How to Fix a Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Maker

how to fix a cuisinart ss700

The Cuisinart ss700 single serve coffee maker is one intelligent piece of machinery. This is one coffee maker that has revolutionized the art of coffee making from the manual to automated system of doing it. It also has a lot of advantages that come with it. This is why it is quite a buzz kill when it hits a snag once in a while. No matter the machine, complications due to errors in computing or manual dysfunctions are always something you will need to deal with. So are you having your coffee or is the coffee maker giving you problems? There are a few solutions to a number of problems it could develop. The most common problems are often making irregular coffee and producing lesser oz then required per cup. This means that instead of getting 8oz you get about 3oz after the first turn. Here are a few answers on how to fix a Cuisinart ss700 single serve coffee maker.

Check the SS-700 Machine Needles

One of the most common issues is caused by the clogging of the needles. This need to be checked regularly to make sure the machine runs optimally. Once these a clogged there may be the problem of a short drop or irregular coffee. These can be cleaned easily with hot or cold water and put back for normal running. Make sure you insert the holder in place back properly so as to get the runs normally.

Use the Rinse Feature

Check for rinsing. You need to rinse the machine effectively after making the coffee. The rinse button is set to do this effectively. If this button develops problems, some irregularities could occur in the case of brewing. The automated system could also go a long way to save you time. Make sure this button is working and the rinse is always done after the brewing and not before. If it is done before you could get lesser serving since the water is used. This could explain a short drop in any of the runs.

Auto vs. Manual

The machine is designed for automation. Do not cut short programmed times manually. This could interrupt the normal operations in the coffeemaker. If you chose to do things manually, do it to the end. If you chose to set the timer, let it work till the set end. Interrupting the machine by removing parts and manually stopping it could develop long term complications in the system. If this happens, you can reset the sensor by removing and replacing the water reservoir which works like magic.

Dispense some Water out of the SS700

Dispense some water through the machine without making coffee first. This hot water will also serve the purpose of warming your mug, which is a good thing. Make sure you put in a few extra oz to make sure you get your usual mug count. This will also help but is temporal. It should be able to reset the machine for you effectively. This works mostly when you are having short drops in your cup.

Replace the Water Reservoir

This is the most recommended method by the manufacturers. It seems to work for any complication that has come. Most of the complications come with the tampering of the sensor system. The sensor system can be reset manually by replacing the water reservoir system and putting another one. This will work wonders. Try to remove and put it back and see how the system respo
Use a Professionalnds for you. The sensor has been designed to reset every time this part of the coffee maker is replaced or removed for whatever purpose.

You also need to get in touch with the professionals or also use your warranty in the case of damage. You can get the whole thing replaced or also get it looked at by a professional. It also could be an electrical problem or mechanical problem due to a disconnection or power failure. This can be solved amicably by a certified electrician and gets your machine working in no time.

Read the Cuisinart ss700 Manual

In as much as you have made coffee using coffee makers before, you still will need to go through the manual to get all the controls right. This will save you the pain of having to deal with problems developed from ignorance.

These or a combination of these methods will offer a solution on how to fix a Cuisinart ss700 single serve coffee maker.

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      1. If you follow the Air Compressor method mentioned below, use very LOW pressure. I blew apart some of the internal tubing and what a PITA it was to get back together. I’m only hoping I did a good job. It appears okay now and I have descaled and rinsed the machine and it does work again, but what a nightmare when the tube at the top of a small chamber came disconnected.

    1. Mine only pumps water when you cover up that little tube. Not making a pump noise when I press the hot water or brew.Help please

  1. Wonderful site you have here but I was wondering if you knew
    of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get responses from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Bless you!

  2. I have descaled my cuisanart many times but now it sounds like it is pumping but nothing comes out. This is my 3rd same coffee maker in 4 years. I love it but for $200.00 I think it should last longer. Might just have to go back to cheaper keurig and replace more often. That’s why I switched to Cuisanart, I thought I was buying a better 1 cup coffee maker. I guess I was wrong.

    1. Mine is doing the same. Sounds like its working but nothing comes out. Very frustrating. Have cleaned it. Doesn’t suck water down and nothing brews.

      1. love that Stitch

        Mine too – and you would not believe how bad Cuisinart’s warranty support is. Let’s start with proof of purchase doesn’t matter (serial numbers only), we won’t give you a box to ship it back, and don’t expect a replacement until we have yours. None of which is defined in their manual. Going back to Keurig direct.

      2. Try unplugging and removing water reservoir then turning it upside down til a little water comes out. Reassemble and plug in. Works for me.

    2. Figured it out !! I had every issue listed in these post. Here’s how to fix your Cuisinart Coffee maker.
      1. Find an Air Compressor
      2. Remove the container that holds the water.
      2. Stick your air nozzle tip into the whitish, clearish elbow.
      3. Next, hold your finger over the hole that is on the bottom flat surface facing upwards and start blowing the air.
      4. Use the air nozzle to clear out all the holes where water and coffee go in and out.

      This will clear the whole thing out and your Cuisinart will run like new.

      1. You my friend, noticed i said my friend =) is a Keurig God. Good thing I found your post or that would’ve been a $200 cuisinart in the garbage. Thanks a million! =)

        1. If you don’t have an air compressor just pick up a can of compressed air that is used to clean computers. It comes with a straw that fits nicely into the elbow and it does not pack as big of a punch as an air compressor would, so less chance of blowing out internal parts.

          1. Nope! Bitterant is added to those cans of air. Not a good plan to mix with your coffee water system!

      2. Thank you Quik-Fill :

        You nailed it! I tried everything else posted on the Internet to no avail. I even disassembled the ss-700 to the point the putting it back together was real challenge.

        Compressed air IS the solution. I have a small compressor for pumping up tires on the car (not exactly food grade air, but I was desperate) . I didn’t understand that your step 2, the whitish elbow that you mentioned is right at the top of the water reservoir. When I put the air hose there, it forced out all the water through the head.

        Now seems to work like new!!

        PS. I took the tire valve off my air pump and just used the rubber hose from the compressor. As I said, not food grade so I rinsed a lot after getting things to work. Thanks so much for this fix!!

