Wagan 12 Volt Portable Coffee Maker

Wagan offers a great coffee brewing solution to all coffee lovers with an inexpensive, mobile coffee maker that can brew five cups with the help of a simple cigarette lighter socket. The Wagan 12 V Auto Coffee Maker is for the true lovers of coffee. The best part is, it’s mobile.

You can fit it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket (any direct current one) and enjoy your daily cup while stuck in a jam or traveling to a place where you can’t have your dose of coffee. This coffeemaker is perfect for long trips. If you’re headed out on a camping trip, a boating excursion, or just going for an overnight trip somewhere, you can have coffee anytime, anywhere. The Wagan 12 V Auto Coffee Maker, also known as the Mobile Coffee Maker from Wagan brews up to five cups of coffee at a time. It has an automatic shut down, so you do not have to worry about your power (as if a 12 V maker would consume much power!). And you do not have to wait very long for your coffee either. It brews five cups in just eight to ten minutes. The Wagan Mobile Coffee Maker keeps your coffee warm enough to serve directly from the pot without re-heating for long durations.

It has an attractive white carafe, so you can serve your guests coffee directly from the carafe. It has a basket type filter and the transparent reservoir lets you see how many cups are brewing at any given point. It does not cost much either. You can easily get it online for a range of $20-$25. However, it is available only online, and not in stores.

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