Best Flavors – In the Beans or the Extras?

Flavored coffee is incredibly popular these days. There are so many new flavors of coffee, it is almost impossible to coffee syrupkeep up with the latest taste trends. While some flavors may sound a little off the wall (blueberry cheesecake coffee anyone?) the more traditional flavors like vanilla and hazelnut are still going strong.

Bean or Syrup Debate
There are many whole coffee beans that have been infused with flavor that allows you to grind the beans for a tasteful cup of coffee. With the assortment of at-home grinder machines and grind-enabled coffee brewers, it is easy to get a fresh brewed cup of flavored coffee in the convenience of your own kitchen. The downside to buying a whole bag is that you are essentially stuck with one flavor until the beans are gone. Because coffee beans can be on the expensive side depending on the brand you select, you may not be at liberty to have several flavors at your disposal at one time.

The alternative to buying and grinding your own flavored beans is to invest in coffee syrups that allow you to brew regular coffee and add a dollop of flavored syrup for a new taste each day. There are different syrup makers and different prices but on average a 20 plus ounce bottle will run around $8. Since you only need a small amount of syrup to flavor your coffee, one bottle can last you a while.  There are many different flavors of coffee syrup to choose from so you potentially risk losing money by purchasing a flavor with which you are unfamiliar. Flavored syrups range from the classic caramel flavors to the more interesting huckleberry. There is even syrups available if you are keen on toasted marshmallow or peanut butter flavored coffee.

Alternatives to Beans and Syrups
In your local grocery store, you will find an alternative to both beans and syrups for adding a bit of flavoring to your cup of joe. There are several brands of liquid and powdered flavored creamer. These are relatively inexpensive and can flavor your daily cup of coffee if you are not into the expense of beans, grinding your own coffee, or purchasing syrups.

A tip for adding any kind of flavors to your coffee: remember to use natural flavors, especially with syrups, so that your coffee is loaded down with artificial sweeteners and additives. You can purchase sugar-free syrups and creamers also if sugar is a concern with your diet. Expect to pay a little bit more however for many sugar-free brands.

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