buy a replacement but I thought I’d rather not add one more thing to the landfill simple because it’s dirty. Thanks and I appreciate your time!

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    Any hacking suggestions for my Cuisinart Grind & Brew DGB600? I want it to continuously keep the heating element on below the thermal carafe. Current manual method is to hit the Grind Off button, then the On/Off button, which turns on the heating element for one minute, followed by 5 beeps prompting me to do it again. There must be a better way to keep the carafe warm!

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  197. My Cuisinart coffee maker stopped working, first the power would turn off mid-brew or just after brew, then it wouldn’t power up at all. There is a little nut around the on/off switch. I unplugged the brewer then unscrewed this nut. When I unscrewed the nut I noticed it wasn’t as tight as I would have expected. I jiggled the switch around for a few seconds then screwed the nut back on around the switch, but I tightened the nut more securely than it had been during malfunction, and it started working again. I just did this so don’t know how long it will last but so far so good.

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  277. I have a Cuisinart SS-700 that has some valve problems. The pumps into the heating tank ok, but then on to pumping hot water to brew a cup. You have to let it pump about 30 seconds then raise the resevoir tank an drop it down hard to get the brewing started. This machine gets descaled about 3 times per year, and I use filtered water, which has a low TDS count. I need some assistance or better yet a dissemble and reoair manual, + where to buy replacement parts. I very much like Cuisinart Products, but I want to do my own repairs. Please some one help me here!…………..Eric

  278. I have a Cuisinart Brewmaster that’s working intermittently. Sometimes when I throw the toggle switch up the red light comes on, sometimes not. Today the light would not come on – so – I “tricked” the machine into doing an auto brew (set clock and programmed for a minute later) and it worked fine.
    Can anyone suggest a solution?

  279. My Cuisinart coffee maker was stopped up. I used the vinegar/water solution to unstop it and I began brewing Java again. It is working now but once it brews the coffee, the gfci outlet it is connected to breaks the circuit. Anyone have an idea as to what could be causing this. Appreciate any help on this.

  280. Jeremy Welker says:

    I’ve read a bunch of these posts, and I’ve did as you suggested on checking the thermal fuses on the plate. I’m assuming the fuses are the tubes at the end of the white shielded wire, soldered onto the plate bar. I have continuity from one end to the other, so I feel that would not be the problem in this case.
    I have finally gotten the power board out, and I see fried parts. Any idea where I could buy that board?
    Thank you for your help, JavaJenius !!

  281. Jill Hoffman says:

    I have a Cuisinart Grind & Brew DGB-300. I made coffee this morning and need to clean the parts. The grinder/filter basket will not come out. It is stuck. The representative I spoke with at Cuisinart told me to pull really hard and it will come out. I don’t want to break it. Is there a trick to getting it unstuck? I’ve had it over a year and this hasn’t happened before. Thanks.

  282. Hi our machine just stopped working. I haven’t played around much yet. My wife said she smelled electrical and then it stopped. It does grind and have power. It does not brew and the heating element does not get hot. I’m guess that’s the root of the problem. Any suggestions? It sounds like removing the bottom is the place to start. Thx

  283. I’m having trouble with the speed of the brew. It will brew very slowly and after 1 or 2 cups, the machine will beep as if it’s complete when its actually only brewing a cup or two. It takes about 25-30 mins to brew 12 cups. Any thoughts?

  284. I have taken the backflo valve out of the cold water line in my Cuisinart DCC1200C. Besides the little ball I had a little piece of black plastic rod about 3/32nds round and about 3/16ths long sitting beside the ball. Nowhere in the above posts have I seen anyone mention this little black piece. Thinking this was in there by mistake right from the factory, I put it back together minus this little piece and low and behold my coffee is perking fine.. Hope this helps someone else. Going to go enjoy my coffee now..

    • Shirley says:

      Same black rubbery piece in our backflo valve only it was in pieces. It was obvious that it was keeping the valve from operating correctly. Our thoughts were that it may have been a gasket that became brittle from long use and heat. Like you, we reassembled the valve and tubing and it is working fine.

  285. G. Lesmor says:

    this Cuisinart DCC1200 coffee maker is not designed to last over 3 years!!! DONT BUY IT!!!

  286. H Edwards says:

    My Cuisinart DOC 4000 would immediately shut off the U shaped water heater immediately after turn on. I didn’t get to remove the heater coil fuses from the circuit and the programmable board is dead. So, I soldered a jumper across the switch on the circuit board and I’m just unplugging it after the coffee brews. When the new and improved model arrives from Cuisina, I’ll try to find the components needed to repair the circuit board for fun.

