Refurbished Jura Coffee Maker

Could you imagine paying up to around $4000 (thats four thousand dollars) for a coffee machine? Well Jura coffee machines actually cost that much. You might be wondering what goes into a coffee machine to make it cost so much, and why it makes sense to look for a refurbished Jura-Capresso coffee maker.

A Little Background on Jura

Jura is a Swiss based company founded in 1931 that develops high end coffee makers. They were one of the pioneers in fully automatic espresso coffee machines and were a main provider during the 1980s. Currently the company focuses on developing products in the commercial sector rather than home usage. They have applied their years of experience into their products.

The signature trait of Jura Capresso coffee machines is that they have the ability to produce the best possible brew regardless of how the beans may have been roasted or blended.

Their technologically advanced machines are highly customizable and each cup can be as unique as the individual themselves. Realizing that today appliances give off an aesthetic effect Jura coffee machines have also become a designer object suited to a users experience. This is very well suited for commercial needs as it creates a highly marketable product.

Its All in the Details

Jura uses aluminum and polished cast metal components for their machines. Incorporating the idea that food enjoyment is also about presentation, Jura coffee machines also illuminate the cups of coffee being brewed. You can see the detail of the crema with the attention of an automatically adjusting light. That sure does up the ante of anticipation of finally being able to drink that perfectly brewed cup.

Designed for commercial use in hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, offices and wherever coffee may be served Jura is highly distinguished. All due the state of the art technology, aesthetically pleasing design and highly customizable user options, not to mention the exceptional performance that is definitely worth the price. Their machines really do set new standards for coffee makers.

Jura for the Home

If you don’t happen to be a professional coffee maker or barista and own a retail coffee store then you are probably not going to have the funds to invest into a Jura coffee maker.

There is hope for the middle class household as you can find many refurbished Jura coffee machines available online. These refurbished machines are:

  • serviced by Jura themselves
  • totally functional
  • include all original components and material
  • cost 25-30% less than brand new

Even though the machines may sell for thousands of dollars, you can save anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars by buying a refurbished Jura coffee maker.Jura

To find a factory-reconditioned or refurbished Jura coffee maker:

Contact Jura at 1-800-767-3554 or visit

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