      3. Thank you so much for your comment. Blowing out my Cuisinart was just the trick. I ve had it over 2 yrs and no problems ever. This morning it just quit working. I found your tips and went out to the compressor in the garage 3 times in a row, trying to clean it out. I guess I was hesitant to keep the blower on the unit on there too long. The last time I kept it blowing till water shot out from the coffee nozzle for a while. I went back to the kitchen….did the de scaling procedure for good measure…cause I never do that. It works perfect now!!!! I mean…it really works!! Thank you because I lovvvvve my coffee maker! And now love YOU! Haha. Thanks! Deb

          1. Empty water from Reservoir, remove Kcup holder inside machine, clean well. Put empty reservoir back on machine, put 60 ozs of Distilled Vineger into the reservoir, place large empty cup onto cup tray. Click to make 12 ozs, press “Hot Water” ,pour cup out. Repeat until “add water” shows on screen and lights blink.
            Let sit for 4 hours, leave machine ON. After 4 hours, rinse reservoir out, full with clean water. Run same cycle with the hot water button until all vinegar smell/taste is gone. Usually about 2 tanks full for mine.


      4. Christi Burckel

        thank you! thank you! Finally found an answer that works!! Mine would not suck the water up and barely any came out. I used a can of compressed air, and now it is working great!!!! Thank you!!!! Saved me from buying another one!

      5. quik-fill you’re a genious…i did what you said and now it works great. thank you for posting. why would’nt customer service want us to know about this?? hmm

      6. Blowing out the air was the perfect solution! My Cuisinart Keurig has been going strong for about 5 years, and I’m so excited to see it will live to fight another day. Thanks!!!

      7. Mine stopped sucking up water too. It sounds like it’s trying, but nothing comes out. All of a sudden. I will try your trick. Thank you!

      8. We just did this, and it worked! It’s putting out the exact amount of water we want now. You just saved us $200!

        It was easy to do, but it was easier with 2 of us. Hubby ran the compressor, and I covered the hole in the bottom.

        Thank you!!

      9. Quick-fill is a Steely-Eyed Missile Man!

        I just did this and it worked like a charm! (Safety Tip: let your Cuisinart cool to room temp because you could get sprayed with hot water that is still inside the machine.)

        I plugged my air compressor line into the tank hose and put my finger on the bottom intake port and whoosh! Hot water came blasting out of the dispenser section and must have cleared whatever blockage there was. Problem solved! Thanks!

      10. OMG. My husband tried this today and it WORKED. I never usually comment on these blogs but I had to give Praise. My hands are clapping wildly. 🙂


      11. Thank you, this worked perfectly!

        We used the compressor to blow air through the soft plastic elbow thingie at the top of the unit (where the reservoir would otherwise sit). It blew out a bunch of coffee debris and it is now working perfectly.

        Note that we didn’t have to put our finger over the other hole on the bottom or blow out anything else.

        So thanks, OP!!!

      12. Another Satisfied Customer! Used a small air compressor as instructed and the unit is working again. Thanks Quick-Fill!!

      13. Any tips on how to stop the water reservoir from leaking (completely emptying) onto my counter only when attached to the unit?

      14. Wow, OK faith in the internet renewed! Here’s a twist though…I don’t have an air compressor so I covered up the bottom hole with my finger, like you said, put my lips over the white plastic nozzle at the top and BLEW. It was tough but I was able to move vinegar through. Once I did that a couple of times…FIXED! Thank you so much.

        1. I couldn’t remember where I put my bicycle pump. So followed Mr. Servo’s example. Turned machine on side to be able to get at white nozzle. Hardly able to blow into it, but the gurgling started. Whoopee!

      15. Yea!!!!! I’ve descaled and cleaned my Cuisinart Keurig….it worked a little while but got plugged again. Apparently when descaling, the mineral deposits remain inside floating around and eventually find their way to plug up again. Blew it out as described with an air compressor and it appears to be working like new.

      16. Quick-fill. While your air compressor may work, I would STRONGLY recommend you take the bottom off the machine off and clean the internal filter on the pump as was suggested in another post. Blowing out the line is the same as cleaning the filter but the materials that were clogging the filter are still in the water path and can cause another clog. I had some lint, dog hair and coffee grounds in my filter. This is the filter underneath the metal bottom plate. 7 screws to remove the plate then 2 screws to remove the filter attached to hose

        1. Well that didn’t work for me either. maybe tomorrow I’ll blow it out again, I’m done for the day.

          1. I cleaned the filter underneath the machine, don’t blow air into the I does not work. It creates air in the machine, will not fill your mug.
            I left the reservoir on and sucked water through that spicket at the top.
            Now get a full mug (12oz).

      17. OMG, you are a genius!!!

        It works like a charm.

        I am wondering if anybody knows why blowing compressed air through that clear plastic thing at the top of the water reservoir fixes this problem.

        Thank you!

      18. Omg I used canned air! It works great now, I cannot believe how simple that was. The tip. Taking the reservoir off occasionally also helps!!!!
        Thank you soooooo much…

      19. Hi,

        I seem to have the other problem – my system won’t stop drawing water from the reservoir and the machine will dispense almost 3 cups of water. I tried your air compressor and did get minimal particles out. I also did everything else suggested: empty the reservoir, unplug the unit, paperclip the two needles, reset the machine, descale…..HELP!

        1. Did you ever find a solution to your machine dispensing 3 or more cups of water? Mine started doing this earlier this week but I have not had time to investigate.

          1. Mine just starting dispensing water…Almost all the water..I can’t seem to use the menu button..Nothing is working…Does anyone know what the problem is?

        2. I unplugged the machine, then plugged it back in, turned it on and removed the water reservoir to “reset” the machine. It worked to set the water flow back to the correct amounts.

      20. Thank you so much for the tip. We had the same problem with our daughter’s
        SS700 that sat unused for 2 years. Used a small portable compressor to blow our water and it now works like a charm! Aain, thank you!

      21. Tried the air compressor. I plugged it in and now have water coming out the bottom all over the counter Can someone give me more advice. I assume there is an inner tank that needs to be drained but don’t know how to do it. Thanks in advance for any clues you can give.

      22. Great fix…. but beware the amount if pressure. … hubby’s garage compressor is supersize and I didn’t realize that the pressure can be regulated. Oops… Now we have the coffee maker apart trying to get to the hose that popped apart….

      23. Thank you very much. My machine was giving me 10 oz for a 12 oz cup and 8 oz for a 10 oz cup. I blew it out as per your directions and now it works perfectly. I also blew it out with my finger off the bottom hole and found there was some gunk in the bottom of it. I used a Q-tip to soak up the small amount of water and the gently used a toothpick to lift out the gunk. This appears to be fibers from the filter and they may have been partially clogging that small filter. Thanks again. You are a genius.
        I used a can of compressed air and it worked great.

      24. Perfect!!! Running great now! The air trick worked like a charm. I used a hand pump for an air mattress. I few pumps and it was clear ! Thank you! I have a Keurig in the garage- might be the same problem.