    • H Edwards says:

      Forgot to say, f you have a working circuit board but your coffeemaker is toast, I’d like it if it was operating when your coffeemaker went kaput.

  287. Coffee from DCC-1200 seems to be weak. Coffee temp is 172 degrees. Is this normal? I thought ideal brewing temp was between 195 and 205. I tried the water/vinegar flush several times but results are the same – weak coffee.

    • It probably isn’t normal at all. I would imagine the ideal brewing temp to be between 185 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You might be experiencing a heating element failure. Seems like it may be getting weak or has always been weak. How old is the machine?

  288. Have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew. Although I have the auto turn-off set for (4) hours it is shutting off usually within an hour. Does anyone know if there’s a repair that I can do to fix it? Thanks

  289. I’ve got a Cuisinart DGC-625 Grind & Brew coffee maker, and the grinder has suddenly stopped working. Everything else works (e.g., the power, the heating element, etc), and the grinder basket is positioned correctly, etc. But it won’t grind. Any suggestions on how I could fix it myself, or where I could take it to get it fixed (Cuisinart help-line said it’s just outside the three-year warranty)?

  290. This website certainly has all the information I
    needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  291. My Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-700 has ceased to heat water. It doesn’t even pump water through the coffee filter. It does grind the coffee but then nothing happens. Any thoughts?

  292. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to
    other visitors that they will assist, so here it occurs.

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  294. Very helpful notes. Woke up this morning to all lights on coffeemaker on…but brew switch would not work. Unplugged it, waited, plugged back in and nothing, no lights, no clock, nothing. Called the 1-800 customer service number, had model and serial numbers ready and as others have said, they’re shipping a replacement for $10. I don’t have a purchase receipt, but serial number was enough for them to know the 3 year warranty was still good (for another 3 mos)! Thanks to all! If it weren’t still in warranty, I would have tried repairs as described by others.

  295. mikeinmiddleearth says:

    re DCC 1200: if unit gurgles but doesn’t percolate, after clearing out the obvious orifices, one needs a torx10 driver $4 at hardware store to remove base, remove short cold water plastic tube which holds the one way valve. shake tube into sink to get coffee grounds out. reassemble.

  296. hi i dont know if anyone can help me i bought this cuisinart em 200 u and i just notice that on the back i had a leak and my partner open it and we realize that the valve on that plastic pipe was broken the screw bit it snap. If anyone can help it will be much appreciated.

  297. Gemini345 says:

    I have a DCC-1200 and it appears the on/off switch is not working. Is there a fix for this.

  298. It’s awesome in favor of me to have a site, which is useful for my know-how.
    thanks admin

  299. Thanks all for your comments.. read a couple of different sites and was about to go out and buy a screw driver T10.. until I found this site.. Love the shower trick.. but I have to ask.. really? why not just use the hand sprayer at your sink and shake the machine?? and repeat as mentioned, a few times. I tried the self clean button.. put in a full pot of cold water first, put on the self clean button & toggle on, and it started slowly only filling the pot about 3″ at the bottom.. poured it out, shut it off, waited a minute, turned it back on self clean/ toggle on, it repeated w/ just about 4″ of water. Then shook it up. dumped out the water, refilled the pot w/ 50/50 white vinegar/ water… self clean button/ toggle on…and waited.. in all cases, it took a few miniutes before it even started up. and after it brewed just the few ” of water, i let it sit.. and it started up again. I ended w/ two full runs of clear water, as it was then fully processing the full pots. Voila..done. no shower ( though i probably need one after this) %-)

  300. Followed the tip here to repair our cuisinart coffee maker (it was taking forever to brew a pot) and found that as suggested above, yes it was a clog in the water feed input line.

    I disassembled it and cleared the clog with a bent piece of wire (make sure to bend the end into a loop so you don’t poke a hole through the hose by accident (LFMF 🙂

    The screws are indeed Tamper Proof Torx T-10 size (often called TR-10 or TT-10 for Tamper Resistant or Tamper Torx). However the recess of the screw hole is too deep and narrow for a standard 1/4 inch hex shank driver bit to reach so the old set of security bits you have may not work — to do it right you may need a longer bit or one with a reduced shank.

    However all is not lost. Apparently the screws are not of high quality, and on all 4 of mine, the center pin that provides the tamper resistance which is supposed to be taller then or equal in height to the rest of the screw was not (to prevent a normal torx driver from fitting) . I was able to use a high quality standard torx bit (sharper edges on the end of the driver and not rounded ones). You might get lucky.

