Elite Cuisine Coffee Maker Toaster Oven Review

Normally you would find a basic coffee maker, toaster, and surely an oven in the average kitchen today. Well have you ever thought about an appliance that combines all three and on top of that in a compact manner?

Well Elite Cuisine manufactures such a wonder. Their Multi-Function 3-In-1 Breakfast Center weighs just a little less than eight pounds so you can already imagine its approximate dimensions, which are 9.25x8x15″ if you want to get technical. On one side is a coffee maker that is attached to a toaster oven. On top of the toaster oven is a plate warmer. If you hate cleaning your conventional oven then Elite Cuisine’s coffee maker toaster oven may be a great alternative for you because cleaning it is as simple well, your hands. The manufacturer’s instructions are that it be simply cleaned with a dampened cloth of warm soapy water.

Elite Cuisine 3 in 1 Breakfast StationGreat for College Kids

If you have ever lived in a dorm they could seem like a walk in closet with a few bunk beds with accompanying dressers. So what is one to do as a college student who has class in about an hour with nothing in their stomach and needs to worry about getting dressed along with getting their books ready? Well, in such a fast paced and hectic situation you could plop Elite Cuisine’s coffee maker toaster oven on top of your dorm microwave then mark off breakfast from your morning checklist.

It makes toast, coffee, and an egg all at the same time so you can get to class quickly, saving a lot of time in the mornings.

..And For the Single Person

Elite Cuisine’s coffee maker toaster oven could be the answer for the busy single professional, as one could prepare frozen foods while taking care of critical important activities and still be ready get to work on time or make it our for a night on the town. It takes the guesswork out of cook work, no need to wonder where this and that is at.

..Or for a Small Kitchen

Basically Elite Cuisine’s coffee maker and toaster oven proves to be favorable in any small living space. Sure, you may not be a college student or single professional, but you may be living in a small apartment and would like to de-clutter your kitchen. What’s more this could be a great addition to your things to include when you travel as it is easily set up in your hotel or RV.

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