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How Long Does a Coffee Maker Last?

When buying any item for the house you want to make sure you’re getting value for money and buying something that will last for years to come. It is generally accepted though that things will wear out and need replacing, so exactly how long does a coffee maker last?

In general, you should expect a good quality coffee maker to last around 5 years. There are a few general rules when it comes to buying appliances that can also be relevant when talking about coffee makers which can also have a bearing on how long an item will last. In general, a very cheap machine bought for a few dollars cannot be expected to last as long as a more expensive coffee maker which is better engineered and made from higher quality components. In the long run, it makes more financial sense to spend more money on a better quality machine than buying a cheap one every few years and have it constantly breaking down. People who live in hard water areas generally find that their coffee maker lasts less time than people living in a soft water area, so it is also important to know what sort of water is supplied in your area.

Servicing and maintenance

How you look after your coffee machine will also affect how long it lasts. Most good machines will come with a manual with instructions about how to look after it and keep it running in tip top condition. Making sure it is regularly cleaned and kept away from parts of the kitchen where things are likely to be spilled or dropped on it will help prolong its life and keep it from being damaged. Many of the more expensive machines will require servicing and this can be done by taking the machine to a specialist dealer or sending it away in the mail.

Frequency of use

How often you use your coffee machine will also affect how long it lasts. A coffee machine which is constantly on and brewing coffee cannot be expected to last as long as a coffee machine which spends most of its time in the cupboard and is only taken out to make coffee a few times a year.

Warranties and guarantees

Most good coffee makers bought from reputable retailers will come with some sort of warranty or guarantee which will replace the machine should it stop working in a certain time period. The more confident the manufacturer in their product, the longer the period of the warranty so when shopping for a coffee machine this is something to be kept in mind. Check also the terms of the warranty to see exactly what the company commits to do if the machine stops working and cannot be repaired. Most good warranties will replace the machine for a new one, others will offer financial compensation instead.

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