Best Iced Coffee Recipe

Now that summer is well and truly on the horizon and the weather is getting warmer, many people are making the switch from drinking hot coffee to having a refreshing iced coffee instead. Techniques for making an iced coffee are different from making hot coffee, so how do you find the recipe for the best iced coffee?

Don’t scrimp on the coffee

Even though you’re making a different sort of drink to the hot coffee you may be accustomed to drinking, don’t think that a cheaper coffee will be fine to use in an iced coffee drink. Using a good quality coffee will ensure a refreshing drink too. The other main ingredients you will need for the coffee are milk, which can be skimmed, semi-skimmed or full fat according to your preferences, a handful of ice cubes and sugar to taste.


Making iced coffee is very simple. The best and easiest way of making it is by using a food processor or mixer. Whether you use instant, freeze dried or other types of coffee the method is the same. Add two tablespoons of your coffee to the food processor. Then pour in 225ml of milk. Using full cream milk will give the creamiest taste to the coffee, but for those who are watching their diets or who only have skimmed milk in the house, other types of milk will work just as well. Add in a handful of ice cubes, then place the lid onto the food processor and whizz all the ingredients up together. If you prefer to have your coffee with sugar, you can add in as much sugar as you usually have in your coffee before whizzing it in the food processor. Once the ingredients are all well mixed together, pour the coffee into a tall glass and serve either as it is or with a straw. For a more cappuccino like drink you could also sprinkle some chocolate powder on the top or add on a few flakes of grated chocolate, or add in another few ice cubes which will float on the top of the coffee. You could also add some whipped up cream on top, or add some small wafer biscuits too. The sky is the limit when it comes to decoration and presentation, but it’s important to make your coffee look as appetizing as possible. If you’re serving up coffees to friends, taken some time to think about what sort of glasses you are using as going for something more unusual and quirky will attract attention and make people more interested in drinking the coffee.

Recipe recap

2 tablespoons of coffee
22ml milk
Handful of ice cubes
Sugar to taste

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  1. I add a slightly thawed, frozen over-ripe banana to the blender w/coffee, sweetener, almond milk, & ice. It’s sort of a “Coffee smoothie”. If I see my fresh bananas are getting too ripe, I put them in the freezer to use for smoothies or banana bread. They enhance sweetness & add a bit of fiber.

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