Coffee and Leptin

The word leptin comes from the Greek for thin, and it is one of the key hormones in the body which is collected with metabolism and energy. It sends signals to the brain that block hunger pangs and mean that appetite is controlled. Leptin is one of the main things added to diet drinks and products, with the aim of reducing appetite and helping people lose weight more quickly.

Green Coffee

Everyone’s heard of green tea and its antioxidant properties to help keep you healthy and lessen the risks of various conditions such as cancer. Green coffee is a newer product on the marker, but operates on the same principles. It also seems to have the added benefit of helping people lose weight. Green coffee differs from regular coffee in that it is made from unroasted, or green, coffee beans. The molecules which help with the weight loss reduce the way that the body absorbs sugar and also speeds up the metabolism which is the rate at which the body uses energy and burns fat. In some trials, low levels of consumption of the green coffee such as one cup a day showed weight losses of 3.5 pounds after two weeks. Green coffee beans look and taste quite different from the brown, roasted beans you may be accustomed to, but they have the added benefit of being able to be stored longer. Some major coffee brands are beginning to introduce green coffee into their ranges, or making products which combine green coffee with regular coffee to make a blended product.

So does it work?

Preliminary research does seem to prove that drinking moderate amounts of green coffee can help with weight loss, but a larger scale, controlled study needs to be done to firm up the research and establish the facts on a scientific basis. It is also worth stressing that even if it does work, green coffee is not a miracle cure for obesity. Although it maid aid weight loss, following a healthy balanced diet and ensuring you get enough exercise is also critical to ensure weight is lost and kept off once the desired weight has been reached. Green coffee is also not to everyone’s taste, especially if you are used to roasted coffee beans to make your drink. Like green tea, it can be an acquired taste. Green coffee is a newcomer to the coffee market and as such it is still very much a niche product, meaning it can be hard to get hold of and quite expensive to buy. Many real coffee enthusiasts though are buying green beans in bulk and then roasting their own at home, meaning in the future the beans may be far easier to get hold of in supermarkets or online.

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