      25. Brenda Kennedy

        Well I didn’t have a compressor so I covered the whole and just blew in the rubber nozzle, thank the lord I live alone lol. After doing this a few times my coffee maker was reborn. Thank you so much I love my coffee maker, thanks for the tip.
        P.S. Ladies if you are going to do it my way be careful as the water shoots out after the grounds are cleared and if you machine was just used it is HOT water. I did this three times until no grounds came out.

      26. Any ideas on how to fix it just brewing but tasting like brown water? First it wasn’t brewing at all, fixed that part, now this…need coffee ? soon. Thanks for any advise

      27. Declan MacGowan

        OMG!!! I had tried EVERYTHING suggested to no avail. Was getting less & less coffee per use and machine sounded like it was about to die. Attached my manual bicycle pump to overflow hose (elbow) and pumped about 20-30 times (covering intake) and blew it clear!! Works like new! You ARE a genius & a godsend! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

      28. This fix is fantastic…! I’ve been using Keurig machines for years…cleaning them out with a paper clip…replacing them when that did not work. I took my machine out to the garage and blew it out well with the air compressor. Note – This will make a mess in the garage as years of deposits are cleaned out. The machine is now running like new….Thanks for posting this great fix.

      29. Followed directions except used canned compressed air because we don’t have an air compressor. I think it worked the first time but got greedy & did it 2 more times. Now water leaking everywhere. I would suggest NOT covering the bottom hole. Apparently we blew something loose inside & don’t have proper tools to remove tiny star shaped screws on the bottom of machine

      30. This didn’t seem to fix my problem at first so as I was trying to brew/rinse (After pushing air through the lines until nothing else came out) u held my finger over the white elbow tube and it flowed better. The resoviour bubbled like a fish tank. After doing 3 rounds of brew or rinse with my finger over the hose tip it worked fine after that. We will see how this lasts! I was at my wits end. I couldn’t even rescale because it pushed no water through although it kept sucking it up. Interestingly, no coffee grounds or sludge came out when I used the forced air.

      31. It worked! I used a manual bicycle tire air pump and connected it to the water overflow port that sits above the water reservoir near the back.. I left the water reservoir on though so I didn’t have to put a finger on the intake port at the bottom.

      32. I use a Office Supply can of compressed air on mine. The one I have has a square nozzle which fits inside the elbow of the Cuisinart just about perfectly. One blast is all it takes and it will clear out all the gunk. Do this every time you use your “coffee tank cleaner” or whatever and it will run a long time. Be very careful though!! While you are pumping the air in, a stream of very hot water will blast out the front and while it may not burn you it will give an unpleasant surprise. Change the water tank filter while you’re at it. I just replaced my 6 year old Cuisinart when it’s pump finally died. My wife and I are retired, and we drink 10 cups a day between the two of us (we are retired). Figuring we travel about a month a year, that’s one heck of lot of cups. We grind our own coffee from Coffee Bean Direct, and use the little plastic cups from Amazon. We have gone through a number of Keurig machines with very poor mechanical luck, although I am sure other’s experience has been different; but IMHO nothing can touch the SS7700 for being a workhorse. My latest came with a 3 year warranty – I can see why they have increased it.

      33. My ss700 was grumbling/growling when the pump was filling the internal resivoir. Tried numerous “fixes” none of which did very much at all. Tried your air compressor idea and the grumbling/growling while still audible is very quite compared to what it was prior to blowing out the unit with compressed air. I would highly reccomend NOT plugging the top hole (where the external water resivoir sits) when using an air compressor that is NOT regulated way down to say 10-15 psi. My regulator hasn’t worked right from day one and I’m pretty certain I’m getting a healthy dose of around 70-110 psi all the time. Point is, blocking this hole with your finger will put extreme stress on the internal plumbing if the air supply is fairly high. From the some of the comments where the commentor says their unit is now leaking water my guess is they plugged the top hole and blasted their “plumbing” with too high a psi and consequently blew something. I didn’t block the top hole an had water squirting out in volumes. Now the real question is did I maybe blow some crud into the internal screen located inside this top hole? Wicked out most of the water and used a penlight and the filter still looks clean (I cleaned it using the suggestion from another post). Time will tell whether this new “fix” does the trick and the grumbling/growling stays (almost) gone.

      34. Thank you sooooo much! I actually used a straw (kind that bends). Held the straw to the pipe, and used thumb to block bottom hole. Worked!!!!!

      35. Thank you!!! Saved me $200 and my mom is happy. No air compressor used, used a can of duster and rinsed it out before the next cup. Appreciate it.

      36. Bless you! The duster spray did the trick! The skinny spray tube that comes with it fits perfectly into the little white elbow and the pressure it provides is just enough to clear the line.

        I went online AFTER I bought an SS-10 to replace the SS-770 that wasn’t pumping anymore. The SS-10 was such a hunk of junk that I went online to see 1) Why the SS-770 was discontinued and 2) If I could still find a new SS-770 for sale. Instead, I came across this magical website of yours. Ta-Dah! SS-770 is now working like a champ. Amazon can have their SS-10 back tomorrow. Buh-bye! I look forward to many more years with my trusty SS-770 dispensing a cup of hot consciousness every morning! 🙂

      37. You are a genius! Cleaned needles with paper clip. Took bottom off and cleaned filter. Blew on tube with a straw. Nothing worked. Got out the air compressor per your instructions and now my machine is working. Thanks so much for the post

    3. We too had the same issue and replaced it twice. Found from the Keurig people that the pins as stated earlier in here would clog. Cleaned them out with a paper clip and boom, coffee again. Also had bad luck with the brand we were using. Cheaped out and bought the Costco, Kirkland brand. Caused a bunch of these issues. Heavier grind and quickly clogged again after 3 cups. Most times the Keurig cup still had lots of hot water still in it that never came out. Pays to buy a better brand even if you get less cups in the box, you get what you pay for. It should also be noted to ALWAYS remember, not like me….lol, to lift the lid and remove the K Cup as it will clog the pins when it dries. Jack

  3. According to the Keurig repair videos, usually the problem is the little water pump needs its shaft freed up with some oil so it can spin. Trying to figure out how to properly remove the Ss-700’s back cover so as to access & remove this pump (which can be seen from the bottom) for inspection. Anyone know how?

  4. As noted in their instructions the bottom needle can plug. It has a hole on the side. Also not mentioned is the top needle. Other forums mention that the holes (at least 2 on the side) can get plugged. Use a paperclip. Some mention putting a straw over the top needle and blowing. Then running a rinse. Another mentioned removing the water reservoir and blowing through the upper angle hose. Another fix is turning the machine upside down and burping it by hitting it hard several times. That seems to work most of the time.