  301. I have a Cuisinart coffee pot model DCC-1200. It has been working fine. This morning there is no sign of life to it. The clock window is blank and nothing happens when I flip the switch to brew. I verified that there is electricity going to the unit.

    Any ideas of what to check? I don’t see a reset button.

  302. Benny Deshotel says:

    My cuisinart CBC-00 coffee maker brews but does not coffee warm after.
    Brewing is complete

  303. Where can I buy the water tubes for my DCC1200 coffee maker?
    Thank you

  304. first off,my old perculator [gramma’s] works great. having prob. with my cuisinart not brewing the whole pot. will use a lot of the info here will get back to y’all. when it comes to bypassing fuse’s NO. did get old coffee pieces out of maker from shaking, power stayed on but only half brew. thanks

  305. I have the 12 cup on demand dcc 2000 coffee maker. In the brew pot on the side there is a big gap or like a false wall where the thingymajig lever is on the outside. I think the lever has to do w/ measuring the amt. of coffee in the pot. So on the bottom of the pot there is a space where i can get a special brush bent at a 90 degree angle to get up into the space. But it doesnt reach all the way up and there is still black debris coming out. How do you get that clean.

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  307. How to get and replace the heating element on a model 1200

  308. Why does my coffee maker make the first cup just warm and the next ones hot?

  309. Gordon Cherepak says:

    Cuisinart clean out procedure after grinds infiltrate the system
    (1) Using a T10 torque screw driver remove four (4) screws.
    (2) with Needle nose piers grasp the tubes one at a time and remove Clips will have to be squeezed and lifted up
    (3) The best technique is to use a compressor.
    (4) Blow out the line around the heating element should be right side looking at it upside down
    (5) Blow out the two(2) plastic openings.
    If your are lucky they should be clean.
    (6) do a test run water only 4 cups and ensure it has been cleaned out
    (7) Replace base with the 4 torque screws

  310. Bobby Myles says:

    grind & brew top basket lid opens during grind and shuts off machine. Looks like the small catch is worn and the lid has a slight warp. Anyone know a fix?

  311. My cuisinart DCC1200 it won’t turn on, i did open the base but can go any further, please i have no idea what to remove or replace,or what to do at all

  312. Cuisinart Brew Central Coffeemaker DCC-1200 Series
    Steaming, gurgling, and slow coffee production

    My Cuisinart DCC-1200 started to slow its brew time, gurgled non-stop, and steamed up my kitchen. Visiting numerous self-help repair sites, I read about vinegar treatments, CLR flushes, and flushing the water chamber to clear any stray coffee grounds.

    First I started with the easy process of flushing out the water chamber. No luck. Then I moved on to performing a couple of vinegar “self-cleaning” runs, the gurgling continued. I then graduated to a 50% strength CLR flush, the gurgling and steaming continued without change. Nothing worked.

    It was time for surgery. One post that I read suggested opening the bottom base plate and snooping around. Here’s what I learned that worked.

    1. Open the bottom base-plate on the DCC-1200 unit using a T10 Torx precision screwdriver (less than $5 at your local hardware store). You will need to loosen four (4) screws – two built into the feet and two found on the opposite ends of the base plate.

    2. Check to see if the electronic wires are clean and intact. Mine were. No electronic issues for me.

    3. Locate the two dark-orange colored flexible water tubes. One tube pulls water from the water chamber (reservoir) routing it to the heating element. The other routes hot water from the heating element and circulates it to a pipe that connects to the shower unit above the coffee basket.

    4. Feel along each of the two dark-orange water tubes. One may contain a hard section where an in-line plastic filter unit is located. Remove this tube by loosening each end. Note that the end connected to the heating element may be a bit more difficult to remove as it may be melted onto the metal section it covers. A little tugging will release it. Don’t rip it, be gentle and it will eventually release.

    5. Push the in-line plastic filter unit out of the tube and inspect it. Mine was roughly ½ inch long, made of white plastic, contained a small round ball much like a small ball bearing), and several pieces of large coffee grounds. I removed the coffee grounds and made sure that the small ball was re-inserted into the center of the filter unit.

    6. Push the plastic filter back into the dark-orange flexible tube and reattach it to the two connections on the coffee maker. Reset the bottom plate in place and line up the four screws. Tighten the screws with the Torx T10 – the screws strip easily so don’t overdo it.

