How to make iced coffee using a food processor

Most people have a food processor in their kitchen and they are a very useful piece of kit to make preparation quicker, more efficient and less time consuming. Although they are most often used when making food or preparing ingredients for baking, food processors can be indispensable in making the perfect glass of iced coffee to keep you cool through the hot summer weather.

Advantages of using a food processor

The main advantage of using the food processor for your iced coffee is speed. It’s perfectly possible to make iced coffee without a food processor though, so if you don’t have one don’t be put off trying. The other advantage is that you also have the option to have crushed ice in your coffee rather than ice cubes, as most food processors have a strong enough blade to crush the ice up to whatever consistency you wish.


First make your coffee base for your iced coffee drink. There is no “right” coffee making method to use when preparing coffee for iced coffee as it depends on individual tastes and preferences. Once you have made the coffee, let it cool. You can also make a batch of coffee each evening and store it in the fridge overnight to be used through the following day. Add your coffee in the bottom of the food processor and add sugar if you prefer. Next, there is another choice to be made. Some people make up their coffee with milk, some with water and just a splash of milk, some with half and half. The easiest way of finding out which you prefer is to experiment and decide which flavor you prefer. For an iced coffee, it’s important that the milk and the water is as cold as possible, preferably straight from the fridge. Then, it’s time to mix it all together. It won’t take long in a food processor, but make sure the lid is on first or you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do before you get to enjoy your coffee. Once the coffee is well mixed, the next step is to add the ice. You can either simply drop in cubes straight from the freezer into the glass then pour the coffee on top, or crush the ice first. The food processor will crush the ice for you, and by pouring the ice in with the coffee and blending it all together, the ice will cool the coffee fast, meaning the drink is instantly chilled. Crushed ice can melt quicker than cubes though, and again which ice you use is a matter of personal preference.

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