  5. My SS700 was doing the same thing. Making noise, but not making coffee. I’ve read all the different posts on various sites saying it was the pump or some valve. Mine worked sometimes without a hitch. Then when I really would be in a hurry, it just made noise. Let me tell you what I discovered. I removed the carbon filter and it’s been fine ever since. I plan to order a replacement filter. We have a water softener so scale is not an issue. Think it was the carbon filter.

  6. My 700 is 9 months old and blows GFI. Took it back to retailer, they handed me a new one. Plugged it in , same thing , ist time. My wife bought a cheaper Kuerig and it works fine, same outlet.

    1. What is your GFI rated for – how many amps and have you had it tested ? Also is your GFI inline with any other outlets – if so it may be you have a wiring issue and not a Coffee maker issue. Plug your toaster into it and see if it works, if your toaster is plugged in to another outlet in your kitchen – plug another similar wattage appliance (like a hair dryer) in and see if your GFI blows – I would guess it does, and that you instead of a home wiring issue with your GFi.

  7. Just tried to make a cup and pump does not work. It says “Brewing” but silence! Is it dead? It’s about three years old.

  8. My s’s-700 just died this morning! I plugged it in and it kept blowing the circuit. The power won’t even come on. Does anyone have any suggestions for me because I don’t want to pay for sending it in.

    1. I can think of two possibilities.

      First, if this is happening while you’re using several appliances at once (like a toaster oven and microwave) you’re probably overloading the circuit. Try this while nothing else is running.

      Second, if this is happening while nothing else is running, it possibly indicates a ground fault or other major defect in the appliance (Especially if your gfci outlet or gfci cb is tripping). If this is the case, it could be very dangerous to use and unless you’re an experienced technician, I would highly suggest returning for a replacement or sending it in for repair by someone who knows what they’re doing.

      1. I forgot to mention to try another appliance in the outlet first to ensure it’s not the outlet going bad. Gfci protected outlets and cbs are supposed to be changed out periodically but almost no one does it.

  9. I have a Cuisinart 700 SS and only when i try to brew a cup of coffee it leaks out the back of the coffee maker. How do i fix this problem? I cannot see where the water is coming from and the water is clear

    1. I’m having the same problem. Water is leaking out the bottom of the coffee maker and I can’t figure out where or why it is happening. I am hoping someone on here has some ideas!

      1. Could be the water tank …. See my post below. Or if your Brewer has gotten allot of air in it and you pack your My Kcup or Eko Brewer to the top you may have blown a seal inside.

        Use the Brewer, then turn it off. Remove the water tank. If there is water on the base where the water tank sits, then put a rubber washer on the male connector. Also, open the bottom of the Brewer by removing the screws. Is it dry inside?

        Also vinegar is not the best descaler. Use the Keurig Citric acid Descaler.

    2. Robert-Ian Salit

      I have the big Cuisinart and my problem is different, I get good flow from rinse, I get a slow but steady pour on hot water, but almost nothing on brew. I have cleaned the bottom filter, I have blown air though the top and had it pour our through the spout, but I can get any coffee out and have tried different pods… Help….

      1. Did you figure this out? We’re having the same issue. Hot water works fine, but the brewer just eeks out water and sometimes times out before finishing the cup.

  10. I have descaled twice in 2 weeks; now as I try to run Hot Water it just flows back into the reservoir; hot of course. What do I do???

    1. Get a paper clip and stick it in the top needle that punctures your Kcups … Also do the bottom needle. Then use the Keurig Descaler works better then vinegar.

  11. I had this problem. After reading this forum I used the paperclip to clean out the needle and then blew air through the nozzle and set it back up and work perfectly.

  12. Set it up and it leaked all over my counter from the water carafe! Easy fix for it!

    Just got a refurbished Cuisinart single cup coffee maker. It looks like a fish tank with blue lights in it. I set it up and it leaked like crazy from the crafe and looked like the bottom too! I was so disappointed!!! :((((((((((((

    So, I opened up the bottom of the machine and not one drop off water was inside. It was the crafe male connector that plugs into the machine that was leaking. You would think they would put a washer around it, but they don’t so I put a black rubbet washer on it and Viola, no more leaking! :* (y)

    II LoVe, lOvE, LOVE this coffee maker!!!


    I have been using this Refurbished Cuisinart ss-700 Brewer for a week now and all is well. I descaled it with Keurig descaler. I added the rubber washer to the male connector so the water reservoir doesn’t leak and so the pump doesn’t draw in any air, since the Danco 89035 Bottom Seals for Price Pfister for stem 3H-10H/C black rubber washer creates an air tight seal.

    I think this brewer will last many years and many of the problems with this Brewer can be solved by doing the following things ….

    1. Put the Danco 89035 Bottom Seals for Price Pfister for stem 3H-10H/C black rubber washer on the male connector of the water tank. Smooth side down ?

    2. Descale the Brewer with Keurig descaler at least every 90 days

    3. Use the water filter and change at least every 90 days

    4. When using the My Kcup only put 2 table spoons of medium ground coffee in it or 1 3/4 tables spoons of fine grind. Why? Because when coffee gets wet it expands and there needs to be room in the My Kcup to allow the water to pass through easily.

    5. Air pumps and water pumps last longer when they don’t have to work really hard.

    6. Keeping the air bubbles out of the air pump reduces the work load. Allowing the water to flow easily through the My Kcup or Eko brew cup makes the water pump not have to work as hard.

    7. Best coffee I have had in this Brewer that makes a great cup with 2 tablespoons or less of coffee grinds, never bitter and always tastes great are: Gevaila, New England Coffee, Godiva coffee, Don Francisco coffee.

    8. Brewers are like computers, most of the time it’s user error and manufacturer error too, because I don’t understand why they didn’t have a rubber washer on the water tank male connector. It keeps the water in and the air out which solves many of the problems this brewer was having and will make the Brewer last longer.

    Hope this info helps, really the refurbised Cuisinart ss-700 is a great buy since it uses all Kcups, My Kcup & Ekobrew cups and its cost much less to own one now

  13. My Cuisinart SS700 water is cold. Now the cold water is just pouring into my cup until the tank is empty. I only use distilled water so I am sure there is no scale. So why no hot water?

    1. Not a good idea to use distilled water. Distilled water is very aggressive and pulls ions out of the metal parts, corroding them. Besides, distilled water does not taste good. Best to use bottled drinking water if your tap water is bad.

  14. My Cuisinart SS-700 started acting up this morning. All of a sudden, the pump kicks on an constantly runs, emptying the full water reservoir and started to run dry until I pulled the plug. After cleaning up the mess, I refilled the reservoir and plugged it back in. It started to do the same thing, even though the power wasn’t on. Any thoughts?

      1. Just found this thread and I have the same issue with mine. I know this is an old post but wondering if you ever figured it out?

