Cappuccino Drinking Trends in US

Since cappuccino is one of the most popular preparations of coffee, cappuccino drinking trends in the U.S. make for an interesting study. Cappuccino is natively an Italian beverage that has a powdered base. Its ingredients include espresso, hot milk and milk foam.

It is mostly taken hot, and the layer of foam over the coffee, along with the traditional porcelain cup in which it is served, helps to keep it hot for long durations. Nevertheless, it can be taken cold too. A popular variation is chocolate cappuccino, which has cocoa power and sugar in addition to the regular ingredients.

Coffee and America

Coffee has always been a favorite beverage for Americans. I am listing some interesting statistics about coffee consumption in the United States.  An estimated 80% of Americans consume coffee to some degree, and 58% of Americans admitted their daily dependence on the drink. (Thanks Brent!) This makes for up to 400 million cups of coffee everyday. Starbucks did not get so famous for nothing!

Surprising as it may be, the average American gets most of his antioxidants from, not fruits and veggies, but from his daily cup of coffee. Surveys show that the average American prefers coffee to soft drinks. The coffee market in America is worth $18.5 billion, an increase of $5.5 billion since 2000. The annual per capita consumption of coffee in the U.S. is 9.7 pounds. This is huge, considering the fact that the size of an average cup of coffee is 9 ounces.

Cappuccino as the New Trend

Cappuccino has replaced the traditional espresso Americans used to prefer. The youth, surprisingly again, are very fond of this beverage. Studies show that 50% of teenagers are regular cappuccino drinkers. Within a span of 5 years, from 2000 to 2005, the sales of cappuccino have increased 11.4%. This is a considerable increase considering the emphasis on healthy diets that has been changing the U.S. market since the new millennium.

The popularity of cappuccino has been increasing tremendously since the last two years. The annual consumption of cappuccino in the United States is 200 million pounds, and the rate of consumption is predicted to increase in the future.

The popularity of cappuccino in the United States comes at the cost of the consumption of other preparations of coffee. While cappuccino is claiming a bigger market everyday, regular, espresso and latte coffee consumption is on the decline. This signifies that most latte and espresso drinkers have shifted to cappuccino. Fast food chains, full-service restaurants and all food service joints admit that cappuccino is responsible for a significant portion of their revenue.

Italians take cappuccino solely with breakfast. That is not the rule with Americans, with 64% coffee drinkers having their cup with breakfast and a considerable 28% taking it between meals. On an average, Americans consume 3.3 cups of coffee everyday. All these figures only help illustrate the tremendous market cappuccino has shelved for itself in the recent years, and that the trend is there to stay.


9 thoughts on “Cappuccino Drinking Trends in US”

  1. This is a very interesting article, however, it is never listed who did the studies and where the information was found.

    I know that this article was posted several years ago, however, it would be much appreciated if someone could list where the information presented in this article was found. Thank you for your time.

    1. The article doesn’t include any references because the statistics it cites are wildly wrong! “80% Americans consume coffee on a daily basis” (it’s more like 50%) and “50% of teenagers are regular cappuccino drinkers” (are you kidding???).

      1. Well, no. It isn’t wrong. It has been going up really rapidly recently, and, honestly, I’m in 12 and in 12th grade (skipped 5 grades) and EVERYONE was drinking it last year (6th grade) and this year (12th grade) So no, it isn’t wrong.

    1. The 80% figure you give might be referring to “ever drink” rather than daily drinkers. This would be more in line with 2011 survey findings provided by the National Coffee Association: “Overall, more than three quarters of U.S. adults drink coffee, with 58% indicating that they drink coffee daily” (

      As for cappuccino consumption by teenagers (or anyone else), I’ve found it hard to find much online information on the prevalence of espresso consumption in the U.S. But I find it very hard to believe that half of all teenagers are regular (weekly?) espresso drinkers, much less cappuccino drinkers. Any figures you can find on trends in espresso consumption would be welcome.

    1. It’s amazing how far a little bit of maattenince/persisnence can go, Jacky. It’s the key to success in our work, but it is also a powerful tool in other areas of our finances. Your example is one, but I’m thinking of things like maintaining our cars, periodically reviewing our spending, and so on. A little bit of preventative care goes a long way!

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