What Is Organic Coffee?

Coffee is considered organic when the methods and materials for producing the coffee has a low impact on the organic coffeeenvironment. In order for the coffee to be certified as organic, it must be produced within the organic production standards and certified by the US Department of Agriculture. One such standard requires that the farming of the coffee bean can not be done with synthetic pesticides. Since coffee is a crop that typically hires heavy spraying, organic is an alternative for those who prefer to avoid pesticides and other toxins. The majority of organic coffee grown in the United States occurs in Hawaii but is common in 40 other countries including Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, and Venezula..

Organic coffee can be purchased in many grocery stores, whole food stores, online, and in specialty coffee stores. The variety is increasing and organic coffee is now available in regular,  decaffeinated, flavored, and instant. There are also coffee-flavored organic products that are growing in popularity including, ice cream, soda, yogurt, and chocolate-covered coffee beans.  To ensure you are getting authentic organic coffee products, you need to look carefully at the labels. The USDA can issue the organic seal on any coffee product that contains at least 95% of organic ingredients and certified by the certification department of the USDA. The labels will typically state “100% organic”, or simply “organic”.

There are many more companies that are selling certified organic coffee. Here is an overview of some of the coffee retailers where you can find certified organic coffee:

Don Francisco’s
Don Francisco’s is a retail brand of F. Gavino and Sons, which is a 130 year old company and one of the largest coffee businesses in the western United States. The coffee products they offer, such as their Organic French Roast or the Organic Mayan Blend, are 100% organic.

Green Mountain
Green Mountain is a large specialty coffee company which sells a big variety of certified organic coffees as well as non-organic coffees. Green Mountain also co-brands with other companies and sells products like Newman’s Own Organic Blend that supports the non-profit organization founded by Paul Newman and Green Mountain’s Organic House Blend.

Jim’s Organic Coffee

Jim’s Organic Coffee is a 100% organic coffee company that imports coffee directly from small farmers. They have been purchasing organic coffee this way for more than seventeen years. In fact, Jim’s was the first retail company to deal exclusively with certified organic coffees. Many reviews agree that Jim’s offers the best choices in organic coffees and sells products like JoJo Java’s ™ and Blend X ™ .

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