    1. Just found this thread and I have the same issue with mine. I know this is an old post but wondering if you ever figured it out?

  15. I just bought 2 refurbished ss-700 and can’t get either units to move water into machine in order to brew, rinse or dispense any hot water. The water of one unit gets hot and it sounds like it is warming up the water but it just doesn’t brew. The other unit watee stays cold. Any suggestions? Thank you. 🙂

  16. Anyone have an issue with the SS-700 brewer that will not shut off after brewing a cup. It just stays on brewing mode until I turn off machine. Also, the machine is stating it needs to be de-scaled even after descaling 3 times? I bought in August , so I am well within the warranty, should I just return – or does anyone have a way to fix it?

  17. As soon as turn on the machine the cold water starts coming out and will do this until its empty… did this before and removing the water tank filled it and put it back and it worked…. 2 months later i unplugged the machine to clean under it, plugged it in and it is doing the same thing…. removed cleaned and put tank back in place and its still draining the tank unless i turn it off…. HELP!!!

    1. Mine was doing the same thing, I did the aircompressor to the top elbow angle with my thumb over the bottom hole until the unit was completely and thoroughly empty and it seems to be working again.

  18. Wow – Great Fix. I have been using my SS-700 for 4 years now. Have had to descale regularly to keep it running. When I got the short shot of coffee I knew it was time to descale. This last time today, it just stopped pumping. So I tried the air trick and it work great. Also finished the descaling to be safe. Thanks again for the great tip. I will also check into this “internal filter” and see what that is about.

  19. Have had mine trouble free for about 3 years. Never changed charcoal filter inside LOL and I descaled maybe once…. So all of the sudden I decide to give a thorough cleaning. Replace charcoal filter… And run a few descaling powders through water resivor. Now the dang thing doesn’t want to make hot water anymore all of the sudden. Plus it seems to just keep filling a cup to the tank is empty! Thing has worked like a champ all this time. Now all of the sudden I go to clean her up and she goes nuts on me! I see a few other folks about my post who had the same issue. I don’t see any resolution. I’m working on mine. Will see what the deal is and repost. I blew my lines out because I saw those posts. Seemed like a good idea. Stinks that I go to clean it all up and NOW it decides to fail. Tried resetting to no avail. Any suggestions are appreciated. Will post solution once I figure it out. Man! I need caffeine!!!

    1. Mine does the same thing..Water just keeps pouring out. I tried to use the menu button, but nothing works. How come we don’t get any resolutions on our problems? Is no one else having this problem..Help!

  20. i have had mine for just over a month and it has leaked for about two weeks. it was a refurbished one. I am trying to send it back.

  21. After the lack of response from both Kurig and Cuisinart I stumbled upon this forum and decided to give Quick-fill’s steps a shot. It worked! Back to drinking coffee with our SS-700 brewer! Thanks!

  22. Purchased one recently, worked fine for 5 days, then started leaking badly from below somewhere. Contacted Keurig who then washed their hands and sent me to Cuisinart. The lady on the phone was very brash and I lost my cool and hung up. I am a service engineer working on very high tech instruments, so I am capable at tackling a problem on this if I can get some schematics. Can you help?

    1. Mine would do that if I overfilled the reservoir, I started filling it only to the line, instead of to the top and it worked fine after that.

  23. Hello Fusciah , I think IO have the very same problem. Could you point at the where you placed the O ring? Please.

  24. Mine was not heating water, just sucked it in and then immediately pumped it right back out. My unit is probably 3 – 4 years old. I tried the air compressor in the top elbow and then plugged the bottom hole with my thumb, did this until no more water came out and then a few seconds longer. I didn’t think it would work but it seems to be brewing normally again, go figure.

  25. Did the air compressor while holding my finger on the bottom hole as I was doing this I heard a pop within the coffee maker and stopped the air. Now my coffee maker is leaking from the bottom when it pulls the water from the tank. Any one had this problem?

    1. Yes, I have. I’ve used compressed air on a few different occasions to clear the lines, periodic descaling, changing the charcoal filter, etc. Now it’s leaking from the back/bottom as soon as I power it on. I know that when it’s powered on, it draws water from the side reservoir to fill an internal tank where the water is then heated. What I can’t figure out is how to get access to that tank. I suspect a line was disconnected the last time I used compressed air on it. I’ve removed the bottom panel a couple of times, but that doesn’t get me anywhere near where I know the tank must be. If only I could figure out how to get to it, I probably just need to reconnect a hose!

  26. Your end results will definitely differ based upon an array of elements, including the diet
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  27. All my lights were on but the water would not pump, the buttons didn’t work and the was cold. I used the air dust compressor that I had for my keyboard until water came out as per the instructions. Worked like a charm! Back to brewing so I followed up with the descale just to be safe.

  28. That’s why Flatiron gauges the results of each effort and changes our programs appropriately, through internal
    analysis in addition to outside assessments.

  29. I’m having troubles that, from a fairly comprehensive read, aren’t described here: low water flow with a K-cup and normal flow in rinse or without a cup inserted.

    That could mean the pump is getting tired, and after about four years, probably not a surprise…

    Anyone have an idea I could try? It’s a great machine and I’d rather keep it around, but the slow stream when brewing makes the coffee much stronger. (TIA)

    1. CoffeeEngineer

      They leak because the vent valves inside rust because they are not rated for use with water. This also causes the
      “not brewing a full cup” problem. It’s not the water pump or the air pump.They are difficult to replace, but not impossible. They are energized as long as the unit is plugged in, even if OFF. It’s for safety. They will last MUCH longer if the unit is unplugged when not in use.

  30. A Million thank you’s for this trick.. I was close to putting this machine in the trash and now I can’t believe the results.

    I had all the same issues with my cuisinart and used canned air (same stuff you use to clean computer key boards) to blow it out ( 3 sprays of 30 seconds each), and now the thing works as if I just took it out of the box ( and I’ve owned it for 3 yrs)..

    Words of advice tho: After using Canned Air, run a cleaning cycle through your machine until the water coming out is clear. This will remove any debris the air loosened in the process.. and remove any traces of the canned air.

  31. I have a problem if i put a k cup in it takes for ever to get a cup of coffee if i take the k cup out its normal flow and works perfectly what could be the problem?

  32. Mine isn’t brewing a full cup and while its brewing water is coming out of the rubber elbow and dumping back into the reservoir what’s going on?

  33. On brew cycle water barely drips, on the hot water cycle same problem. On the rinse cycle water flows properly. i have owned 3 and only had problem with one of them. How do I fix it? Tried using gallon of vinegar still same problem on 2 cycles.

