What is the Top Rated Four Cup Coffee Maker?

According to customer reviews on Amazon.com, the top rated four cup coffee maker is the Hamilton Beach 4 cup brewer. It is a high quality machine that costs less than $50, and it can brew an amazing pot of coffee in a short amount of time. It received five stars out of five possible from every customer who reviewed the product, and is ideal for either a home or office atmosphere.

Hamilton Beach 4 cup Coffee MakerKey Features

The Hamilton Beach 4 cup brewer is a very easy to use coffee maker, and it can be turned on and ready to brew with only the push of a button. The power button lights up to let you know when it is working, and will click off when the 1 hour automatic shut off feature kicks in. Another great feature is the pause and serve option, which makes it possible to stop the brewing process to serve already brewed coffee, and then the brewing can be resumed to finish off the pot.

The stainless steel carafe keeps your coffee warm without having to cook it on the nonstick coated hot plate, and the comfortable carafe handle offers ease of pouring out a freshly brewed pot. Unlike glass or thermal models, the stainless steel helps to seal in the flavor of the coffee and keeps it as hot as when it was first brewed.

Ease of Use

One of the best benefits the this coffee maker has to offer is ease of use, with everything from preparing the coffee maker to enjoying a delicious cup. The filter holder has a swing out basket that makes it easy to access and it is removable for easy clean up as well.

The Hamilton Beach 4 cup coffee brewer can hold four cups or 16 ounces of water, which is the perfect amount for an individual or small group gathering. The water is simply poured into the top of the machine, and can either be measured using the carafe or an already prepared 16 ounce bottle of drinking water.

Weighing less than five pounds, the Hamilton Beach is ideal for any small home, or also works great in an office or apartment atmosphere. It is simple to take along with you and doesn’t use much counter space, yet it performs just like a heavy duty large capacity coffee maker that costs four times as much.

What Customers Are Saying

According to Amazon.com, customers have been very satisfied with the Hamilton Beach 4 cup brewed. Their reviews decided what is the top rated four cup coffee maker, and all have had first hand experience with this particular coffee maker, as well as many others on the market.

They all agree it is a very durable and high performance coffee maker, and works great in personal and working atmospheres. The durable power cord keeps it working great for a long time, and the stainless steel carafe is great at holding in heat to keep the coffee at the ideal temperature. It is great for anyone moving away from home to college, and is one of the very few coffee makers on the market that actually makes bold and hot coffee that stays that way even after its finished brewing.

The Hamilton Beach 4 cup coffee maker is considered the top rated 4 cup coffee maker because it has so much to offer, yet is a convenient size for almost any home. It can outperform more expensive models on the market, and makes an amazing pot of coffee with all of the flavor and heat sealed into the carafe. It is a great and inexpensive purchase, and can last for years of use when used correctly.

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