How to Choose the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for your Kitchen

how to choose the best grind and brew coffee makerThe grind and brew coffee maker offers both a grinder and a brewer in one single machine. With the availability of a wide range of models in the market, you have multitude of choices, so you need to know what all you want in your machine in order to make a wise purchase.

We are discussing few things that you should look for while shopping for a grind and brew coffee maker:

Detachable Conical Burr Grinder

Though, you may find numerous grinders on the market, still the conical burr grinders are one of the best because they evenly grind the coffee beans. Aside from this, conical burr grinders have much more power to grind your coffee, without infusing too much heat as a result of which, your coffee comes out fresh.

Choose one that can be easily detached as this will enable you to pour it with ease into a brewing receptacle. In this way, you can also clean it easily. A grind and brew coffee maker that offers various grinding levels is much better option as it allows you to choose the coffee grounds consistency that you are interested in. The machine equipped with grind-off feature is great as it allows you to use either of the function separately.

Conical Coffee Filter Equipped with a Showerhead

If you feel that your present coffee brewer brews a coffee with a bland taste, it can be due to the filter basket used by it. An efficient coffee filter will help by extracting the essential coffee oils, resulting in a coffee with a much better taste. If you buy one that is equipped with a showerhead, then surely, you’ll get a coffee with a wonderful flavor!

Timer Option

It is quite convenient to use a coffee brewer that can be programmed for use. You should buy one that is equipped with a timer option. You will just have to put the coffee beans in the grinder and then set its timer. The coffee maker will do the rest and you will get your cup of coffee the next morning.

Thermal Carafe

Many of the grind and brew coffee makers can brew significant amount of coffee in one cycle. Therefore, you should opt for the coffee maker that has thermal carafe, as this will ensure that your coffee stays hot for hours and you can enjoy it at any time as per your convenience.

Automatic Shutoff Function

This is really a helpful function when you are too busy to turn off your coffee maker. A coffee brewer equipped with this feature will automatically turn off when it is left idle for few hours thereby saving your energy consumption.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for your Kitchen”

  1. this information is nice but I’m fed up with the cuisinart brand we have had two different models and both have leaked all over the counter and ruined the cabinets. I ‘m looking for some other brand as of right now unless someone can tell me how or why these things keep running the water all over the counter top!

    1. Hi Ken,

      The leaking water thing is common as the coffee maker ages. How old is it? Sometime you have to take the bottom off and make sure the hose clamps are tight and the tubes are not cracked. Hope that helps.


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