  34. Million thanks to this post/thread about blowing out system with air! I was literally 3 clicks away from about to buy replacement.

    I went to Walmart and got can of compressed air. Did exactly what was told. Immediate fix!!! IMMEDIATE!!!

  35. My system heats and pumps hot water right back into the reservoir ….at the top ..coming out of the little elbow??
    Any suggestions??

  36. I was ready to put mine in the trash can, then I tried the air thing and now it works great. Thanks for a great tip

  37. I was having the same problem with either a very slow brew, or absolutely no brew at all, I did the entire descale, cleaned out the needles, used canned air to clean out the lines, but it still wouldn’t work..I eventually tried plugging the white ‘L’ port inside the water reservoir when it was trying to brew and lo and behold, strong stream of coffee, and a full cup! When finger removed from the port, you hear air being sucked in indicating a vacuum line and then the flow falters and fails. When replugged, the flow resumes at full strength.

  38. Um yeah, tried the air pressure trick above… It blew all the plastic water pipe connections apart inside the machine. I now own a new coffee maker.



  39. I took the bottom off and found that the water pickup (at the top of the bottom piece where the water tank sits) was clogged with debris from the replaceable carbon filters. I found black dyed strands of filter fabric had almost clogged the water pickup tube screen 100%. Cleaned all that out of the filter screen, it’s now working like a champ. No compressor required.

    Good luck.

  40. Tried compressed air a number of times while plugging the bottom hole to no avail. Used a paperclip in the needle, tried the compressed air again and voila!! It works again! Thanks for the tip!!

  41. Does anyone know how to totally dismantle the cuisnart SS-700, I have mine 90% apart , can’t get the top cover off, searched the web and can’t find anyone who has taken this model apart

    1. look in the back..there are two semi circles..pop them off and you can get to the screws that keep the top cover on

      1. Where in the back? I am on machine #2 & still can’t figure out how to get the outer black cover off the guts so I can fix the noisy water pump and the water level sensors.

  42. The air compressor fix worked well. I would have never tried putting air pressure on the unit without knowing it won’t blow the plumbing apart. The inside tubing is a soft plastic, probably neoprene, and won’t stand too much pressure. If you have a commercial air nozzle, it will be limited to 30 PSI, which is enough to clear the machine, but not enough to blow the fittings apart. If you need to remove the bottom plate to check/clean the filter or reatttach blown-off lines, you only need to remove the #2 phillips screws; don’t mess with the star drive screws. If two streams of water don’t come out of the head, rod them out with a paper clip then try the air again. If your heating tank is hot beware of the very hot water spraying out of the nozzles in the head. Better wait until the unit cools. Thanks to whoever came up with this fix.

  43. Actually blowing it out is good but where the container fits in to the base there is a little screen that gets plugged with debris that just needs to be cleaned. Two minute job.

  44. Apparently these machines are going out of stock everywhere and you can only buy refurbished. My advice is find a new one to buy for back up!

    My machine quit working yesterday. I used the paperclip up the upper needle, descaled with vinegar and new water filter. Works Perfectly Now!

    A tip for everyone though. I rarely take the water reservoir off. My sink faucet comes out with a long hose and I just reach over and fill it up. Before I got this faucet I just used the sink sprayer (it took a little longer to fill).

    On another note, I also gave my parents one of these as a Christmas present. My dad told me about the paperclip fix. But he went a little further with his Cuisinart Keurig! His sits next to his refrigerator and he actually supplied a water line to his. He drilled a hole in the top of water reservoir lid and put a thumb turn on it to fill it with filtered water! How ingenious is that?

  45. I could not afford a new Cuisinart, so I saved my pennies and bought a refurbished unit on eBay – weeks watching and waiting for when the prices tanked temporarily.

    I really wanted it for the 12-ounce cup, because the Keurig Elite I first bought only filled my usual cup 2/3 up. Been using it for about a year, now the no-cup coffee pods are out (just a filter sack underneath the top collar, not the usual hard plastic) and coffee leaks all over out of the head because there is not a good enough seal between the inflow spike and the top of the pod. I suspect it is the plastic top not tight enough, and wondered if there was a foam collar around the rubber seal (top spike) to keep the mess in, but no such luck.

    Any ideas?

    BTW, I bought the stainless steel cup from EkoBrew and never looked back – EXCELLENT value. I like a STRONG cup of tea, so I buy the loose stuff (“twigs”) from the bulk store, run it through the coffee grinder there on fine filter, and use exactly the same coffee measure spoon quantity when I need it. No filter needed on the EkoBrew unit, just dump the tea bits and wash it out (I use a bottle brush to do it properly).

    EkoBrew have also given me great service – when I wrote and told them the o-ring had disappeared (by then I was using a small rubber band, which worked just fine) they sent me six in the mail right away.

  46. Francis Carriglitto

    Well, I tried the blow out using a compressed air can. Opened it up right away. Ran a 12 cup hot water and it worked just fine. Next cup – NADA, just noises. Now what???

  47. I fixed my ss700 water contatantly running when turn on/not heating. You have to take the whole unit apart. There is a solenoid on the tank side that fails. It solved my problem. If your unit leaks water it could be the solenoid on the menue side that is failing and leaking. I have pics but can’t seem to load them up on here. Hope this helps everyone.

  48. I’ve had mine for several years. I clean it and change the filters regularly. Now it has started leaking water from underneath the machine. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a fix? I would love to fix it, rather than replace.

  49. My keurig cuisinart just won’t turn on at all!!! It was working the night before and the next day at the morning won’t turn on! Any ideas? I tried to take it apart but I can’t get to take it all apart and I don’t see nothing wrong yet

  50. FYI- if you don’t have a air compressor or strong lungs look no further than your handy dandy baby booger sucker. Worked like a charm!

  51. Gary says:
    March 26, 2017 at 12:48 pm
    My ss700 was grumbling/growling when the pump was filling the internal resivoir. Tried numerous “fixes” none of which did very much at all. Tried your air compressor idea and the grumbling/growling while still audible is very quite compared to what it was prior to blowing out the unit with compressed air. I would highly reccomend NOT plugging the top hole (where the external water resivoir sits) when using an air compressor that is NOT regulated way down to say 10-15 psi. My air compressor regulator hasn’t worked right from day one and I’m pretty certain I’m getting a healthy dose of around 70-110 psi all the time. Point is, blocking this hole with your finger will put extreme stress on the internal plumbing if the air supply is fairly high. From some of the comments where the commentor says their unit is now leaking water my guess is they plugged the top hole and blasted their “plumbing” with too high a psi and consequently blew something. I didn’t block the top hole an had water squirting out in volumes. Now the real question is did I maybe blow some crud into the internal screen located inside this top hole? Wicked out most of the water and used a penlight and the filter still looks clean (I cleaned it using the suggestion from another post). Time will tell whether this new “fix” does the trick and the grumbling/growling stays (almost) gone.
    UPDATE: Brewed a cup of coffee this morning and grumbling/growling seemed to be a little more noticeable. Since I had previiusly removed the base pkate to remove tge internal filter wgere the water resivoir sits I elected to do this afain. Figured there was a chance I may have dislodged some particulate matter and some of it got on this little filter. Once I had it out it did appear some “crud” had gotten on this filter so I removed it, cleaned it by blowing compressed air tgrough it both ways then put everything back together. Ran several cycles and it does sound considerably quiter. I might add I use RO water and still keep the charcoal filter in pkace as well.

