How to Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has been popular for centuries, but the method of preparing it is quite different from the methods used elsewhere in the world. Preparing an excellent cup of Turkish style coffee is not a 2 minute job, as doing it properly with the traditional methods can take between 15 and 20 minutes. It’s well worth the wait though.

The Coffee

To make Turkish style coffee, you need to buy the specific Turkish beans or ground coffee. They are ground much finer than other varieties of coffee. If you are planning on buying beans and grinding them yourself, you will need to buy a special Turkish grinder which produces the finely ground coffee you require.

When making Turkish style coffee it is important to remember that the grounds are not separated from the brewed coffee when it is made and therefore having a thick layer of sediment at the bottom of the cup is perfectly normal. To make proper Turkish coffee you will need to invest in a traditional Turkish coffee pot, called a cezve.

Steps to Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared from cold. Into the pot pour a cup of cold water for every cup of coffee you want to make, plus an extra half cup for the pot. The amount of coffee you then add will depend on how strong you like your coffee. Instructions or recommendations for amounts are given on the sides of the packets of ready ground beans, but when grinding your own beans finding the correct amount will be a matter of trial and error.

If you prefer to have your coffee with sugar, add it before you start heating the pot. Sometimes cardamom pods are added the coffee to give it a distinctive flavor, but this is purely a matter of taste.

Slow Heat is the Key

Once you have added the water, coffee and sugar you should then start heating the pot. The key to making good Turkish coffee is to heat the pot as slowly as possible as this slow process is what makes the coffee better. Take care to ensure that the pot does not boil over. When the water boils, share out the coffee between the cups, making sure each cup is around a third full.

The aim is to ensure that the foam which forms on top of the coffee is divided equally between the cups. Return the pot to the heat and bring it to the boil again, then share out the coffee between the cups.

After the coffee has brewed, wait for a few minutes before drinking to leave time for the ground sediment to sink to the bottom of the cups.

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