How to Clean A Cappuccino Maker

Java Jenius - Cappucino MakerA cappuccino machine is a very large and expensive appliance, and can cost anywhere between $100 and $2000 dollars depending on the brand. Because it is a big investment, it is important to know how to clean a cappuccino maker to keep it working as long as possible. Because cappuccino machines are more sophisticated than regular drip brew coffee makers, they must be cleaned differently and more attention must be paid to each individual part of the machine.

Cleaning the Exterior

The exterior of the machine should be cleaned on a regular basis, such as every time you clean up your kitchen or use your cappuccino machine. It can be gently wiped down with a moist washcloth or towel, paying special attention to the buttons and dials to make sure steam or residue has not built up within the crevasses.

You can even use a can of compressed air to get out dirt or dust, and they can be easily found at a supermarket or electronics store. They are usually used for cleaning computers, keyboards, and other electronics, but work just as well as cleaning out the small buttons and parts found on a cappuccino maker.

Cleaning the Interior Parts

The removable parts in the cappuccino machine should be cleaned each time it is used, but require a heavier cleaning about once every month. A cloth can even be used to wipe out the top of the machine where water and other ingredients are added, but it is important to remove and fully clean any baskets or filters.

Because mineral deposits can build up on the removable parts when it is used regularly, it is important to soak the removable baskets and filters in vinegar to completely clean them off. Add about one cup of vinegar to a large bowl or kitchen sink, and fill up with water before added the parts. They can be left in for a few minutes, and then rinsed under warm water to remove any excess vinegar residue.

Cleaning the Interior of the Machine

Like the removable parts, the pipes and other parts inside the machine can also get dirty from use. Hard water can cause mineral deposits to occur, and it can actually result in the coffee tasting bitter or sour. Although it can be beneficial to run only hot water through the machine on a regular basis, it usually doesn’t tackle the stuck on residue that has cooked on for months.
The best way to completely clean out your cappuccino machine is to run a vinegar solution through it, containing about 1 part of vinegar to 2 parts water. You should fill up the entire water reservoir with the solution, and then turn on the machine to let it run a complete cycle. It is best to run a few additional cycles containing only water afterward, just to ensure none of the vinegar solution is left behind.

Coffee maker and cappuccino cleaning products are sold for this purpose, but can be pretty expensive and don’t work as well as a vinegar solution.


It is essential to know how to clean a cappuccino maker, since it is a very pricey appliance that requires regular maintenance. Not only will cleaning it out on a monthly basis make it last much longer, but can help to improve the taste of your coffee and your overall cappuccino experience.

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