  52. My orignal post is as follows:

    Gary says:
    March 28, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Gary says:
    March 26, 2017 at 12:48 pm
    My ss700 was grumbling/growling when the pump was filling the internal resivoir. Tried numerous “fixes” none of which did very much at all. Tried your air compressor idea and the grumbling/growling while still audible is very quite compared to what it was prior to blowing out the unit with compressed air. I would highly reccomend NOT plugging the top hole (where the external water resivoir sits) when using an air compressor that is NOT regulated way down to say 10-15 psi. My air compressor regulator hasn’t worked right from day one and I’m pretty certain I’m getting a healthy dose of around 70-110 psi all the time. Point is, blocking this hole with your finger will put extreme stress on the internal plumbing if the air supply is fairly high. From some of the comments where the commentor says their unit is now leaking water my guess is they plugged the top hole and blasted their “plumbing” with too high a psi and consequently blew something. I didn’t block the top hole an had water squirting out in volumes. Now the real question is did I maybe blow some crud into the internal screen located inside this top hole? Wicked out most of the water and used a penlight and the filter still looks clean (I cleaned it using the suggestion from another post). Time will tell whether this new “fix” does the trick and the grumbling/growling stays (almost) gone.
    UPDATE: Brewed a cup of coffee this morning and grumbling/growling seemed to be a little more noticeable. Since I had previiusly removed the base pkate to remove tge internal filter wgere the water resivoir sits I elected to do this afain. Figured there was a chance I may have dislodged some particulate matter and some of it got on this little filter. Once I had it out it did appear some “crud” had gotten on this filter so I removed it, cleaned it by blowing compressed air tgrough it both ways then put everything back together. Ran several cycles and it does sound considerably quiter. I might add I use RO water and still keep the charcoal filter in pkace as well.

    UPDATE :
    4/5/2017, 10:27 AM
    My coffee brewer is starting to grumble/growl a litte more loudly again. Maybe grumble/growl is incorrect and the sound is more like a rumble or rattle. At any rate it is the sound I hear only when the internal water heating resivoir is filling with water. I pulled the replaceable charcoal filter to see if that made a difference and it did seem to quite down a little. As I stated in my previous post I am now using strictly RO water but even so I am aprehensive in leaving the charcoal filter out. Even though RO water is what you might call “super filtered” to remove the majority of the contaminents I’m not so sure leaving the charcoal filter out is a good idea. I will give it a few days just to see if the sounds quite down then I’ll put the carcoal filter back in. I have followed the required descaling process (using white vinegar) and I’m beginning to wonder if this process does more harm than good. My brother-in-law lives 2 doors down and he has had the same ss700 coffee brewer for longer than I have had mine and he has never done a descaling process and his coffee brewer is whisper quite. He uses our regular tap water which does have a pretty good lime content but has no problems at all with his coffee brewer. I’m wondering if this is telling us something.

  53. I have descaled my SS-700 4 times in matter of 2 days and “de scale” light will not turn off. It doesn’t seems to have any other problem but I am not sure if I can safely and continually use the machine or I need to have it fixed or serviced in other way.

  54. I need to pack my SS-700 for shipping and need to drain the water from the inside tank. Any information would be very much appreciated.

  55. I have a SS700 that keeps tripping my circuit when it’s plugged in. And the water starts to full cup before it’s ready to brew a cup of coffee.

  56. Display won’t quit flashing Not Ready, water spews out the top even with head up but won’t brew. Any ideas on where to start? I descale regularly and tried removing reservoir. Haven’t tried compressed air yet.

  57. I’ve had three Cuisinart SS-700 coffee makers to date, all have worked well. That is, until last week when the unit I have at my home, started giving me grief with the rocker power switch on the side of the unit. Sometimes it works, but most times I have to press and hold it until both the display and the tank LEDs illuminate, then I can release it. The problem got worse by the day until today it won’t power on at all anymore. I’m not sure if a rocker switch replacement or logic board will be required, and I’d hate to ditch this unit for something simple as a $5 switch… Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas to resolve? I can’t even find out the type of replacement switch online either! Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  58. Just wanted to say I’ve had my Kss700 for almost nine years trouble free and I live it! A couple months ago, out stopped working. I did the usual check for clogged outlet and turning machine on and off and checking menu. Nothing worked. I was so sad, I could only put it in the corner of the room, waiting to discard it. It had served me well. But I couldn’t throw it out. Months later, I decided to look for answers; a possible solution before I threw it out and bought a new one. Thx th for the compressor idea! But I have no compressor or bike pump! So I put my thumb on the reservoir drain hole and actually blew like heck with my mouth lol on the little elbow! Worked like a charm and blew water and stuck coffee grounds into my cup! Talk about using the tools at hand! Or mouth!
    Thought I’d pass this on… 🙂

    1. What’s the compressor idea? I cleaned out the water resvoir but now it suddenly stopped working. I just had made a cup this morning.

  59. I cleaned out the water reservoir but now it’s not working. I unplugged it and turned it off and on. I hear a long BREWING noise but now nothing. What should I do?

  60. Question: When I hold the little white elbow and put my finger over the bottom hole, it works fine. What could that be? Is the pump bad?

  61. Anyone on here? I tried to descale. What’s interesting is that the vinegar is going through but when I switch to water, it gets stuck. Any ideas of what’s wrong?

  62. Robert-Ian Salit

    I don’t know if this came through, my Cuisinart SS700 is not working. When I push rinse it works fine, when I push hot water it runs out in a slow steady fast drip and when I put in a cup and push brew, nothing comes out, I can hear some noise, I have blown through the top and water comes out the our head quickly, I have tried brew with several different K cups nothing comes out. I have also cleaned the bottom filter… HELP

  63. My Cuisinart SS700 single coffeemaker’s been not used much. used about total of 20 times maybe.
    Left alone for few years, I decided to pull out and use it.
    Motor is running but no water coming out.
    I cleaned poking tip holes with clip (nothing stuck there),
    I brew air with straw into white rubber thing in upper water tank area, air is coming out no problem at bottom hole of where water tank sits.
    What else could i do?