    7. Flip over the unit and make your coffee. My result was that the unit returned to normal coffee production – no gurgling, no excessive steaming, and its normal production time. The brewed coffee tasted better as well – probably due to the earlier vinegar and CLR flushes.

    8. Happy coffee break to you!

  313. Brewed coffee in my less than 2 year old Cuisinart 1100. Noticed the brew light was off, and the display where the time normally is reads “ErH”. Any idea what this means? Thanks.

  314. SHARON HARVEY says:

    Ok, People…. the shower technique sounded like a SAVE… except, THAT isn’t our problem. Our DGB-300 grinder/coffee maker won’t turn on. After I cleaned the inner containers, pressed the lid down… as soon as I pressed the ON button… immediately it sounds a steady beep=beep=beep as the red light blinked… continuously until I pulled the power plug. This appliance is our “friend” (but we don’t charge it rent)… now for many years and want to try hard TO REJUVENATE HER!

    • I just had the exact same thing happen. I have messed with it all day. Everything looks perfect but as soon as I press the ON button it begins to beep=beep=beep until it is unplugged. This is my 3rd one of these machines and it has its issues, but as you learn how to clean and dry and then fit the pieces in exactly it usually works great again. Let me know if you ever found a fix. Thanks!

  315. Al Woodhull says:

    I have a DBG600BC that has worked faithfully for many years, but very recently it is not grinding properly – the coffee is not ground finely enough and some of the coarsely ground coffee remains in the grinder rather than being blown into the filter bowl. Occasionally a large portion of a whole bean remains behind. I have found replacement grinders available online for a little over $20, but what I don’t know for sure is that replacing the grinder will solve the problem – I wonder if there could be a problem with the motor or the bearing for the shaft that the grinders fits onto, and if there is a way I can test to be sure a new grinder will work correctly.

  316. I figured out my problem just don’t know how to fix it. So I put the grinder in, close the lid and 3-4 times in a brew cycle it beeps over and over. So ive discovered that the toggle thing next to the grinder keeps tripping the coffee maker into thinking the grinder isn’t in there. Even though it is and the lid is on. I literally leave the lid open and push in the plug or push hard on top of the lid and it’ll brew a full cycle. I can’t find answers online. How do I get it to brew a full cycle without standing there pushing on it or having to place something on top.

  317. My DCC-1200 will brew but the water sits in the brew basket and does not make it into the coffee pot. What could be causing this problem?

  318. Cariane says:

    Can anyone help me? I have a DGB 900 and it is making a clicking noise like it’s going to start and then won’t..will just start beeping. I’ve cleaned out the grinder from the top, wiped off the underside, made sure the basket is in properly, even tried bypass using the grinder and using the grounds but still nothing. I need this in 3 days for a party :/

  319. I have a DGB-650 grind/ coffee maker. When I fill the cup resivoir water comes out the back and onto the counter. There is a hole in the case there where the water is coming out but it never did this before.. Did a plug or something fall out? It still brews coffee but only about 8 cups after filling it up to 10 cups. So 2 cups leaks out the back on the counter. How do I fix this? Send me a plug-literally.

    • We have the Cuisinart® Grind & Brew Thermal™ 10-Cup – Model DGB-650BC. Same problem except after filling to 10 cups, 8 cups of water had leaked all over the counter top. There were 2 cups of coffee in the pot. Did you ever find what was causing the problem?

  320. I saw a report of someone using MilkShed tubing to replace the split orange hoses, but living in the big city ,I could find it locally. So I have had fix mine 3 times now and I am now using 1/2″ Pex Plumbing Pipe , a 90° coupling , and black crimps to replace the split orange rubber pipes no longer being longer enough. They fail where they are attached to the element , due to the heat , it get brittle and splits. You need to retain enough rubber ( 1 1/2″) on each end to reattach to the built-in plastic fittings ( slip-on/off) and back to the element.


    Also a switch fix

  321. Gordon P Patnude says:

    We only make 1/2 pot each day unless we have guests. Generally, we run the vinegar thing every 3 months or so, but this week it has been stopping when only part way done with the brewing. Turning it off and on again and it brews a little more, but it’s frustrating. Did the vinegar thing again today and we will see tomorrow if that helped.

    Any other suggestions welcome!!

