Brewmatic Undercabinet Automatic Coffee Maker Review

The Brewmatic Undercabinet Automatic Coffee Maker offers home owners the quality and sophistication of a commercial type of coffee machine. This coffee maker takes up no counter space due to the fact that one does not have to fill up an empty water reservoir. It’s pretty versatile too, being able to produce two to twelve cups of coffee. Perfect for when you might have unexpected guests. It’ll be appreciated by people who like versatility.

Brewmatic Undercabinet Coffee MakerOne attractive feature is its funky industrial design. This industrial design is not just for aesthetics, but the actual machine is very sturdy because it’s made with mostly stainless steel parts. It comes with a commercial style glass carafe and warming plate. Actually you could use any carafe you desire.


Ideally you should install this coffee machine with a filtered water line, which should not be hard to access if you install it near your refrigerator. The machine also requires an electrical outlet.

Easy to Use

The performance is great and the brewing is automatic. Simply add a filter to the basket top it with the right amount of coffee and place a carafe under the spout. Finally select how many cups you want to brew. It automatically heats up the water from the water line and brews the coffee then shuts off when the desired amount is brewed.

Fast, convenient and easy. Clean up consists of dumping the filter and grounds then rinsing the filter basket as well as the pot.

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  1. I have this coffee maker and have loved it for about 8 years! However, it needs some repair and there are limited replacement parts available. The thermostat we need is not available from the supplier or manufacturer in the US. I have not been able to find a newer one for purchase to replace. If you have info on replacement parts or new machine let me know.

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