  64. I called Cuisinart this morning with the same problem and they will replace this coffee maker with the new S10 model free of charge.. all you have to do is call the customer service number and give them your serial number. It is a manufactured defect where the tube in the back of the machine has come loose and allows air in the pump. They do not give you a hard time either !

  65. Our Cuisinart was running slow so we descaled our SS700C. I don’t know why because we always use distilled water. Then I used a bicycle pump with 30PSI & blew excess vinegar out. Now the screen says – auto off set and I can get nothing else on the screen & it won’t make coffee. I phoned the toll free #, & they said it is just off warranty & I would have to buy a new one because she said they are warranty replacement and that they do not have parts they can sell. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, these are an expensive coffee maker that only last for 3 years.

  66. I had all of these issues too! And my heater just up and quit. Now it all works. Thanks everyone. Use a tire pump do not use a compressor you will blow out your tubing. White elbow is on top left side the thing you have to go around when placing reservoir on. Put your thumb over the bottom plate hole where the reservoir is . the hole that sucks in water. Of maker makes a funky sound trying to suck and nothing happens just put your finger over clear or white rubber elbow. Its is clear on mine. To reset cup size. Turn off then on then quickly remove and replace reservoir. Just wanted to make instructions more clear. Some lines were jumbled.

  67. My rinse and hot water cycles work, but the Brew cycle runs super slow or doesn’t complete it’s cycle. Descaled, air filter cleaned, compressed air fix — all done to no avail. Is the pump going?? Do I take advantage of Black Friday deals and get a new machine? (I don’t know if customer service would work, as we’ve had this machine for years.)

  68. I wish I could post a video here to show what my SS700 is doing. Basically, the little screen is acting like I’m holding down all the buttons at once. It is running through the hours on the clock and changing brew sizes non-stop. I tried unplugging it for a while but that did not help. If it does settle on a brew size you have no choice but to use that brew size, pressing up or down to change it will send it on the fritz again.
    Is there a master reset option or something that may help?
    Other than this, when I finally get it to brew, the coffee is the right strength, size, and temp.

  69. I don’t know if there is a fix for the actual electrical part of it. This week my machine has gone haywire! If I try to change anything on the menu, it becomes possessed! It starts scrolling through all the choices super fast and makes it impossible to stop it were you need. Therfore it’s turning on at odd hours and I can no longer choose different quantities easily. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions please?

  70. Had an inconsistent fill rate and pump making noise. Did the blowing out the line, water came out clean and no debris. Removed the water tank and inspected the valveat the bottom. Found it clogged fibers or lint from cleaning / drying. Once the strainer was cleaned, filled and measured the fill and it dispensed what was selected, pump noise gone and brewing time was once again quick like new.

  71. W have two of these amazing machines. Both are at least 4 yrs old and both have started doing the same thing. Sometimes the first cup it brews is cold. But the next ones are always fine. Any ideas?

  72. 3 year old ss-700 had every one of the issues discussed here.
    Did the air compressor blow out and BINGO works like new.

    If you’ve got issues with your machine give the air blow out a
    try – you got nothing to loose.

  73. After cleaning the small filter under the water reservoir (by removing the bottom metal of my model SS-700) with no improvement to the flow volume nor flow time (very small amount of debris in the filter) I used a can of compressed air (same type as one would use to blow out a computer keyboard). I inserted the can’s small diameter flexible tube into the white tubing that water drains back into the water reservoir. With the reservoir removed, the brewer top in the up/open position, power plug removed from wall outlet, a towel over the filter located under the reservoir and a towel under the top needle like nozzle, within the open head, I carefully applied pressure from the compressed air can. As there was very little resistance to the compressed air I then applied full pressure until no water was flowing from the neddle like nozzle nor the filter under the reservoir. The flow volume and brew time are back to like new. In hindsight I most likely would not have had to remove the bottom plate to clean the reservoir filter as the backflow from the compressed air was substantial. Great to have this site to share ideas and our four year old Cuisinart SS-700 back to like new.

  74. Any ideas and how to fix it when the water just runs right through? When I turn my Cuisinart on and it starts sucking water from the reservoir it runs right through the machine into my cup immediately without getting warm.

    1. I just started having this same problem today and don’t see any answers for this issue! Others have even asked this same question with no responses for a fix. Guess I’ll try the compressed air?

  75. Craig Donovan

    My SS7700 won’t stop pumping water. Just the opposite of most previous posts. I push the button for whatever ounce cup I want and the water just keeps flowing!

    Any suggestions?

  76. I have the exact same issue…. Water doesn’t stop. Eventually, it will… 1.5 X the ounces requested, but even that is not consistent. Any help would be appreciated, I would hate to replace it as I love this machine. Thank you in advance.

  77. I set my water temperature at 192 but the water coming through is only 160 to 170. Not hot enough to extract the full flavor. Done the cleaning and everything suggested but have not seen resolution to this problem. Is there a fix?

  78. Vincent Clement

    Our SS700 stopped working. Used a can of compressed air until water was shooting out the needle and I could hear one of the impellers moving. Didn’t have to block the bottom hole. Put the reservoir back and turned it on. It’s alive. Fresh water pumped into the heating reservoir and I ran a few rinse and 12 oz cycles and all is well. Much fuller stream of water and the machine just sounded better.

    I’ll be adding the compressed air shot before and after every descale.

  79. For anyone still having this issue, here is what worked for me. Internal filter cleaning with a toothbrush. This only requires removing a few screws to get to it! So simple and mine is back to like-new. Highly recommend it. It is not a pump replacement video as the title led me to believe. I was passing the video by at first, when it was the simple fix I needed.

  80. Although some of the posts above were fairly older, I took heed to all of the suggestions and used the compressed air (can version, not the actual compressor) and it worked like a charm. The descale notification also disappeared. I went ahead and cleaned the needles, both top and bottom (using a paperclip), changed out the filter in the water reservoir, and ran the machine through 2 tanks worth of cycles (switching it up between rinse, brew and hot water) and everything is working as if it were new. Thanks so much for your posts and sharing your recommendations. Saved me a pretty penny from having to buy a new one.

  81. Tried the paperclip trick and it didn’t help. Couldn’t descale since no water was coming out. Broke out the air duster can. With head opened 2-3 bursts and blew it out via the rubber hose at water tank. Did not have to take apart.

  82. Bought one (ss700) this weekend at a resale shop. Works fine except LCD screen is not bright blue but shows all the words and icons. Thinking I may need a new LCD but don’t know instructions to install. Can’t find anything on youtube

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