  322. Edwin Mann says:

    I have read a bunch of these remedies but not one for my problem. I have a model CDC-00 12 cup quisenart coffee maker. This one does not have a cleaning button. It also has a rotary on/off switch. When you turn the unit on the led display comes up with 12:00. You can set the time and program (most of the time). After setting if you turn one of the dials the led goes to 18:88. Then it will not let you set the time or program. If you unplug the unit it will let you set time and program but sometimes it will not. I have taken the circuit board out and removed the rotary switches and cleaned the contacts, also the on/off switch. Do not know what to do. I have looked for internal parts but have not found. If anyone has had this problems would you email me. We love the coffee pot but are on the verge of trashing it.

  323. Dumpling NP says:

    I was cleaning my coffee maker and now it overflows, even when just brewing water. The top of the carafe is not clogged. What else could it be?

  324. I have Brew Central Programable Coffeemaker, Model: DCC-1200BW that we may have gotten in April/May 2012 based on filters I bought for it in May 2012 from Amazon. Has worked great and ous has outlived our neighbors who have gone through at least 3 different coffee makers (not all Cuisinart brands) during this same time frame. Went to set the Programable part for fresh coffee in the morning before heading off to work. Light wouldn’t come on. Tried reprogramming the time, still wouldn’t come on. Brews just fine and that light comes on when you put it on Brew. Tried unplugging it last night for overnight and then plugged it back in this mornin. Set the current time, set brew time to about two minutes later and put it in Auto On and flipped the toggle switch to on – no light. Waited till past when I had set it to start and it did not come on automatically. Is there a fix for this or am I better off replacing with a new model?

  325. George Ziegler says:

    Dear Cole,

    Just want you to know that your guidance allowed me to save my DCC-1200 in Cobalt blue which is no longer made.

    My symptoms were lots of steam coming out the top, but no water flow. It sounded like an obstruction to me so my internet search brought you to my attention. My local hardware store had a Torx #10 for $6,50 and once I had the bottom cover off, I was able to remove the rubber hoses from their plastic water line connections and blow some compressed air through them as well as use a bristle brush meant for an aluminum turkey baster to root out any obstructions. There didn’t appear to be any so I blew compressed air from a can into the output of the heating element. That dislodged whatever was there and just from the sound of the coffee maker I knew I had fixed it. Made my whole day!!

    I couldn’t see what I had dislodged but it works. I did try filling it with water and shaking it in the shower a few times, but that didn’t help.

    After it cleared, I ran cleaning vinegar, 7% acidity versus 5% (big deal), and the normal brewing sounds along with the flowing water made me feel at once confident and masculine.

    Now I have fresh coffee and a new tool! I also found that spilling grounds in the water tank is a recipe for disaster because they can coagulate into coffee grime.

    Thanks so much for your help.


  326. Memoree Cushing says:

    I took into tub to fill and tapped multiple times upside down and on the sides, using care to not immerse the pot in water. The filter in mine was plugged, which then plugs all the way down the line (be sure and routinely replace filter). 1″ coffee ground chunks left my coffee maker during the tub tapping experience. Mine is still only filling to 6 cups so there is obviously more debris in there…back to the tub tapping.

    Customer service at Cuisinart was totally not helpful, not telling me until the second call that the vinegar water must sit in the pot for one hour before running it through. They also failed to mention changing the coffee filter found on the long black stick on the left side of the machine.

  327. After reading this blog I decided to take my DGB-700BC apart. Symptoms were that the coffee maker would turn off halfway through the brew cycle. Would have to power cycle and restart the brew cycle several times to finish a pot. i removed the bottom panel by removing the T10 torx security screws. I then removed the input and output hoses from the heating element. The input side was clean. The output side had a ton of hard water buildup. The heating element was almost completely closed off with calcium buildup. So much so that I had to use a drill the remove some of the buildup. I removed the heating element/tube assembly and I am soaking it in a pan of vinegar. Once all that buildup is cleaned out I am sure the brew cycle will improve.

  328. Gimme my coffee says:

    I have the Cuisinart coffee maker with the auto grinder and I absolutely love it, except the grinder gets filled with steam and I have to thoroughly clean and dry it out after every use. Any ideas on how to stop this?


  330. I haven’t used the water system regularly and now the heated water has a bad taste, I have tried cleaning it with vinegar but there has been no change. What can I do?

  331. We’ve had a Cuisinart DCC-3000 for a little over a year now and no problems until last night. The little cold water reservoir valve stopper stem is stuck open and will only move a small amount. No amount of pushing it back and forth will reset it and I don’t want to put too much force on it pushing it down (from inside the reservoir) for fear of breaking it. Doesn’t appear to have calcification blocking it. Anyone have any thoughts as to how to fix this or do I need to get an entire new reservoir as one unit?

