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Is Coffee Bad For You?

Coffee consumption has risen dramatically in the past 20 years and most of us can’t imagine what the day would be like without a coffee to get you going in the morning or one after dinner to round off the meal. Coffee culture has rapidly become part of the life in every town with coffee …

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Coffee Maker Water Not Hot Enough?

Whether the coffee maker is ordinary or a vending machine the process of making the coffee as well as the amount of heating required always remains the same despite of the make of the machine. The working principle too holds the same ground.

Is Coffee Good for Plants?

There has been talk that coffee grounds help to fertilize and enrich the soil that plants are in-and while this may make some feel slightly skeptical, it is most certainly true! The truth is, coffee can be simply fabulous for your plants, and can help even extend their lives, making them grow healthier, stronger, and …

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Coffee and Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the health problems which is most talked about in the media, and an ever increasing number of people are suffering from the condition. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 usually comes on in childhood and requires the sufferer to have daily injections of insulin. Type 2, also known as …

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