Coffee Maker Review: Mr. Coffee JWX27

mr coffee JWX27Mr. Coffee’s JWX27 is a 12-cup coffee maker that offers really nice features for a low price. This coffee maker  model is programmable and has a pause feature, brew-strength selector, a built-on water filter, and a storage space for the cord. There is a see-through water reservoir to help with filling accuracy and the water filtration reduces up to 97% of the chlorine in the water for a better tasting pot of coffee. The programmable machine allows you to set and forget the coffee until you want it. The machine will beep when coffee is ready. The machine also offers an automatic shut-off after two hours.

The carafe of the Mr. Coffee JWX27 is glass while the housing unit is made mostly of plastic. While the machine is mostly plastic, it is nice-looking  with a contemporary style consisting of brushed chrome accents on black. The brew basket is removable for easy cleaning and preparation. The machine also offers a special Cleaning Cycle that makes cleaning your coffee machine easy and fast.

The cost  of the Mr. Coffee JWX27 is under $40. There have been some consumer complaints about the carafe having issues with spillage and dribbling when pouring coffee but overall reviews of the machine are positive. Consumers report that the coffee does brew at a hot temperature and the coffee stays hot while the machine is on. Additional reports state that the unit is quiet and the function buttons are easy to use but there is no backlight for the machine’s clock feature, which makes it hard to read.

If you are looking for an economical coffee maker, the Mr. Coffee JWX27 does appear to be stylish and consumer-friendly. It makes a hot cup of coffee and can be programmed to brew  when you want it to be ready. This model can be found at most major retail outlets including Walmart or in online stores.

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