  332. Oakland Momcat says:

    Recently the I have been getting a weaker brew. I think the water is going through too fast. Can this be fixed?

  333. Dale needs coffe says:

    Mine wasn’t brewing just kicking out steam. Do yourself a favor, like the poster suggests fill it up with water and shake it. Do that a few times. It works.
    Thanks you saved me money.

  334. Doug Connor says:

    I have a cuisinart coffee maker, Type Q15, that has abruptly stopped working! (As in, it worked one day but not the next morning!) The panel lights still come on and when I push start, the grinder also runs. But the water is no longer being boiled and passed through the basket. Is this a repairable fault?

  335. I’ve got a DCC-1200 that I’ve had for years that just stopped working the other day. It had power and the clock was on, and if I hit the “1-4 cup” button, that light went on, but no lights or heat when it was set to either brew or program on and I flicked the switch. I called the customer service line, they suggested unplugging it for 24 hours to reset whatever, as well as a vinegar/water solution. I tried all that, as well as changing the filter, and I’ll try filling the reservoir and shaking it out to unclog whatever when I get home.

    If that doesn’t work, any other suggestions? I literally just bought a replacement carafe, and I hate disposing of appliances, so I’m not very eager to buy a new coffee maker.

  336. Our is leaking water from the bottom, it is just a couple months old.

  337. My cuisinart coffee maker is leaking water. Can it be repaired?

  338. Helena Wasilewski says:

    LOTS of info here but do not see my issue ~ DCC-1150 with the stainless steel carafe. The water brews just fine, all of it BUT then, the coffee maker turns itself off! So, this means, that the hotplate that the carafe sits on to keep the coffee hot, also turns off. Any suggestions on what the heck is going on with mine? Much appreciated and thanks in advance.

  339. Maureen says:

    My Cuisinart DBG-700 Series Grind & Brew coffeemaker is several years old but, overall works well. For a while, I was having issues with it occasionally turning off soon after the brewing cycle but that hasn’t happened for a while. My most reoccurring problem is that it won’t stop grinding the beans. Fortunately, I had timed the grinding process so I knew approximately how long it should be grinding. While I can manually stop the grinding and resume brewing, it basically means I cannot leave the coffeemaker unattended while it’s grinding. I routinely clean the grind chute and the rest of the unit. Any solutions?

  340. Sheri A says:

    I just purchased the DBG900 “New and Improved”….. I have 12 cups of water in the reservoir and I select 6 cups for brewing. When I come back to the coffee pot all 12 cups have been brewed making a weak pot of coffee. This is my fourth time using this machine and it has happened every single time. I am ready to send it back.

  341. Sheri A says:

    I just purchased the DBG900 “New and Improved”….. I have 12 cups of water in the reservoir and I select 6 cups for brewing. When I come back to the coffee pot all 12 cups have been brewed making a weak pot of coffee. This is my fourth time using this machine and it has happened every single time. I am ready to send it back.

  342. Deb Wieder says:

    I have a problem with the coffee maker not turning on. It has an M next to the time. I’m thinking it’s a memory problem. Though I can’t find anything in the book about memory! Can any one help?

  343. Last Wednesday my not-yet two-year-old Cuisinart DC-1100 quit – red light was on but no water brewing my morning coffee. Found your site, read several entries, and followed their directions (shut-off two hours and turn on-worked for one cup then shut off; empty machine and tap on sink to remove all water – success, saw some pieces of debris fall out). Thanks to your reviewers I got my machine to make coffee. Why didn’t I send in my machine under its remaining two months warranty? The first time- two years ago – it cost me $10 to the company and $18.75 shipping for the return. I’m keeping in touch with your site that saved me $28.75 and a lot of time. Thanks a lot! (My next coffee maker – a $20 Mr. Coffee!)

  344. Hi! My Cuisinart EM200U is powering on, heating up, then goes to all lights flashing and just stays there… 🙁
    Any ideas? Thanks.

  345. Wow! Very impressed with Cuisinart company. My DGB500 grinder coffee maker simply shut down, no power. Attempted to take bottom screws of as described here but had 1 stripped screw.
    White reading on to maybe find too to get screw out, I saw the 3 year warranty. Mine was a gift 2yrs & 10 months ago. I opted to call Cuisinart reluctantly… Assuming my factory build warranty was expired.
    Wow! He checked serial# & I have a new one being shipped in 7-10 days & he even waived the return shipping for me!
    I’ll be back to this site in 3 yes should I have any more issues! Thanks for all your posts!


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