How to Use a Sunbeam Coffee Maker

Knowing how to use a Sunbeam coffee maker is pretty simple, since the majority of their models are very user friendly. With easy to use buttons and simple controls, it is easy to make up to twelve cups of coffee with ease.

Sunbeam Mr. CoffeeSunbeam offers a wide variety of coffee makers, ranging from small countertop models to coffee makers capable of preparing up to twelve cups. Mr. Coffee is the most common series of Sunbeam coffee makers on the market, and they are all very user friendly models that make it a breeze to brew an amazing cup.

Easy To Use Controls

The controls on Sunbeam coffee makers are very self explanatory, so it doesn’t require much to use the machine. Most Sunbeam coffee makers can be easily turned on by either pressing the on button, or switching it from the off position to on. Most models also contain a small digital clock, which can be easily set by pressing the hour and minute buttons until the correct time is displayed.

Not only is the clock handy for providing the current time, but it is essential when programming the Sunbeam coffee maker to brew a fresh pot of coffee any time of the day. The switch will need to be moved over to the auto position, and then the time needs to be set for when the coffee should start brewing. Setting the time is just like setting the clock, but since the switch is moved to the auto position, it sets the time for the coffee maker to turn on.

Once the coffee is finished brewing, it usually stays on for at least an hour. The switch must be moved into the off position, or the off button must be pressed in order to turn the coffee maker off.

Adding Water to the Machine

Because most Sunbeam coffee makers are countertop drip brew coffee makers, they require that the water be added to them each time a new pot is to be made. The best way is to first fill up the coffee pot, so you can plan out how much coffee you would like to make. Most pots have measuring guidelines on the side, so one can measure how many cups of coffee to make for each pot.

After filling up the pot, the water can be poured directly into the coffee maker. It will have a lid that opens up the top of the entire appliance, and the water can be poured right in. It is good to avoid pouring it near the coffee grind basket, since the water will actually escape this way and fall onto the burner even before the brewing begins. When the water is poured into the coffee maker, a small gauge on the side will tell how much water has been poured in. It is also helpful when trying to tell how much longer until the pot of coffee is done, since the gauge will go down as the pot fills up.

Adding a Filter and Coffee Grounds

The majority of Sunbeam coffee makers contain an easy to load coffee basket, which can be removed from the coffee maker for easy loading. It can be found under the same lid that was lifted for adding water, and should slide right out of the machine. A circle filter should first be placed into the basket, and then the desired amount of coffee grounds. It should be placed back into the coffee maker and the lid closed, and a pot of freshly brewed coffee is ready to be made.

Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Cleaning a coffee maker is much easier than it seems, since the only parts that usually get dirty can be taken out of the machine. The coffee pot and coffee basket can be easily removed and hand washed, or even placed in the dishwasher if you wish. It can be beneficial to run only water through your coffee maker about once a month to make sure everything is clean, but regular maintenance is very simple on all Sunbeam coffee makers.


Using a Sunbeam coffee maker is very simple, since most of their models are very user friendly. The easy to use controls are very self explanatory, so setting up your coffee maker to brew a fresh pot is as easy as pie. Loading water and coffee into the coffee maker is also simple, so enjoying a fresh pot of amazing coffee is simple for almost anyone.

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  1. I have a Mr. Coffee, coffee maker, but I don’t have the instruction booklet. How do I use the self cleaning? How do I make coffee? Please e-mail me soon.

    thank you. Rosa

  2. what does URI mean?
    Who will answer my question? I have a Mr. Coffemaker
    and it suppose to clean itself how do I do that? How do I make coffee?

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